BMW iFactory. LEAN. GREEN. DIGITAL. – Master plan for the production of the future.

BMW:BMW iFactory. LEAN. GREEN. DIGITAL. – Master plan for the production of the future.

Munich.  It’s the master plan for the automotive
production of tomorrow: The BMW iFACTORY production strategy defines
the future orientation of plants and production technologies at the
BMW Group and meets the challenges of the transformation to
e-mobility. “Automotive manufacturing of the future requires a new,
holistic way of thinking. With our BMW iFACTORY, we are leading the
way and setting new standards in flexibility, efficiency,
sustainability and digitalisation,” said Milan Nedeljković, Member of
the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Production.

Over the last few decades, the BMW Group has considered itself the
benchmark for innovative, flexible and efficient production
technologies in vehicle manufacturing. And it is from this level that
the company is now redefining operational excellence. The strategic
vision of the global production network is the BMW iFACTORY. LEAN.
GREEN. DIGITAL., with its integrative, global approach. “The BMW
iFACTORY is not a one-off showpiece but an approach we will implement
at all our plants in the future – from our 100-year-old home plant in
Munich to our forthcoming plant in Debrecen, Hungary,” said Milan Nedeljković.

The mission: LEAN. GREEN. DIGITAL.

The BMW iFACTORY focuses the BMW Group’s production expertise on
three key topic areas: LEAN, which stands for efficiency, precision
and extreme flexibility, GREEN, for sustainability,
resource-efficiency and circularity, and DIGITAL, for the active use
of digitalisation in data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and
virtualisation. As always at the BMW Group, the holistic approach of
the BMW iFACTORY is underpinned by the consistently high standard of
flexibility, launch expertise and integration capability in the
company’s production system.

LEAN: Based on highly flexible, efficient production

The BMW Group’s production network is on the cusp of a fundamental
transformation: the Neue Klasse, due for production launch in 2025, is
based on a completely new vehicle architecture. With its clear focus
on the all-electric drive, it sets the conditions for future vehicle
generations to be manufactured efficiently and in line with the
company’s profitability and quality goals. The BMW iFACTORY is now set
to strengthen the proven success factors of the global production
network.  Board Member for Production Milan Nedeljković: “Our
production network has three key strengths: maximum flexibility,
excellent processes and outstanding integration capabilities. We are
the absolute benchmark in all three. And they are the focal points of
our BMW iFACTORY.”  The key topic of LEAN is about highly flexible,
efficient production through streamlined processes in competitive structures.

Flexibility remains the key competitive advantage of BMW Group
production, now and in the future – and in several respects: The
company’s production structures are so flexible that a single
production line can produce different drive types and vehicle models.
They also set the standard in terms of rapid responsiveness and
adaptability, absorbing supply bottlenecks and shortages comparatively
spontaneously and reacting quickly to fluctuations in demand. And for
customers, this flexibility means they can change certain elements of
their vehicle configuration up to six days before the production date.

The aim of the BMW iFACTORY is to use even more meaningful
real-time data from throughout the production process to control
global manufacturing more closely and transparently achieve the
fastest possible response times. This will enhance not only volume and
market planning but also supply chain and inventory management and
support targeted work on quality as well.

GREEN: Sustainability along the entire value chain

Avoiding consumption, saving resources and using state-of-the-art
technologies: With the BMW iFACTORY, the focus on sustainable
production is stronger than ever, reaffirming the BMW Group’s position
as the most sustainable manufacturer of premium automobiles.
 “Environmental, economic and social responsibility are inseparable,
and we strive to achieve all three not only in the product itself but
along the entire value chain. By 2030 we aim to reduce CO2 emissions
from production by 80 percent compared to 2019,” explained Board
Member for Production Milan Nedeljković.


Plant Debrecen: The first completely fossil fuel-free plant

With its new plant in Debrecen, Hungary – where production of the
all-electric Neue Klasse will launch in 2025 – the BMW Group is
entering a new era in sustainable automotive production. “Our plans
are for Plant Debrecen to be the first automotive plant in the world
to dispense completely with fossil energy sources in its production
processes,” said Nedeljković. “Debrecen will be our first CO2-free
vehicle plant and puts us clearly at the vanguard of developments in
this regard.”

A significant share of the plant’s electricity will be generated
directly on site. The remainder will be covered by 100 percent
renewables, the vast majority of which will come from regional
sources.  Nedeljković: “Our contribution to the energy transition
makes not only environmental but also business sense because our
approach ensures stable prices and secure supplies.”

