BMW Digital Key now available for Android smartphones.

BMW:BMW Digital Key now available for Android smartphones.

Munich. Together with its partners BMW – in the
context of the Car Connectivity Consortium – is continuing to press
ahead with the development and distribution of the BMW Digital Key.
Now the BMW digital key will be available for Android operating
system-based smartphones. With this update, the number of compatible
smartphone models is increasing and thus also the pool of BMW drivers
who will be able to use the BMW Digital Key in the future. The BMW
Digital Key is now available for Android smartphones, starting with
Samsung Galaxy S21 Series and Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

With the BMW Digital Key, customers can easily unlock and lock their
BMW simply by holding their smartphone next to the handle of the
driver’s door. The engine can also be started when the mobile phone is
placed in the BMW wireless charging compartment. To ensure maximum
ease of use and security, the BMW Digital Key is stored on the secure
element of the smartphone. It can be easily configured via My BMW app
and is then available as an option for almost all BMW models. In the
next release, it will be possible to pass the key on to five friends.
The functionalities of the BMW Digital Key Plus based on ultra-wide
band will also be introduced for Android smartphones in a future release.

BMW has been committed to establishing global standards in the field
of keyless entry systems since 2018 and is considered one of the
pioneers in the use of the smartphone as a digital car key. The latest
stage of development is the result of a close collaboration between
BMW, Google and Samsung for further improving the ease of use and
availability of the digital key. BMW is also the first manufacturer to
offer a system according to the global CCC standard (Car Connectivity
Consortium) that is available for both iOS and Android.

Availability of BMW Digital Key for Android smartphones:

Google Pixel 6/Pixel 6 Pro: U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Germany,
France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Singapore

Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra: France, Germany, Italy, Korea,
Spain, United Kingdom, United States.

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Management changes in BMW Group production network

BMW:Management changes in BMW Group production network

+++ Hans-Peter Kemser named as plant director for planned site in
Debrecen, Hungary +++ Petra Peterhänsel will take over at Plant
Leipzig +++ 


Munich. The BMW Group has named Hans-Peter Kemser as
plant director for the planned site in Debrecen, Hungary. He will
oversee construction of the future plant from January onwards. The
56-year-old is currently in charge of BMW Group Plant Leipzig. Petra
Peterhänsel will take over from him as head of the site in Saxony. The
55-year-old currently manages the Painted Body, i.e. press shop, body
shop and paint shop technologies, at the BMW Group’s largest European
plant in Dingolfing.

Hans-Peter Kemser will bring years of expertise in the fields of
vehicle production and electromobility to his new role from January
onwards. He has been in charge of BMW Group Plant Leipzig since 2015,
where he was responsible for production of the BMW 1 Series and 2
Series ranges, as well as the fully-electric BMW i3* and, up until
2020, the BMW i8. “Hans-Peter Kemser is an absolute production expert
and his years of experience make him the perfect choice for
successfully implementing the plant ramp-up in Debrecen,” said Milan
Nedeljković, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible
for production. From 2025 onwards, Debrecen will produce the Neue
Klasse, which will be uncompromisingly geared towards electric drive trains.

Petra Peterhänsel will take over as the new head of Plant Leipzig.
The trained quality specialist has been with the BMW Group since 2012
and brings a wealth of international experience spanning all areas of
the automotive industry. “I am delighted to welcome an experienced
production expert like Petra Peterhänsel to strengthen our management
team,” underlined Nedeljković: “Just like Hans-Peter Kemser, she
brings extensive process know-how and outstanding leadership
qualities. Both will push forward with our focus topics, the
transformation towards electromobility, digitalisation and further
expansion of sustainability.”

Exciting challenges await the designated plant directors at both locations.

Construction of the first buildings for the future BMW Group plant in
Debrecen in the east of Hungary will get underway in early 2022,
starting with the central office building and a training centre, to
complement the infrastructure that has already been built, with roads
and car parks, as well as water and energy supplies. The buildings and
equipment required for car production will be put out to tender in the
near future. All technologies – from press shop to body shop, paint
shop and assembly – are planned for BMW Group Plant Debrecen. The
plant will be the first production location for the Neue Klasse. Going
forward, the site will employ up to 1,000 people, so that up to
150,000 vehicles per year can be built in Hungary. At the time of its
planned commissioning in 2025, the plant will set new benchmarks for
flexibility, digitalisation and productivity in production.

Electrification also continues to progress in Leipzig. The plant
recently celebrated 20 years since the decision to build in Leipzig
and, today, it is the BMW Group’s pioneer plant for electromobility:
It has been building the BMW Group’s first fully-electric vehicle, the
BMW i3*, since 2013. The location also began producing battery modules
this year, creating around 175 new jobs in this area so far. The
company has already decided to further increase capacity: A second
production line will come on stream in 2022. The expertise and
experience gained by staff at our site in the field of electromobility
over the years will also be leveraged for production of the successor
to the MINI Countryman, which will be built in Leipzig as a
fully-electric vehicle.

