Christoph Waltz and Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, test drive the BMW iX.

BMW:Christoph Waltz and Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, test drive the BMW iX.

Munich. In its search for inspiration and a
challenging exchange with opinion leaders and visionaries from
different areas of society, the BMW Group is entering into a
cooperation with one of the most prominent players in the US cinema.
Actor Christoph Waltz takes on role as Co-Creator for the premium
brand BMW. To kick off the partnership, Waltz played a central role in
the design world premiere of the BMW iX. The future model of the BMW
Group celebrated its premiere at #NEXTGen 2020.

With this year’s #NEXTGen, the multi-day, completely digitally
produced event streamed at, the BMW
Group is not only providing an outlook on future individual mobility,
but also exciting insights into how the models and technologies are
developed with which the company is significantly driving and shaping
the current transformation of the automotive industry. In order to
gain a deeper understanding of tomorrow’s needs, wishes and trends,
the BMW Group cooperates with pioneers and lateral thinkers from such
diverse fields as computer technology and e-gaming, fashion and sport,
ecology and social science as well as music, film and other cultural disciplines.

The dialogue with Christoph Waltz, who was awarded an Oscar each for
his acting achievements in the films “Inglorious Bastards”
(2009) and “Django Unchained” (2012), was initiated by
Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. He
invited the actor to enter into critical dialogue with designers,
technology developers and strategy experts from the BMW Group. The
focus was on the design of the BMW iX, the current fields of
innovation of the BMW Group and the general conditions under which
individual mobility will continue to develop in the future.

“The discussions we had with Christoph Waltz in the run-up to
#NEXTGen 2020 about future technologies, social change and the future
significance of driving pleasure were very inspiring. He gave us new
perspectives with his openness, pragmatism and a certain degree of
impatience. I am delighted to have won a Co-Creator in Christoph
Waltz, who will challenge us again and again with his thoughts and
ideas,” says Oliver Zipse.

When it comes to cars, Christoph Waltz appreciates premium quality,
technological precision and attention to detail. He is particularly
concerned with the sustainable character of high-quality and therefore
durable products. But the actor is also intensively interested in the
ecological aspect of sustainable drive technology with regard to
protecting the climate and conserving resources. Accordingly, he
follows the progress in the field of electric mobility with great interest.

Christoph Waltz observes the latest developments in the technology
fields of electric mobility, networking and automated driving just as
closely as the associated international competition. “I am
delighted about every new technological impulse that comes not from
Silicon Valley but from Europe, and I would like to see more of
it”, says Christoph Waltz. “What I was able to learn at BMW
in this area impressed me very much. BMW is a very
steeped-in-tradition, but at the same time extremely future-oriented company.”

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