Another element of sustainable production is consistent circularity.
Wherever possible, production materials and resources will be reused.
Metal offcuts and filings from milling, for example, will be recycled
and reused, while waste heat from cooling will be fed into a circuit
to heat indoor spaces and water.

Saving resources significantly benefits the company economically –
but smart, effective solutions also make production at the BMW Group
unique in terms of environmental credentials. Examples of the
technologies realising our commitment include the resource-saving
wet-in-wet painting process (IPP) and the use of direct current in car
body construction for the very first time.

The energy that powers the BMW Group’s plants around the world is
sourced purely from renewables. As Plant Leipzig develops into a
centre of excellence for hydrogen, the company’s facilities worldwide
are becoming increasingly independent of third-party energy suppliers
or other external influences. This is enabled by a combination of
self-generated and stored energy with flexible load profiles
throughout production. Here, the latest digital methods and
comprehensive systems ensure maximum transparency and support the
consistent reduction of energy consumption as well as the needs-based
use of renewables on the basis of accurate forecasts.

A further key issue in the field of climate protection is
biodiversity. The variety of flora and fauna at BMW Group sites
worldwide is being promoted through targeted, region-specific
measures, from beehives and falcons to meadow orchards.

Meanwhile, to support GREEN logistics both within and outside the
plants, the BMW iFACTORY adopts an open-minded approach to
technologies, focusing on environmentally sustainable concepts. Within
the next few years, for example, increased use of rail transport and
electric trucks will mean zero local emissions from transport
logistics at Plant Munich.

DIGITAL: From innovations to effective use cases

Customised premium vehicles, delighted customers, excellent quality
and on-time delivery have always been the goal of digitalisation at
the BMW Group. “The BMW iFACTORY is advancing digitalisation by taking
data consistency to a completely new level along the entire value
chain and across every one of our process chains. We use digital
innovations to create effective use cases in production – because for
us, innovation and efficiency go hand in hand,” emphasised Milan Nedeljković.

Production at the BMW Group uses the latest technologies to link all
the relevant product, process, quality and cost data between
development, planning and production processes. The main focus here is
on applications from the fields of virtualisation, data science and
artificial intelligence.

Virtualisation plays an important role within the BMW iFACTORY
strategy model. In a first step, every detail of all the BMW Group’s
production sites is being recorded in a 3D scan. In this way, planning
work can be carried out virtually at any time and from anywhere. In
the next logical step, a virtual representation – or digital twin – is
created of each factory in its entirety. This can then be used by
planning specialists in real-time collaborations across different
locations and time zones. This approach takes the planning of all
structures, production plants and even individual processes to a
completely new level. It allows virtual products to be integrated into
the factory early on, for example, and significantly reduces planning
work further down the line. It also allows investments to be otimised
and enhances process efficiency and the stability of product launches.

In partnerships like the one with NVIDIA, the BMW Group combines its
pioneering spirit and process expertise with cutting-edge
technologies. Applications and augmented and virtual reality support
employee training for future processes and technologies, and digital
production system planning allows global partners to be integrated
into the value chain early on.

Meanwhile, data science provides the foundations for fact-, figure-
and (real-time) data-based decision-making. Consistent, transparent
data allows the root causes to be identified quickly and proactively
so that processes can be optimised. BMW Group production is already an
industry pioneer in the effective use of AI and currently uses more
than 200 AI-based applications. The technology allows various
logistics and production processes to be automated for better quality
assurance. In addition, standardised platforms and self-services mean
solutions can be scaled rapidly for application across all
technologies and locations.


Employees: Fit for the BMW iFACTORY

At the heart of the BMW iFACTORY are the people who create it.
Future-focused and highly qualified, the BMW Group’s workforce is
ensuring a competitive and successful transformation. The Production
division is investing heavily and with foresight in upskilling staff
for quality, logistics, maintenance, e/e, e-mobility and digital
planning. Thanks to state-of-the-art instruction methods, employees
benefit from electronic training programmes that leave them free to
train independently and on their own initiative. Extensive additional
development options are also available to help them maintain and
enhance their skills. More than 50,000 BMW Group employees have
already undergone the training they need to work in electromobility.

