Video explanation: What is sim racing?

BMW:Video explanation: What is sim racing?

Munich. On 5th December, BMW Motorsport SIM Racing
will introduce themselves at BMW SIM Live, which will be held
exclusively via livestream due to the pandemic. By way of
introduction, BMW Motorsport produced a video that imparts basic
info on the rapidly growing sector of sim racing. The short clip
also explains BMW Motorsport’s current involvement in digital racing.


“We identified sim racing as an exciting field of activity for us
early on and established it as a permanent pillar in our motorsport
programme. The rapid development this past year confirms that we were
right,” said Rudolf Dittrich, Head of BMW Motorsport SIM Racing. “Sim
racing is becoming more and more professional and is establishing
itself as a standalone racing discipline. It also offers a new,
affordable way to get involved in racing and reaches new target
groups. We’re using the freedom in this dynamic environment for
intensive technology transfer and are creating many synergies between
digital and real-world racing.”

BMW Motorsport added sim racing to its racing programme as a
standalone, equal pillar in 2020 and, in close collaboration with the
rapidly growing sim racing community, helped raise the industry to an
even more professional level. Working closely with the simulation
platforms iRacing and rFactor 2, BMW Motorsport integrated racing cars
such as the BMW M8 GTE, the BMW M4 GT4 and the BMW M2 CS Racing into
the simulations as realistically as possible. The best sim racers in
the world went head to head in these digital versions of the cars
during the course of the season, in the BMW one-brand BMW SIM 120 Cup
and BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup.

BMW SIM Live on 5th December 2020.

BMW SIM Live 2020, which will be broadcast from 4.00 PM CET on
5th December via a livestream on the BMW Motorsport and BMW
Esports channels, will include the final races in the BMW SIM 120 Cup
and the BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup. When the season’s race winners come
together they will be competing for a total prize fund in excess of
25,000 euros.

BMW Motorsport SIM Racing will use the event framework to present its
extensive programme for the upcoming season. This will be expanded
significantly in many areas, to do justice to the momentum of the
rapidly emerging digital racing sector. Plans include the one-make cup
competitions, hardware developments and collaborations. BMW Motorsport
SIM Racing will present several spectacular world premieres in these
areas at BMW SIM Live 2020.

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