BMW i3: Fuel consumption combined: 0.0 l/100 km;
power consumption combined: 13.1 kWh/100 km (NEDC)/16.3-15.3 kWh/100
km (WLTP); CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km.

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Endurance test on ice and snow: The BMW i7 undergoes driving dynamics testing at the polar circle.

BMW:Endurance test on ice and snow: The BMW i7 undergoes driving dynamics testing at the polar circle.

Munich. With the consistent expansion of its range to
further vehicle segments, the BMW Group is pushing ahead with the
transformation to electric mobility. During the forthcoming year, the
Munich-based premium automobile manufacturer will already present the
world’s first all-electric luxury sedan – the BMW i7 (power
consumption combined: 22.5 – 19.5 kWh/100 km according to WLTP; CO2
emissions: 0 g/km; prognosis based on the vehicle’s current level of
development). Within the framework of its series development process,
the BMW i7 is currently undergoing driving dynamics testing on the
premises of the BMW Group winter test centre in Arjeplog, Sweden.
There, just a few kilometres away from the Arctic Circle, test
engineers find the frozen surfaces and snow-covered roads offering the
ideal preconditions for the integrated application of all drive and
suspension systems. With the test programme held in the biting cold,
they pave the way to a new interpretation of luxury driving pleasure.
For the first time, it will be possible to experience a maximum in
characteristic BMW dynamics, comfort and supremacy in the luxury class
with absolutely zero local emissions.

The suspension components, steering and braking systems as well as
driving dynamics and vehicle stability systems developed for the
future generation of the BMW 7 Series are designed to raise the
balance between sportiness and ride comfort so typical of the brand’s
luxury sedans to the next level. This also includes
performance-oriented tuning of the wheel suspension, springs, dampers
and various regulating systems to match the various different drive
types. They all undergo intensive testing in Arjeplog under extreme
climate conditions.

In Lapland’s winter landscape, the test engineers find the perfect
preconditions for this. During test drives around the snow-covered
roads around Arjeplog, they are able to test and optimise all
functions under extremely challenging conditions in order to achieve
an absolutely harmonious and BMW-typical driving experience. Moreover,
they make use of test surfaces on frozen lakes with their low road
friction coefficient in order to achieve particularly fine tuning of
suspension control systems. The steering application undergoes
meticulous tuning as do the numerous functions of the Dynamic
Stability Control system (DSC) and the accurately regulated
interaction between friction brake and deceleration by means of energy recuperation. 

The winter programme also focuses in particular on the components of
the all-electric drive system. The BMW i7’s electric drive,
high-voltage battery, power electronics and charging technology all
originate from the fifth generation of BMW eDrive technology, which
already provides for sustainable driving pleasure in the BMW iX. Above
all, it is the motor, the battery and the temperature control system
of the BMW i7 that prove their high level of maturity in extreme
sub-zero temperatures in the north of Sweden.

With the BMW i7, the brand’s current model offensive in the luxury
segment is being continued in a particularly progressive way. For the
first time, it is possible to experience a luxury sedan that is
characterised by elegance, ride comfort and supremacy without
restriction and in conjunction with a purely electric drive system.
The BMW i7 is based on the same vehicle concept as all further model
variants of the BMW 7 Series. This integrated development also
guarantees locally emission-free driving with the characteristic
combination of both sporty and comfort-oriented handling properties
along with the exclusive spaciousness of a BMW luxury sedan. 

BMW i7

Power consumption combined: 22.5 – 19.5 kWh/100 km
according to WLTP; CO2 emissions: 0 g/km; prognosis based on the
vehicle’s current level of development.

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BMW continues successful audio entertainment format and makes it interactive: Second season of the podcast thriller “Hypnopolis” launched.


BMW continues successful audio entertainment format and makes it interactive: Second season of the podcast thriller “Hypnopolis” launched.

Munich. The English-language podcast thriller
“Hypnopolis” by BMW is being continued. The second season of
the successful audio entertainment format starts today. It is
completely fictional, stands out from the competition and is the first
ever interactive podcast published by a brand. The episodes of the
first season released last year, starring time-travelling journalist
Hope Reiser, topped the podcast charts and were played in 26 countries. 

“Hypnopolis II, Utopia in progress” bases its plot, even
more so than in the first season, on data-based future scenarios from
the BMW Group. The main focus is on the megatrend of the circular
economy and the responsible use of resources. The protagonists of the
new edition of the eco-thriller travel in futuristic airships to
stunning locations of a slowly regenerating world, such as a solar and
recycling farm in North Africa. The “Hypnopolis” story
deliberately focuses neither on the BMW brand nor on vehicles, but it
does draw on the expertise of the BMW Group. The plot is based on
assumptions made by the company’s ‘future” experts – for example about
how cities and mobility will develop.