The reason: Customers’ wishes and our responsibility

The key factors behind the transformation of BMW Group production are
the developments in the automotive market and specifications around
climate change. The BMW Group is already doubling its production of
electric vehicles in 2022, having delivered more than 35,000 fully
electric cars to customers in the first quarter alone. At the same
time, the latest technical innovations are supporting the company as
it contributes significantly to climate protection and
sustainability.  Milan Nedeljkovic: “The BMW iFACTORY delivers not
only on the increasing customer demand for electric vehicles but also
on our desire, as a member of society, to support climate protection
and sustainability. We are using digitalisation to make this happen –
while remaining absolutely competitive.”

If you have any questions, please contact:


Corporate communications

Julian Friedrich, Head of Communications Production Network BMW Group

Phone: +49 89 382 25885


Martina Hatzel, Communication Production Network BMW Group

Phone: +49-89-382-11966






The BMW Group production network


For decades, the BMW Group has seen itself as a benchmark in terms of
production technology and operational excellence in vehicle
construction. BMW iFACTORY. LEAN. GREEN. DIGITAL. stands for the
strategic target image of the worldwide production network. It
provides the answers to the challenges of the transformation towards
e-mobility and pursues a global approach.

Lean stands for efficiency, precision, maximum flexibility and
outstanding integration capability. Green involves the use of
state-of-the-art technologies to establish production with the least
use of resources. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions in production per
vehicle by 80% by 2030 compared to 2019. Digital focuses on data
science, artificial intelligence as well as virtual planning and
development. The BMW Group’s production thus makes a decisive
contribution to the company’s profitability.


Die BMW Group

With its brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the BMW
Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and a provider of premium financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group production network comprises 31 production and assembly
sites in 15 countries; the company has a global sales network with
representatives in over 140 countries.

In 2021, the BMW Group achieved worldwide sales of more than 2.5
million automobiles and over 194,000 motorcycles. Profit from taxes in
the 2021 financial year amounted to  €16.1 billion and sales to €111.2
billion. As of December 31, 2021, the company employed 118 people
worldwide. 909 employees.

Long-term thinking and responsible action have always been the basis
of the BMW Group’s economic success. The company set the course for
the future at an early stage and consistently places sustainability
and resource conservation at the center of its orientation, from the
supply chain to production to the end of the use phase of all products.






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How can art change the world? Gallery Weekend Berlin and BMW to put important questions to the art world.

BMW:How can art change the world? Gallery Weekend Berlin and BMW to put important questions to the art world.

München. As one of the important highlights within
the international art calendar, Gallery Weekend Berlin in its 18th
edition presents positions by emerging artists alongside more
established positions at the 52 participating galleries from April 29
to May 1, 2022. In collaboration with Gallery Weekend Berlin, BMW
launches the new video series “A coffee with…” and interviews
important personalities from the international art scene about their
vision of the future of the art world. BMW Cultural Engagement has
been supporting Gallery Weekend Berlin as its main partner since 2013.

How can art change the world? How can we achieve diversity in the art
world? What is the next big thing? The new video series “A coffee
with…” presented by Gallery Weekend Berlin and BMW provides short
answers to important questions of the art world. Julia Stoschek, Sam
Bardaouil, Till Fellrath, participating artists of Gallery Weekend
Berlin and other internationally renowned figures of the art scene
talk about their views and visions. New episodes will be added
continually to the series and can be viewed at
and the YouTube
channel of BMW Group Culture

All exhibitions of the participating galleries of the Gallery Weekend
will open their doors on Friday, April 29 from 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM. On
Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1 all citizens of Berlin and its
national and international guests are invited to visit the galleries
from 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Initiated by Berlin gallerists in 2005, the Gallery Weekend brings
together different gallery exhibitions that are spread across the
whole city. Here, one witnesses the vital work of galleries as they
champion and foster support for their artists, working alongside them
to facilitate and conceive innovative and thought-provoking
exhibitions. The weekend provides opportunities to discover new names
or deepen existing passions.

For further information and image material about the participating
galleries and the artists, please refer to
(password: kunst).

In addition to the Gallery Weekend, the list of long-term commitments
to the arts in the German capital includes the Preis der
Nationalgalerie. One of the artists exhibiting at Gallery Weekend
Berlin 2022 will be Sung Tieu, audience award winner of the Preis der
Nationalgalerie 2021, whose work will be on display at the group
exhibition at Dittrich & Schlechtriem. BMW also partners with
Staatsoper Unter den Linden and invites this year again to the
long-standing open-air format “State Opera for All” on June 19, 2022,
at Bebelplatz.

