Management change at BMW Group Plant Eisenach

BMW:Management change at BMW Group Plant Eisenach

Eisenach. On 1 March Robert Frittrang will take over
as the new Director of BMW Group Plant Eisenach. Currently head of
Production Control, Systems Engineering, Maintenance, Production
Improvement at Plant Munich, he will succeed  Alexander Eras as
Managing Director of the BMW Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH facility. Alexander
Eras, Director of the plant since July 2018, will take over as Head of
Painted Bodies at BMW Group Plant Leipzig. In his role as Director in
Eisenach, Alexander Eras oversaw the largest plant expansion since its
establishment, in 1992. Over the years, the BMW Group has invested
€200 million in the site.

BMW Group Plant Eisenach produces large press tools and body panels,
most notably for high-quality, small-scale production runs. BMW
Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH is a partner of all BMW Group vehicle plants. Its
latest-generation laser cutting technology gives the side walls, roof
panels and bonnets of every BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce their
characteristic form.

Familiar with the skill and precision at Plant Eisenach from various
previous roles, Robert Frittrang is perfectly equipped for his new
position as Plant Director. “It will be a pleasure and an honour to
manage this plant. Its innovative, efficient to tool-making operations
give it a very special place in the BMW Group’s global production
network,” he commented. With a wealth of expertise in process and
structure planning, Robert Frittrang looks forward to supporting the
future development of Plant Eisenach and further strengthening its
role as the BMW Group’s foremost tool-making facility.

Robert Frittrang holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering.
Since joining the BMW Group in 1995, he has held several roles in
various plants, including three years as Director of BMW Group Plant
Chennai, in southern India.

Plant Eisenach is also of particular historical importance to the BMW
Group. Purchased by BMW in 1928, it became the company’s gateway to
car manufacturing and produced all of its BMW vehicles until after
World War II. Later, the inauguration of BMW Group Plant Eisenach, in
1992, marked a home-coming for the company. This year BMW Group Plant
Eisenach, which currently employs more than 300 people, will celebrate
its 30th anniversary.

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