BMW now focuses even more on a futuristic storytelling format as part
of its highly regarded audio strategy. The listening experience has
been improved even further. Conceived by the British star author
Robert Valentine together with the Hamburg creative agency Jung von
Matt/NEXT ALSTER and elaborate production in Los Angeles and Hamburg,
“Hypnopolis II” season is an interactive podcast. Listeners
can influence events with individual decisions by speaking short voice
commands. So the outcome of the story varies depending on the choices
a listener makes. This makes the podcast even more personal, authentic
and entertaining. “With the second part of our successful
fictional podcast series, we are providing an even more personalised
listening experience with new, interactive elements. Listeners can
influence the course of the story through their decisions – this is
how we emotionalise the brand and consistently follow our
customer-centred marketing approach,” says Stefan Ponikva, Head
of BMW Brand Communication and Experience.

Since the format has also been implemented in the entertainment
programme of BMW vehicles, customers can enjoy the podcast as an
“in-car experience”. “Hypnopolis” alongside
“Changing Lanes”, “Creators of a different beat”
and “KulturMobile. The Literature Podcast.” is the fourth
podcast from BMW.

All BMW Group podcasts can be accessed as follows:

“Hypnopolis”, youtube, Spotify,
Apple Podcasts, deezer, Google Podcasts

“Changing Lanes”:, youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts,
deezer, Google Podcasts

“Creators of a different beat”: youtube, facebook

“KulturMobile. The Literature Podcast.”:,
youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, deezer, Google Podcasts

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May your December be MINI and bright – Festive MINI Electric embarks on charity tour.

BMW:May your December be MINI and bright – Festive MINI Electric embarks on charity tour.

Munich. Lighting the way after the Festive MINI
Electric’s first public appearance at The Lexicon Bracknell in
Berkshire, on the 25th November, the car is travelling to
various locations around the UK, driven by project creator Nicholas
‘Nico’ Martin.

The sen-sleigh-tional project first started over three years ago,
with Nico hand-wrapping his MINI in fairy-lights and displaying it in
his local town of Bracknell. However, in December 2020, without the
usual Christmas switch-on displays delivering much-needed festive
spirit, Nico realised he could use the Festive MINI to bring joy and
positivity to people on their own doorsteps, whilst also raising
awareness and over £5000 for the MS
and Duchenne UK,
two charities very close to his heart.

Nico said, “I’m so pleased to be back with the Festive MINI charity
tour. I just knew last year I had an opportunity to cheer people up
and also to raise funds for the MS Trust and Duchenne UK. Both
charities mean a lot to me – unfortunately my mother was diagnosed
with Multiple Sclerosis six years ago, and in 2019 I was asked to take
the Festive MINI to surprise an incredible young boy, Marcus Rooks,
who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. When I saw his
face light up with so much joy and excitement, I realised that I had
created something truly special. Ever since meeting him and learning
about his condition, I’ve wanted to support him in any way I can.”

This year, Nico has introduced a guest charity spot taken up by Alzheimer’s Society and he
has rallied support from MINI UK, Festive Lights and Italian smart
lighting company Twinkly, to up the voltage on his project and make it
bigger and better than ever, with an aim of raising as much money as
possible for the three special causes.

Nico added: “I’m so grateful for the incredible support behind the
project and the teams involved this year. The MINI Electric is even
more exciting to drive and means all my trips on the tour are
environmentally friendly and the app-controlled Twinkly lights with
their amazing customisable animations really give the car a bit of
extra magic. I can’t wait to get out on the road to spread some
Festive MINI spirit and raise lots of money for the three charities!”

David George, Director, MINI UK said, “We’re extremely humbled to be
a part of Nico’s fundraising project with the Festive MINI Electric.
It’s a wonderful idea that will bring people together, make them
smile, and also raise funds for some amazing charities.”

For more information on the Festive MINI Tour and to keep updated on
where it’s headed visit

Donate here:

Follow Nico’s journey on Instagram: @drivingwithnico

In case of queries, please contact:

Corporate Communications

Sarah Bauer, Product Communication MINI
Tel.: +49-89-382-94180

Andreas Lampka, Head of Communication MINI
Tel.: +49-89-382-23662

Jennifer Treiber-Ruckenbrod, Head of Communication MINI and BMW Motorrad
Tel.: +49-89-382-35108

The BMW Group

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the
BMW Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles
and motorcycles and also provides premium financial and mobility
services. The BMW Group production network comprises 31 production
and assembly facilities in 15 countries; the company has a global
sales network in more than 140 countries.

In 2020, the BMW Group sold over 2.3 million passenger vehicles
and more than 169,000 motorcycles worldwide. The profit before tax
in the financial year 2020 was € 5.222 billion on revenues amounting
to € 98.990 billion. As of 31 December 2020, the BMW Group had a
workforce of 120,726 employees.

The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term
thinking and responsible action. The company set the course for the
future at an early stage and consistently makes sustainability and
efficient resource management central to its strategic direction,
from the supply chain through production to the end of the use phase
of all products.

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Electrifying moments at BMW Welt: First customers take delivery of their fully-electric BMW i4 vehicles.

BMW:Electrifying moments at BMW Welt: First customers take delivery of their fully-electric BMW i4 vehicles.