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BMW IconicSounds Electric in the new BMW i7: unique sound worlds for a new, holistic driving experience.

BMW:BMW IconicSounds Electric in the new BMW i7: unique sound worlds for a new, holistic driving experience.

Premiere of exclusive soundscapes combined with the BMW Theatre
Screen. +++ All-electric luxury saloon features a factory-fitted full
sound spectrum developed in collaboration between the BMW Group and
two-time Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer. +++ My Modes
Expressive and Relax with distinctive sound worlds enable a
particularly intense interaction between driver and vehicle. +++
Exceptional acoustic characteristics provide the basis for an
emotionally powerful sound experience.


Munich. The new, all-electric BMW i7 (energy
consumption combined according to WLTP: 19.6–18.4 kWh/100 km; energy
consumption combined according to NEDC: –; CO2 emissions:
0 g/km) heralds a new era for the brand’s quintessential driving
pleasure and exclusive travel comfort. It embodies the innovative form
of individual mobility in the luxury segment and also expresses this
through the creation of holistic sound worlds. These range from the
welcome scenario to the ready-to-drive signal and the drive sounds for
each selected My Mode through to the acoustic soundscapes combined
with the BMW Theatre Screen, available here for the first time. With
the factory-fitted BMW IconicSounds Electric, the brand’s locally
emission-free premium model offers entirely new soundscapes that are
generated by the interaction between driver and vehicle and are a core
component in the design of a unique driving experience.

Including the exclusive soundscapes for the optional Theatre Mode,
the complete sound spectrum of BMW IconicSounds Electric can be
experienced for the first time in the new BMW i7. The sounds, which
are unique in the automotive sector, have been developed in a
collaboration between the BMW Group and two-time Academy Award winning
composer Hans Zimmer. They reinforce the authentic agreement of the
vehicle’s character with BMW design and the resulting driving
experience in the world’s first all-electric luxury saloon.

The sound experience in the BMW i7 can be individually selected via
My Modes. In addition to Personal, Sport and Efficient settings, the
modes Expressive and Relax are also available as standard. In the BMW
i7, each of these modes is also associated with an independent sound
world. The intensity and frequency of the drive sound are based on the
position of the accelerator and the driving situation, creating an
individually customised sound profile for each My Mode. The close
interaction between driver and vehicle thus creates a distinctive
acoustic backdrop. Selecting either the Expressive or the Relax mode
results in a particularly intense interaction. They enable the driver
of the BMW i7 to create an individual, holistic user experience of
sound, lighting mood and graphics on the BMW Curved Display, shaped by
the driver’s mood and driving style.

The new BMW i7 has a model-specific sound application that
authentically emphasises the future-oriented character and exclusive
driving experience in the all-electric luxury saloon. “We want to
offer customers a unique driving and travel experience in the BMW i7.
In the area of user experience, we are breaking new ground to achieve
this, which also includes the drive sound,” explains Domagoj
Dukec, Head of BMW Design. “Sound in particular plays a central
role in the emotional connection between the driver and his vehicle.
Innovations such as BMW IconicSounds Electric make the BMW i7 a
pioneer for a new, holistic driving experience.”

With My Modes, the driver can create an all-round user experience
that includes a wide range of vehicle settings. In the BMW i7, this
includes the drive sound. The spherical sounds of the Personal setting
emphasise the progressive character of the model, while the soundscape
in the Sport setting has a powerful and pronounced acoustic presence.
A very lively and dynamic sound characterises the acoustic experience
in Expressive mode, while an immensely relaxing sound backdrop is
created in Relax mode. The characteristic sound sequences when
starting and switching off the drive system are part of BMW
IconicSounds Electric, as are the sounds that accompany the activation
of the optional Theatre Screen for passengers in the back.

The acoustic feedback from the movements of the accelerator is only
completely suppressed in Efficient mode. Due to the outstanding
acoustic vehicle characteristics of the new BMW i7, the resulting
silence in this mode is as clear and pure as the intensive sound
experience in the other modes. The all-electric luxury saloon has
optimised soundproofing that effectively insulates the interior from
external noises. The excellent acoustic comfort of the new BMW i7 can
be attributed to the acoustic optimisation of the electric drive
units, a model-specific storage concept and newly developed noise
encapsulation for electric motors, as well as the chassis’ increased
rigidity at the front and tyres with foam absorbers. In addition,
aerodynamic noises are significantly reduced thanks to clearly
designed chassis surfaces, flush-mounted door handles and
aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors as well as an almost fully
sealed underbody. This allows all aspects of the characteristic and
emotionally powerful sound worlds of BMW IconicSounds Electric to be
fully experienced without any interference.

