Your World. My BMW. The new-generation app for BMW customers. Now available in 30 European markets, China and Korea.

BMW:Your World. My BMW. The new-generation app for BMW customers. Now available in 30 European markets, China and Korea.

Munich. Ever since the introduction of the BMW i
Remote app in 2013, followed by the BMW Connected app, BMW has offered
its customers the option of effortless connectivity between their
smartphone and vehicle. A new-generation app is now available to
customers in 30 European markets, China and Korea: the My BMW App
features a new-look design, intuitive and simplified user experience,
and new services to support individual electromobility.

“With the new app generation, we are taking a further step in
extending the digital customer experience around our vehicles and thus
meeting the increased customer demand for digital services and
functions,” said Peter Henrich, Senior Vice President BMW Group
Connected Company Customer. “With the My BMW App and the

MINI App, we seamlessly integrate our vehicles into the digital
lifestyle of our customers. Both apps offer a lot of useful content
both for the daily use of the vehicle and in the personal interaction
with us as a brand, which we are continuously expanding”.

Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President BMW Group Connected Company
Development, Technical Operations, adds: “My BMW and the MINI App set
the standard for usability, safety and reliability. User feedback and
information on the behaviour of users of the previous generation of
the app were critical to the development process. The two apps include
popular and frequently used functions, and the new platform allows us
to continuously add new functionality, adapted to our customers’ needs.”

Summary of highlights

  • The My BMW App is the new universal interface to
    the vehicle. It displays information on the status of the vehicle
    and, depending on the equipment, allows functions to be activated
    remotely (e.g. to locate the vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, or
    monitor the vehicle surroundings (Remote 3D View)).
  • Destinations are easy to find via the integrated search function
    and can be sent directly from the app to the vehicle’s navigation
    system. It is also possible to transmit destinations from
    third-party apps. The map shows the current traffic situation,
    filling stations and charging stations, as well as parking options.
  • Customers are informed of available Remote Software
    via the
    My BMW App and can easily download
    these upgrades at home before transferring them to and installing
    them in the vehicle. With Remote Software Upgrades, the BMW Group
    offers customers with BMW Operating System 7 new and improved
    digital features on a regular basis and the ability to ensure that
    their vehicle software is always up to date.
  • The BMW Digital Key, which turns an iPhone into a
    vehicle key, offers convenient set-up via the My BMW App in just a
    few steps (the necessary hardware needs to be available in the
    vehicle). The BMW can then be used without a physical key and this
    access can be shared with up to five other people. If desired,
    restricted rights, such as a reduced maximum speed, can also be
    applied when sending a key – perfect for novice drivers.
  • With My BMW, Amazon Alexa can be used in vehicles
    with BMW Operating System 7. Once the customer has linked their
    Amazon account in the app, they can use the voice assistant in the
    vehicle by saying the activation word “Alexa” or at the touch of a
    button. Customers can use this voice control to play music, access
    news, control compatible smart home devices and access thousands of
    skills. Alexa is initially available in Germany, Austria, Spain,
    Italy and Great Britain. The voice service will be rolled out in
    more countries from March 2021.
  • The app offers additional features for electrified BMW
    , including an improved overview of the electric
    range, charging status and charging history. Customers can use the
    charge and climate timer to optimise the charging process by
    defining specific time slots for charging and set departure times.
    Pre-conditioning is also available (to heat the vehicle in winter or
    cool it in summer, for example) for enhanced comfort.
  • With the introduction of BMW Points, customers
    will be rewarded for electric driving in a BMW plugin hybrid model:
    customers collect points and can then redeem them for free charging
    time from BMW Charging. The My BMW App allows
    customers to keep track of their BMW Points and to manage them. BMW
    Points is already available in Belgium, Germany, France, Austria,
    the Netherlands and Switzerland.
  • Personalisation: Once linked with a personal BMW
    , individual preferences can be set in any current BMW
    vehicle quickly and automatically. Thanks to the My BMW App, logging
    in is now even easier – instead of manually entering a username and
    password, customers can simply scan a QR code to securely transfer
    their user settings. Users can also choose a profile picture via the
    app, which is now automatically transferred to the vehicle.
  • The My BMW App offers easy access to the BMW ecosystem. It can be
    used to contact BMW Service Partners directly, and
    customers can keep an eye on their vehicle’s service requirements in
    the app. Service appointments can be made directly from the app if
    needed. BMW Roadside Assistance can also be contacted via the app in
    the event of problems with the vehicle. If consent is given, the
    service personnel will see the location of the vehicle and its
    status so that immediate over-the-air assistance can be provided. At
    the same time, customers can track the service vehicle’s journey.
    The app also offers easy access to the BMW ConnectedDrive Store and
    the BMW Online Shop.

The new-generation app can be downloaded free of charge from the
Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. By mid-2021, My BMW will be
available in 23 languages and more than 40 countries, including the
USA, Canada, Brazil and Mexico, as well as additional markets in
Southeast Asia.

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