Munich. From the heart of the BMW brand –
fully-electric on the road: The first BMW i4 vehicles were delivered
at the BMW Welt last weekend. Bernhard Kuhnt, Senior Vice
President BMW Group Market Germany
, is delighted: “It
is a very special moment for us when we hand over brand new models to
customers for the first time. The BMW i4 shows in an emotional way how
well fully-electric mobility and sporty driving dynamics fit together.
For us, it is therefore clear: the BMW i4 will offer our customers a
whole new dimension of driving pleasure.”

On this special occasion, the BMW Group did not miss the opportunity
to invite the customers of the first BMW i4s to an accompanying
programme around the fully-electric Gran Coupé in Munich.

Customers are excited

Stefan Ballin, owner of an electrical contracting company and one of
the first customers, was delighted to take delivery of his BMW i4: “It
wasn’t possible, at the time I placed the order, to take a test drive,
but I knew the BMW i4 was exactly the right car for me! I was
impressed by the concept – the symbiosis of range, elegant design and
unmistakeable BMW sportiness. I also wanted a car that would show how
we, as an innovative company, can comfortably integrate
electromobility into both our private and working environments. I’m
also looking forward to sporty driving pleasure with zero emissions in
the i4 – because the electricity I need to run it will come from our
own photovoltaic system.”

Bernhardt Kuhnt confirmed: “With the BMW i4, we have
absolutely struck a chord. You can see this from the very high demand
for this car. We are delighted to be expanding our electrified product
line-up with this sporty, fully-electric Gran Coupé at exactly the
right time and to present the first vehicles to our customers today –
three months earlier than originally planned. The first delivery of a
BMW i4 today, and the first BMW iX in about a week, are further
milestones for the BMW Group on the road to electromobility.”

One in four BMW Group vehicles in Germany electrified

Kuhnt goes on to explain: “One in four BMWs delivered in Germany
today already comes with a fully-electric drive train or is a plug-in
hybrid. By the end of the third quarter, around 41,900 electrified
BMWs and 8,820 electrified MINIs had been delivered to customers this
year. The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE alone already accounts for
about 20 percent of MINI brand sales. The BMW Group has almost doubled
its sales of electrified models in Germany compared with the previous
year, at around 25 percent.”

Impressive driving dynamics thanks to model-specific chassis
technology and electric drive train

The BMW i4 combines characteristic sportiness with elegant design –
and brings electromobility to the traditional core of the BMW brand.
The four-door Gran Coupé is the first fully-electric BMW consistently
geared towards driving dynamics. Impressive driving dynamics and high
range are combined by harnessing the power of efficient drive
technology and intelligent lightweight construction.

Range and innovative technology were also purchasing considerations
for Ronny Scharschmidt, whose firm implements regional construction
projects with renewable energies: “I decided on the i4 because of the
range and the many new driving functions and on-board sensors that
make driving safer and more comfortable. My first long drive in the
BMW i4 will be from Munich directly home to Saxony-Anhalt: In the
meantime, there are enough fast chargers that you don’t have to worry
about charging anymore.”

Convenient charging

When BMW Group customers buy an electrified vehicle, it comes with a
BMW or MINI Charging Card that gives them access to one of the world’s
largest charging networks. BMW also offers two options for convenient
charging at home: the BMW Wallbox and the Smart Wallbox from BMW Group
partner NewMotion. For example, this wallbox also enables company car
drivers to precisely record charging processes for accounting purposes.


BMW Group electro-offensive continues

In addition to the two main innovation flagships, the BMW iX and BMW
i4, the BMW i3, MINI SE* and BMW iX3* are already on the market. These
will be followed in the coming years by fully-electric versions of the
BMW 7 Series, BMW X1 and the high-volume BMW 5 Series. Every plant in
Germany will produce fully-electric cars from 2022 onwards. A
fully-electric successor to the MINI Countryman and the all-electric
Rolls-Royce Spectre will also be released onto the market. By 2023,
the BMW Group will have at least one fully-electric model on the roads
in about 90 percent of its current market segments. The BMW Group
expects fully-electric vehicles to account for at least 50 percent of
its global sales in 2030.

*Consumption/emissions data:

BMW iX3: Power consumption in kWh/100 km combined:
18.9-18.5 WLTP

MINI Cooper SE: Power consumption in kWh/100 km
combined: 16.9-14.9 NEDC, 17.6-15.2 WLTP

If you have any questions, please contact:


BMW Group Corporate Communications


Micaela Sandstede, press spokesperson, Market Germany

Telephone: +49 89 382-61611


Eckhard Wannieck, Head of Communications Corporate, Finance, Sales

Telephone: +49 89 382-24544


Media website:



The BMW Group

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the BMW
Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides premium financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group production network comprises 31 production and assembly
facilities in 15 countries; the company has a global sales network in
more than 140 countries.

In 2020, the BMW Group sold over 2.3 million passenger vehicles and
more than 169,000 motorcycles worldwide. The profit before tax in the
financial year 2020 was € 5.222 billion on revenues amounting to
€ 98.990 billion. As of 31 December 2020, the BMW Group had a
workforce of 120,726 employees.

The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term
thinking and responsible action. The company set the course for the
future at an early stage and consistently makes sustainability and
efficient resource management central to its strategic direction, from
the supply chain through production to the end of the use phase of all products.