BMW i7 (energy consumption combined according to WLTP: 19.6–18.4
kWh/100 km; energy consumption combined according to NEDC: –;
CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)

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BMW Welt Jazz Award Final 2022. Anat Fort Trio and Giovanni Guidi Quintet selected as finalists.

BMW:BMW Welt Jazz Award Final 2022. Anat Fort Trio and Giovanni Guidi Quintet selected as finalists.

Munich. After six unique soirees, the BMW Welt Jazz
Award 2022 enters its final round on July 9 where the
Anat Fort Trio and the Giovanni Guidi
will perform their interpretation of this year’s
theme “Key Position” at the auditorium of the BMW Welt. The winning
ensemble, chosen by the renowned jury, will receive the award created
by BMW Design as well as a prize money of 10,000 Euro. The runner up
will be awarded 5,000 Euro.

Jazz fans have been experiencing the musical skills of this year’s
performers in six free soirees between March and April in the Double
Cone of BMW Welt. In addition to the first and second place winners,
the winning ensemble of the audience award will also be announced
during the finale and awarded 1,000 Euro.

The finalists

Anat Fort Trio
Pianist Anat Fort ranks among the
Israeli artists raised in New York that continue to put their mark on
contemporary jazz. Fort has since returned to Israel, a move that in
no way slowed down her international career. Since 2007, she has been
publishing her albums at Munich-based label ECM with her most recent
album “Birdwatching” featuring Italian clarinetist Gianluigi Trovesi
as star guest. As so many of her great jazz pianist colleagues, Fort
prefers performing as part of a trio working together with bassist
Gary Wand and drummer Roland Schneider. Various experiments including
her most recent collaboration with tango guitarist and vocalist Shlomo
Ydov notwithstanding, the trio has been her ensemble of choice for
over 20 years and a constant throughout her artistic career. The
resulting trust allows for unparalleled freedom of improvisation, as
seen on their most recent album “Colour”, released by Sunnyside
Records, and soon to be heard at BMW Welt.

Giovanni Guidi Quintet
While still a teenager,
pianist Giovanni Guidi truly impressed trumpeter Enrico Rava, Italian
super star of jazz, during Rava’s jazz workshops and has been his
permanent accompanist ever since. In that capacity as well as
increasingly with his own projects and ensembles, Guidi has since been
making his name on the international stage. For his current programme
“Avec le temps” he and his fellow trio members, Chicago-born bassist
Joe Rehmer and Portuguese drummer João Lobo, were joined by two other
prominent names of the Italian jazz world: woodwind player Francesco
Bearzatti and guitarist Roberto Cecchetto. The ensemble prefers
impressionist, lyrical and bluesy sounds, as seen in their homages to
poet, composer and chansonnier Léo Ferré or the recently deceased
trumpeter Tomasz Stańko.

The jury

The jury, headed by Oliver
(journalist for music and cultural affairs,
Süddeutsche Zeitung), consists of Heike Lies
(Musicologist, Music and Music Theatre Division of the Department of
Cultural Affairs of the state capital Munich ), Christiane
(Director of schwere reiter Musik),
Roland Spiegel (Editor and jazz expert at German
broadcasting station Bayerischer Rundfunk BR‑KLASSIK) and
Andreas Kolb (Editor-in-chief of and
nmz – neue musikzeitung). 

The finale

Like the soirees on Tuesdays, the final concert will
again be hosted by Hannah Weiss, winner of the BMW Welt Young Artist
Jazz Award 2019. The award, created specially by BMW Design, will be
handed over by Ilka Horstmeier, Member of the Board
of Management of BMW AG, Director of Human Resources and Labour
Relations. Anton Biebl, Head of the Department of
Cultural Affairs, will be representing the City of Munich.

The concert featuring the two shortlisted finalists will take place
at the auditorium of BMW Welt on July 9, 2022
at 7.00 pm. Tickets are available at München Ticket.

This year’s BMW Welt Jazz Award is presented with the support of nmz
– neue musikzeitung and the City of Munich’s Department of Culture.

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More space, more comfort, more class: the MINI Cooper 5-door in the Resolute Edition.

BMW:More space, more comfort, more class: the MINI Cooper 5-door in the Resolute Edition.

