“Disability is all relative”: Impressive documentary about Alessandro Zanardi’s “Road to Daytona”.

BMW:“Disability is all relative”: Impressive documentary about Alessandro Zanardi’s “Road to Daytona”.

Munich. BMW brand ambassador Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) has now
started the process of rehabilitation after his serious handbike
accident in June 2020. He has been constantly in the thoughts of the
BMW family since that accident and countless fans around the world
have been sending him their best wishes. Thanks to his fighting
spirit and his impressive personality, Zanardi has become an idol
for many. Some insights into this personality are also provided by a
50-minute documentary that was filmed over several months in 2018
and 2019 as Zanardi prepared for the Rolex 24 at Daytona (USA) in
the BMW M8 GTE: “Alex Zanardi – Disability is all relative”. This
documentary will be broadcast on Sunday (2nd May) on the
German TV channel Sky Sport F1.


Zanardi has now begun a programme of rehabilitation after his
accident and is in very good hands. It is a very lengthy healing
process, in which there are rays of hope, but unfortunately there are
also repeated complications. His family have granted their permission
for the documentary to be shown. Zanardi himself viewed it before his
accident and was thrilled with the emotional and impressive way in
which his “Road to Daytona” is represented in this film.

The title of the documentary reflects Zanardi’s attitude to life:
“Disability is all relative”. In his opening quote, he says: “We all
have to deal with restrictions in a certain way. It is all relative.
Life is a journey and we have to accept our limits. No person can fly
like a bird, so you try to deal with the problem if you cannot
overcome it.” Viewers then get to see exclusive insights into the
collaboration between Zanardi and BMW Motorsport, including some
unique scenes from the races at Misano (ITA) and Daytona that will
send shivers down the spine. 


Zanardi’s appearance in the BMW M8 GTE for the BMW Team RLL at the
“24 Hours of Daytona” in January 2019 was one of countless highlights
in a long history of collaboration between Zanardi and BMW Motorsport
that stretches back to 2003 and which has witnessed him repeatedly
dealing with restrictions. The Daytona project kicked off in the
spring of 2018. This time, the greatest challenge was adjusting the
BMW M8 GTE to meet Zanardi’s requirements as he needed to be able to
compete in an endurance race without his prostheses: Zanardi
accelerated, braked, steered and changed gear using just his hands.
The Rückenwind Film crew accompanied him all the way through the
process – from initial preparations in Munich (GER) to the finish of
the 24-hour race. They were with Zanardi on his “Road to Daytona” for
eight months.

The 50-minute documentary “Alex Zanardi – Disability is all relative”
will be broadcast this Sunday, 2nd May, at 19:30 CEST on
German Sky Sport F1. The documentary is also available on Amazon (in
Germany, UK and USA).


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