*Consumption/emissions data:

BMW iX3: Power consumption in kWh/100 km combined:
18.9-18.5 WLTP

MINI Cooper SE: Power consumption in kWh/100 km
combined: 16.9-14.9 NEDC, 17.6-15.2 WLTP

Original Press Release

Emission-free city centres: BMW eDrive Zones now available in 138 European cities.

BMW:Emission-free city centres: BMW eDrive Zones now available in 138 European cities.

Munich. The BMW Group is introducing its innovative
eDrive Zones in another 20 European cities, including Copenhagen,
Verona and Toulouse. This means that a total of 138 cities in Europe
are now benefiting from this trailblazing technology. The service is
expected to be rolled out in at least another 30 cities worldwide in
the coming year.

In an eDrive Zone, BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles automatically switch
to all-electric driving mode upon entering inner city areas. Then, the
plug-in hybrid models drive locally emission-free – just like purely
electric vehicles – and with low fuel costs, as electric motors are
much more efficient than combustion engines for driving in city
traffic. The vehicle recognises the designated areas using geofencing
technology and GPS. The automated eDrive feature is available as
standard in many existing and all future BMW plug-in hybrids. Drivers
are rewarded with bonus points for each all-electric kilometre driven
– and with double points in an eDrive Zone – which they can redeem for
charging credit. In turn, drivers also collect bonus points while
charging their vehicle.

The 20 latest cities to be added are: Aberdeen, Bregenz, Brescia,
Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Cork, Coventry, Florence,
Klagenfurt, Lille, Matosinhos, Naples, Oeiras, Oxford, Sheffield, St.
Pölten, Toulouse and Verona.

More quality of life in inner cities thanks to eDrive Zones.

BMW eDrive Zones and the loyalty program for charging credit are a
success story – for inner city emissions levels and for drivers. An
overview of the usage data shows:

  • The eDrive Zones ensure higher electric driving shares by putting
    a BMW Plug-In Hybrid vehicle into electric driving mode around
    30,000 times per day in Europe.
  • More than 75% of all trips in an eDrive Zone are completed in
    electric driving mode already today. Of these, around 40 percent of
    drivers already enter the designated areas using the electric mode.
    Meanwhile, an additional 35 percent switch to electric driving mode
    using the eZone function. 
  • In the last quarter alone, BMW plug-in hybrid models drove an
    additional 3.3 million kilometers in electric driving mode within
    eDrive Zones. That is equivalent to more than 80 trips around the
    equator – electrically instead of previously using the combustion engine.
  • BMW Plug-In Hybrid customers have collected around 150 million
    points since the introduction of the first eDrive Zones in summer
    2020, which they can redeem as charging credit. These are equivalent
    to around 2.9 gigawatt hours of charging power. A BMW 3 Series
    Plug-In Hybrid can be charged almost 250,000 times from this amount.

Plug-in hybrids as important technology to meet the BMW Group
fleet target of 50% less CO2 emissions per kilometre by 2030.

As electric mobility gathers pace, the BMW Group has consciously
opted for fully electric models and plug-in hybrid technology. The
company offers a total of 17 plug-in hybrid models in 95 markets
worldwide. eDrive Zones will now enable the potential of this
technology to be leveraged even further: if the plug-in hybrid vehicle
is charged regularly, daily distances in particular can be covered
locally emission-free. This includes millions of daily commutes in
Europe, for example. In urban centres with high volumes of traffic,
plug-in hybrids make an important contribution towards reducing
CO2. Using this technology also cuts pollution and noise
and thus improves the quality of life in cities. Over their entire
life cycle, BMW plug-in hybrids have a demonstrably lower
CO2 impact than conventionally powered models, even when
charged with EU normal electricity instead of green electricity.

BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles have long offered considerable
benefits as compared to those with traditional drives:

  • Improved quality of life: In electric driving mode, users
    contribute to the reduction of emissions and traffic noise in cities.
  • Money saved: Electrically powered driving in the city costs less
    than running a car on petrol or diesel if the vehicle is charged at
    home or at work.
  • Always the right temperature when you get in: Auxiliary heating
    and air conditioning are standard features.
  • Brake and win: The battery is charged when slowing down. In
    conventional cars, this simply generates heat and wears down the brakes.
  • The best of both worlds: Plug-in-hybrid cars offer electrical
    driving pleasure in town and classic BMW driving pleasure over long
    distances. This means that they can cover a very wide range of
    applications and are ideal for e.g. single-car households.
  • Future-proof: Since plug-in hybrids are able to run without
    emissions, they enjoy privileges similar to those of all-electric
    vehicles, e.g. when parking in various cities.

Consistent advancement of BMW plug-in hybrid technology.

The market launch of the new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer next year
marks the start of a broad roll-out of fifth-generation BMW plug-in
hybrids. It uses state-of-the-art components of the latest BMW Gen5
technology, such as the highly integrated e-drive unit, in which the
e-machine, transmission and power electronics are compactly combined
in a single body. This brings additional significant increases in
terms of efficiency and dynamics.