Munich. All the qualities of the original,
supplemented with a definite bonus in terms of functionality – this is
how the MINI 5-door secures its exceptional position in the premium
small car segment. It combines authentic driving fun and expressive
design in the style of the British brand with two additional doors and
an extra portion of space at the rear. The Resolute Edition of the
MINI 5-door showcases a unique combination of traditional sporty flair
and enhanced versatility in a particularly attractive way. The new
edition model enriches the distinctive character of the MINI 5-door
with precisely coordinated design and equipment features that convey
self-confidence, individual class and a historically rooted enthusiasm
for motor racing.

The MINI 5-door in the Resolute Edition (combined fuel consumption:
6.1 – 5.5 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 139 – 126 g/km WLTP) lines
up for the start with maximum driving fun potential. It combines the
exclusive design features of the Edition with the clear and reduced
surface design for the front and rear apron, which emphasise the
modern character of the vehicle, focused on the essentials. A
1.5-litre 3-cylinder engine with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology and a
maximum output of 100 kW/136 hp ensures spirited driving
characteristics. With both the standard 6-speed manual transmission
and the optional 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch,
the sprint from standstill to 100 km/h takes just 8.3 seconds. The
car’s top speed is 207 km/h.

In the new Resolute Edition, the powerful appearance of the         
    MINI Cooper 5-door is underpinned by an exterior finish in the
Rebel Green variant. Previously only available for the extremely
sporty John Cooper Works models, this body finish draws its
inspiration from the colour scheme used for classic British racing
cars. The roof and exterior mirror caps of the edition model are
finished in the contrasting colour Pepper White or optionally in
black. Numerous hallmark design features are finished in the exclusive
colour Resolute Bronze. The refined appearance of this
edition-specific finish is highlighted by the surrounds of the
headlights, radiator grille and rear lights, the side scuttles on the
front side panels and the door and tailgate handles. The brand logos
and model inscriptions are finished in Piano Black, as are the inner
frame of the radiator grille and the tailpipe trims of the exhaust
system. The surrounding strip on the lower edge of the windows in
classic black likewise complements the exclusive appearance of the
edition model.

Meanwhile the eponymous “RESOLUTE” inscription is the striking
feature of the bonnet stripes and door sill finishers. Both feature a
pattern made up of parallel lines with a colour gradient that runs
between a light and a dark shade of gold. This asymmetrical gradient
especially reflects the high-quality design of the edition model.
18-inch light-alloy wheels in Pulse Spoke Black design round off the
sporty look of the MINI Cooper 5-door in the Resolute Edition. 17-inch
alloy wheels also available in the Tentacle Spoke Black variant as an option.

In its interior, the MINI Cooper 5-door in the Resolute Edition
offers five seats and thanks to a wheelbase that is 72 millimetres
longer than that of the MINI 3-door, there is noticeably more legroom
at the rear. The ample interior space also means that the
edition-specific design features are showcased to excellent effect.
The anthracite-coloured roof liner and sports seats in Black
Pearl/Light Chequered fabric/leatherette along with black armrests and
knee rolls make for athletic flair and a high level of ride comfort –
a colour scheme that harmonises perfectly with the Rebel Green paint
finish and the black and gold exterior design features. The MINI Yours
Leather Lounge variant is also available on request in Carbon Black
with particularly striking stitching and piping as well as a
perforated Union Jack motif on the headrests. With its Nappa leather
cover, the sports steering wheel with edition emblem on the lower
spoke is particularly comfortable to hold.

Parallel and evenly curved lines in a light golden tone form an
exquisite pinstripe pattern against the black background of the
edition-specific interior surfaces, echoing the structure of the
bonnet stripes. The exclusive design features are atmospherically
showcased by the lighting package, whose LED units provide targeted
interior illumination. Ambient Light – also included in the equipment
of the edition model – enriches the stylish atmosphere with such
features as a laser-engraved ring for the central instrument and also
light piping in the doors and cockpit area, as well as illuminated
door handles and door entry areas. In addition, the MINI Cooper 5-door
in the Resolute Edition features the MINI Driving Modes, allowing the
driver to activate sporty characteristics in the vehicle’s drive and
suspension systems by means of a toggle switch.

In case of queries, please contact:

Corporate Communications

Julian Kisch, Spokesperson Product Communications MINI

Andreas Lampka, Head of Communications MINI

Jennifer Treiber-Ruckenbrod, Head of Communications MINI and BMW
Tel.: +49-89-382-35108

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BMW M Motorsport News, 26th April 2022.