Positive overall CO2 balance for BMW plug-in hybrids.

Sometimes the “real” life cycle assessment of plug-in
hybrid vehicles is questioned, especially in markets with a low share
of green electricity in the public grid. For BMW plug-in-hybrid
models, the BMW Group has had CO2 certificates drawn up for
the entire cycle from raw material procurement, supply chain,
production and use phase to recycling.

When charging with European average electricity during the use
phase, the BMW  plug-in-hybrid models show substantial CO2
savings compared to their conventionally driven counterparts. The BMW
Group does not launch an electrified vehicle without proof of this kind.

List of cities with BMW eDrive Zones as of November 2021.

The benefits of the digital BMW eDrive Zone service can be
experienced in a large number of major European cities. The list will
be expanded in the future to include additional countries and cities,
so that the electric driving shares of plug-in hybrid models can be
increased further in a steadily growing number of city areas. In
Germany, many of the eDrive Zones are identical to the so-called
Currently, eDrive Zones are available in the
following cities: Aachen, Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Augsburg,
Balingen, Barcelona, Basel, Bath, Belfast, Bergen, Berlin, Bern,
Birmingham, Bonn, Bordeaux, Braga, Breda, Bregenz, Bremen, Brescia,
Bristol, Bruges, Brussels, Cambridge, Cardiff, Charleroi, Copenhagen,
Cork, Coventry, Darmstadt, Den Haag, Dinslaken, Dublin, Düsseldorf,
Edinburgh, Eindhoven, Erfurt, Eschweiler, Firenze, Frankfurt am Main,
Freiburg im Breisgau, Geneva, Ghent, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Graz,
Groningen, Hagen, Halle (Saale), Hannover, Hasselt, Heidelberg,
Heidenheim an der Brenz, Heilbronn, Herrenberg, Ilsfeld, Innsbruck,
Karlsruhe, Klagenfurt, Köln, Krefeld, Langenfeld (Rheinland), Leipzig,
Leonberg, Leuven, Liège, Lille, Limburg an der Lahn, Limerick, Linz,
Lissabon, Liverpool, London, Ludwigsburg, Luxembourg, Luzern, Lyon,
Madrid, Magdeburg, Mainz, Malmö, Manchester, Mannheim, Marburg,
Marseille, Matosinhos, Milano, Mönchengladbach, Mons, Mühlacker,
München, Münster, Namur, Napoli, Neuss, Nürnberg, Oeiras, Offenbach am
Main, Oslo, Osnabrück, Overath, Oxford, Paris, Pfinztal, Pforzheim,
Porto, Regensburg, Remscheid, Reutlingen, Rome, Rotterdam, Ruhrgebiet,
Salzburg, Schramberg, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Sheffield, Siegen, St.Pölten,
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BMW M GmbH is setting marks for the start of the anniversary year.

BMW:BMW M GmbH is setting marks for the start of the anniversary year.

Munich. May 24, 2022 marks the 50th
anniversary of the foundation of BMW M GmbH. Almost a quarter of a
year earlier, the BMW Group subsidiary is already demonstrating a
sense of tradition and anniversary spirit on its current products.
Customers who opt for a BMW M automobile or a BMW model equipped with
an M Sport package with a production date from March 2022 can have
their vehicle’s front, rear and wheel hubs decorated with emblems
inspired by the classic “BMW Motorsport” logo. As an
alternative to the conventional BMW emblem, it signals passion for
racing and for the roots of the BMW M brand. This unique offer in the
history of BMW M will be available for order from the end of January 2022.

In addition to the emblems, 50 iconic and historically significant
BMW M paint finishes will be offered for selected models in the
anniversary year 2022. Style-defining colors such as Dakar Yellow,
Fire Orange, Daytona Violet, Macao Blue, Imola Red or Frozen Marina
Bay Blue refer to the various eras of BMW M’s 50-year history.

The BMW logo with the shifted semicircles in blue, violet and red was
first used in 1973 on the racing car of BMW Motorsport GmbH, which had
been established a year before. In 1978 and with the debut of the BMW
M1 the three color stripes slanted to the right and leaning on the
letter M followed. Even beyond the motorsport scene it became a
trademark with particularly high recognition value and identification
power. The legendary BMW M1 was the only BMW M high-performance
production vehicle to bear the historic motorsport emblem in addition
to the logo with the three color stripes. In both logos, the blue
stands for BMW, while the red symbolizes racing and the violet
expresses the connection between the two. In the meantime, the violet
has given way to a dark blue, and BMW Motorsport GmbH has been
operating under the name BMW M GmbH since 1993. Nothing has changed
the high symbolic power of the brand and logo. In its 50th
year of existence, the company is more successful than ever as the
world market leader in the performance and high-performance automotive segment.

“With the classic ‘BMW Motorsport’ emblem, we would like to
share our joy about the anniversary of BMW M GmbH with the fans of the
brand,” says Franciscus van Meel, Chairman of the Board of
Management of BMW M GmbH. “We have a great year ahead of us,
which will be celebrated with unique product highlights and exciting
performances. The M has long been considered the strongest letter in
the world, and in our company’s anniversary year it is stronger than ever.”

BMW M GmbH is also aiming for another sales record in 2021. Its
performance and high-performance automobiles are enjoying steadily
growing popularity worldwide, which will be fueled once again with new
product highlights in the anniversary year. For the first time, the
company is launching a BMW M3 Touring in the course of 2022. In
addition, particularly performance-oriented fans of the brand can look
forward to a spectacular special model of the BMW M4 Coupé series. The
successor model to the successful BMW M2 is also already at an
advanced stage of its series development process. In parallel, the
electrification of the BMW M brand is also being driven forward. In
the anniversary year, the first electrified high-performance model in
the history of BMW M GmbH will be launched.

BMW M GmbH will not only celebrate its anniversary with attractive
new products, but also with numerous events. Anniversary performances
are planned in May 2022 at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on
Lake Como in Northern Italy, followed by the Goodwood Festival of
Speed in Great Britain and the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach,
California. The 24-hour race at the Nürburgring is also a welcome
occasion for BMW M GmbH to review its own successful history together
with fans and to thrill them for the future of BMW M GmbH.

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BMW M Motorsport News, 23rd November 2021.

BMW:BMW M Motorsport News, 23rd November 2021.

24 Hours of Sebring: ST Racing claims multiple titles in the
24H Series.

The 2021 season of the 24H Series drew to a close at the weekend with
the 24-hour race at Sebring (USA). The ST Racing team’s first year in
endurance racing proved to be an extremely successful one. The trio of
Samantha Tan (CAN), Chandler Hull and Jon Miller (both USA) won three
of the eight races in the GT4 class at the wheel of the BMW M4 GT4.
Tan, Hull and Chandler competed alongside Nick Wittmer (CAN) and
Bryson Morris (USA) at the 24 Hours of Sebring. They finished second
in the class, which was enough to earn ST Racing no fewer than six
titles in the 24H Series. The team won the Overall GT Teams and the
GT4 class Teams classifications. Tan, Hull and Miller were crowned
Overall GT Drivers and GT4 class Drivers champions, while Tan picked
up the titles in the GT4 Drivers GT Junior Cup and the GT Ladies Cup.

“We owe each and every member of our team a massive thank you for
consistently working hard and putting in their best effort throughout
the season to make it all happen,” Tan said. “It definitely wasn’t
easy and we had our fair share of disappointments, but we never gave
up and thankfully it all paid off in the end. Thank you also to BMW M
Motorsport and our partners.” Next season, ST Racing will compete in
the GT3 class, in which it will run the new BMW M4 GT3.

Another BMW M Motorsport team raced in the 24 Hours of Sebring with
the BMW M4 GT4, in the form of Team ACP – Tanger Associates. They also
made it onto the podium. Catesby Jones, Jim Norman, Josh Norman and
Ken Goldberg (all USA) finished third in the GT4 class.

Macau: BMW M4 GT4 triumphs at the Guia Circuit.

The iconic Guia Circuit in Macau (MAC) is traditionally the venue of
spectacular street racing each November. This was the case again last
weekend, with races in various different categories. They included the
MGM Greater Bay Area GT Cup, which featured five BMW M4 GT4s fielded
by BMW M Motorsport teams from Asia, and the BMW M4 GT4 was unbeatable
at the Guia Circuit. Two races were held on Saturday and Sunday. In
both races, Shan Chien Chang (TPE) claimed dominant victories in the
#88 BMW M4 GT4 run by Harmony Racing. The TORO Racing team also
claimed a further two podium results. In race one, Cheng Zun Chen
(CHN) finished runner-up in the #34 BMW M4 GT4. His team-mate Evan Hiu
Kong Mak (HKG / #99) was third in race two.

Super Taikyu Series: Season finale with the BMW M4 GT4 at Okayama.

The Okayama International Circuit (JPN) was the venue for the final
round of the 2021 Super Taikyu Series in mid-November. Among those in
action was Japanese BMW M Motorsport team SS/YZ Racing with Studie,
who competed in the #20 BMW M4 GT4. The car was again driven by
Tomohide Yamaguchi, Seiji Ara and Yuya Sakamoto (all JPN) at Okayama.
The trio ended the three-hour race in sixth place in the strong ST-Z class.

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Road Atlanta, Spartanburg, Sebring: BMW Junior Team concludes US tour with a 24-hour race in the BMW M4 GT3.

BMW:Road Atlanta, Spartanburg, Sebring: BMW Junior Team concludes US tour with a 24-hour race in the BMW M4 GT3.

Sebring. BMW M Motorsport and the BMW Junior Team ended two
eventful weeks in North America with the 24 Hours of Sebring (USA).
Dan Harper (GBR), Max Hesse (GER) and Neil Verhagen (USA) started
with a visit to BMW Team RLL at Petit Le Mans, Road Atlanta (USA).
This was followed by a tour of the BMW Group plant in Spartanburg
(USA), a trip to see Verhagen’s family at their home, and then the
test race with the new BMW M4 GT3 at Sebring International Raceway,
where Hesse and Verhagen competed alongside US drivers Bill
Auberlen, Robby Foley and James Clay. The race in the Creventic 24H
Series served as the final test for the new car at one of the
toughest circuits in the world. BMW M Motorsport also used the
weekend to hand over the new BMW M4 GT3 from the test crew at BMW
Team RMG to the North American teams.