BMW:BMW M Motorsport News, 26th April 2022.

Italian GT Championship: Victory at season-opener for Glock
and Klingmann.

BMW M works drivers Timo Glock and Jens Klingmann (both GER) enjoyed
a virtually perfect start to the Italian GT Championship. The Ceccato
Racing duo in the #50 BMW M4 GT3 finished on the podium in the first
two sprint races of this season’s Sprint Cup at Monza (ITA). They took
victory in the opening race and looked like finishing on the top step
of the podium again in race two. However, Glock and Klingmann lost the
lead in the pit lane after a safety car period cost them the lead they
had held up to that point. They therefore had to settle for second
place on Sunday. Glock was in a very positive frame of mind
afterwards: “I felt extremely comfortable in the BMW M4 GT3, right
from the first metre. The car suits my driving style very well.
Compared to my races in the BMW M6 GT3, this weekend was a huge step
in the right direction. Rarely have I ever laughed under my helmet as
much as I did here at Monza – just from the sheer joy of racing.
Saturday’s races was a real challenge for me, as it was the very first
time that I had ever driven the car in the rain. However, Jens
Klingmann did a superb job before me, and I felt more comfortable
every lap. On the whole, that was a great start to the season.
Compliments to the team, who did an absolutely flawless job.”


ADAC GT Masters: Schubert Motorsport in the points twice at
its home event.

This season’s ADAC GT Masters opened with a home event at
Oschersleben (GER) for Schubert Motorsport. Torsten Schubert’s team
competes with two new BMW M4 GT3s this year, and challenged at the
front of the field from the word go. BMW M works drivers Nick Catsburg
(NED) and Jesse Krohn (FIN) finished in the points in both races.
After eighth place on Saturday, the duo narrowly missed out on the
podium in fourth place in Sunday’s race. “That was a positive
weekend,” said Krohn. “Although we still have a lot to learn about the
new car, we were competitive from the outset. We were a little unlucky
in the first race, as we had the second-fastest qualifying time
scratched because of a red flag. We could have finished much higher
than eighth. However, two solid top-ten results are a good start.”

At the wheel of the second car are youngsters Ben Green (GBR) and
Niklas Krütten (GER). They came home eleventh in race one, picking up
their first points in the Drivers’ Championship, before finishing
16th in race two.

NLS: Overall victory and nine class wins on the Nordschleife.

Race two of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) was a great
success for the BMW M Motorsport teams. The highlight was the
one-two-three in the overall classification, but the total of nine
class victories for BMW cars was equally impressive. ROWE Racing took
first place overall in the #99 BMW M4 GT3, ahead of the BMW Junior
Team and Walkenhorst Motorsport. That also presented ROWE Racing with
victory in the top SP9 Pro class. The #36 Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW
M4 GT3 was first in the SP9 class. The successor to the BMW M4 GT4,
run by BMW M Motorsport at the Nürburging, took victory in the SP8T
class. The Adrenalin Motorsport Team Alzner Automotive triumphed in no
fewer than three classes: in the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup NLS, with the
BMW 330i in the VT2-R+4WD class, and with the BMW 325i in the V4
category. Furthermore, Schnitzelalm Racing came out on top in the BMW
M240i class, Hofor Racing tasted victory in the H4 category, and
RaceWerk Motorsport won SP4.


BMW M2 CS Racing Cup NLS: Victory for the champions.

Former VLN and CUP5 winners Yannick Fübrich (GER) and David Griessner
(AUT) won the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup NLS class alongside Brett Lidsey
(GBR) in the #870 car of Adrenalin Motorsport Team Alzner Automotive.
After 25 laps of racing, they came home ahead of Dominik Fugel and
Marcel Fugel (both GER) in the #885 car and the pairing of Tobias
Vazquez-Garcia and Michele di Martino (both GER) in the #883 BMW M2 CS
Racing to take victory in race two of the season.

BMW M2 CS Racing Cup Italy: Two races, two wins for Luigi Ferrara.

The dominant man at the opening weekend of the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup
Italy at Monza (ITA) was Luigi Ferrara (ITA). He won both races in the
#3 BMW M2 CS Racing of the V-Action by Nanni Nember team. Ferrara
started race one from pole position and race two from second place on
the grid. Reigning champion Gustavo Sandrucci (ITA) finished runner-up
behind Ferrara in both races. They were joined on the podium in third
place by Filippo Maria Zanin (ITA) on Saturday and Marco Zanasi (ITA)
on Sunday.