BMW Junior Team on tour.

For Harper, Hesse and Verhagen, the USA trip began at the season
finale of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, where they
accompanied the BMW works drivers and BMW Team RLL all weekend,
attended important meetings, and experienced the processes in a BMW M
Motorsports works programme at first hand. “We learned an awful lot in
the collaboration with BMW Team RLL and the BMW works drivers,” said
Hesse. “Plus, it was nice to be involved in the farewell race for the
BMW M8 GTE and sample the atmosphere at Road Atlanta.”

This was followed by a trip to the largest BMW Group plant in the
world, in Spartanburg, where the BMW Junior Team gained first-hand
insights into the production of BMW X models. “As we are representing
BMW as drivers, it was cool for us to see how production works in the
largest plant in the world in Spartanburg,” said Verhagen. “It is
huge, and we only saw a small part of it. Hopefully, we will return
sometime and check out some other areas. It was really fascinating.”

Harper, Hesse and Verhagen, together with their mentor Jochen
Neerpasch, who accompanied the BMW Junior Team throughout the entire
trip, then visited the BMW Car Club of America Foundation, which
possesses a fascinating exhibition of vintage BMW vehicles and other
BMW collectibles. A special wall drawing was dedicated to the
motorsport history of Jochen Neerpasch. The group saw out the evening
with a barbecue with Verhagen’s family, who live in Mooresville (USA)
near Spartanburg.

For Neerpasch and the Juniors, the trip to the USA marked the end of
two years together. “So far, the guys have exceeded the expectations
we had of them at the start, which were pretty high anyway,” said
Neerpasch. “All that they are missing is experience. They are already
setting lap times like those of the top drivers. They need more race
outings, and they are sure to get them next season.”

Harper was also positive in his appraisal of his time as a BMW Junior
so far: “We have come a long way since the first NLS race almost two
years ago. It is incredible how much we have learned in that time –
both as racing drivers and as people. Our training is hard, but it is
paying dividends. I think our results in the BMW M6 GT3 this season
have proved that.”

BMW M4 GT3 test outing under race conditions at Sebring.

Last weekend was all about the BMW M4 GT3 – not only for the BMW
Junior Team, but also for BMW M Motorsport. The 24 Hours of Sebring
was the final endurance test for the car, before it goes in search of
victories and titles from January 2022. When it does so, it will be in
the hands of private BMW M Motorsport teams, some of which are based
in North America.

For this reason, BMW M Motorsport took the opportunity at Sebring to
hand over the BMW M4 GT3 from the test crew, BMW Team RMG, to the US
teams, who will run the car in the coming season. Engineers and
mechanics from BMW Teams RMG and RLL worked together for the outing at
Sebring. The Turner Motorsport and BimmerWorld Racing teams were also
involved with drivers Bill Auberlen, Robby Foley and James Clay and
gained valuable experience with the new car.

The joint learning began with tests during the week and peaked with
the 24-hour race at one of the toughest circuits in the world, with
countless bumps that really put the car through its paces. After two
repairs, following collisions, and some minor issues during the race,
the BMW M4 GT3 crossed the finish line after 457 laps. Hesse and
Verhagen were the two Juniors who took part in the race. Harper was
only involved in the tests, as he is classed as a Gold driver, of
which only one may be registered per team. The Gold driver for this
race was Auberlen. “The circuit is different to the ones we are
familiar with in Europe,” said Hesse, summing up the test under race
conditions. “Unfortunately, there were two incidents in the race,
which resulted in long repairs. Apart from that, the BMW M4 GT3 did
very well. Racing here was a valuable experience.”

The American drivers drew a very positive conclusion. “The first
impression of the BMW M4 GT3 is that it looks fantastic,” said
Auberlen. “Then I drove it, and I can say that it is far better in
every area than the BMW M6 GT3. With a 24-hour race in Sebring, we put
the BMW M4 GT3 to the toughest test imaginable.”

Foley said: “A fantastic car. You can immediately feel the two years
of development that have been invested in the BMW M4 GT3. The systems
in the interior, with which the driver works, are a big step forward
compared to the BMW M6 GT3. The car is very user-friendly.”

This was backed up by Clay, who was driving a GT3 race car for the
first time in Sebring: “Given that the BMW M4 GT3 is far faster than
the GT4 cars I have driven previously, I found it very easy to adapt
to the car, as the car is very well thought out and easy to operate. I
was able to focus fully on the driving.”

The BMW M4 GT3 will contest its first race in the hands of BMW M
Motorsport teams in January 2022, at the 24 Hours of Dubai (UAE). This
will be followed by the 24 Hours of Daytona (USA) at the end of the
month. The detailed race programme for the BMW Junior Team will be
announced at a later date.


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