ADAC GT4 Germany: Champions kick off the season with fifth place.

Reigning ADAC GT4 Germany champions, Gabriele Piana (ITA) and Michael
Schrey (GER), came home fifth in Sunday’s race at the opening weekend
at Oschersleben (GER). The duo had failed to finish race one on
Saturday, but showed plenty of spirit in race two to fight back from
twelfth on the grid to finish fifth in the #1 BMW M4 GT4 for Hofor
Racing by Bonk Motorsport. The other BMW M4 GT4, run by Hofor Racing
by Bonk Motorsport and Schubert Motorsport, finished outside the top ten.

Japanese Super GT: Season-opener at Okayama.

Okayama (JPN) hosted the opening round of the 2022 Japanese Super GT
Championship over Easter weekend. BMW M Team Studie races with the new
BMW M4 GT3 this year. Among those in action at the season-opener was
Augusto Farfus (BRA), who will join BMW M Team Studie at select races
this season. He shared the cockpit at Okayama with Seiji Ara (JPN). In
qualifying, the duo secured a fine seventh place on the grid with the
BMW M4 GT3. In the race itself, they had climbed into a promising
fifth place, but were then forced to retire following a racing incident.

GT World Challenge America: Pro/Am podium for the BMW M4 GT3
in Sonoma.

Sonoma Raceway in the US state of California was the venue for the
opening round of this season’s GT World Challenge America on Easter
weekend. Three BMW M Motorsport teams competed with the new BMW M4
GT3. The best-placed car was the #96 BMW M4 GT3 of Turner Motorsport.
Michael Dinan and Robby Foley (both USA) ended the two races in fifth
and fourth place overall.

In the Pro/Am class, Chandler Hull and Bill Auberlen (both USA)
claimed a podium in race one. They finished third in class in the
BimmerWorld Racing #94 BMW M4 GT3. They were then seventh in race two.
Samantha Tan and Nick Wittmer (both CAN) started in the #38 ST Racing
BMW M4 GT3. They finished fifth and fourth in the Pro/Am class.

British GT Championship: Century Motorsport on the GT4 podium
at Oulton Park.

The British GT Championship held its first races of the year over
Easter weekend. Oulton Park (GBR) hosted the opening round of the
season. BMW M Motorsport Team Century Motorsport started the new
season with a podium in the GT4 class. Jack Brown and Will Burns (both
GBR) were second in the #90 BMW M4 GT4 in race two, having previously
finished sixth in the opening race. Their team-mates Tom Rawlings and
Chris Salkeld (both GBR) were twelfth and tenth in the #9 BMW M4 GT4.

Century Motorsport also competed with the new BMW M4 GT3 in race two
on Easter Monday. The #91 car was driven by Betty Chen, the first
Taiwanese driver in the British GT Championship, and Angus Fender
(GBR). The duo finished 13th overall. 

BTCC: Victory and podiums for BMW teams at Donington Park.

BMW teams made a successful start to this season’s British Touring
Car Championship (BTCC), which features hybrid cars for the first time
in 2022. Jake Hill (GBR) from the ROKiT MB Motorsport team won race
three of the opening weekend at Donington Park (GBR) in a BMW 330e M
Sport. Hill had started race one from pole position, but was
disqualified for a technical infringement of the rules. He came home
ninth in race two. Colin Turkington (GBR) guided his BMW 330e M Sport
to second place for Team BMW in the opening race. He followed that
with 14th and eighth place in races two and three. His
team-mate Stephen Jelley (GBR) ended the weekend with a seventh place,
a 14th, and a DNF in race two. The third BMW team in the
field, Car Gods with Ciceley Motorsport, also celebrated a podium
result. George Gamble (GBR) finished third in race two, just ahead of
his team-mate Adam Morgan (GBR). This followed fifth (Morgan) and
sixth (Gamble) place finishes in race one. Morgan ended the third and
final race in sixth, with Gamble crossing the finish line in
20th place.

24H Series: GT4 class win at the 12H Spa-Francorchamps.

The ACP – Tangerine Associates team won the GT4 class at the 12 Hours
of Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) in the Creventic 24H Series. Wim Spinoy
(BEL), Catesby Jones and Steven Thomas (both USA) finished three laps
clear of their closest rivals in the #421 BMW M4 GT4. The third spot
on the GT4 podium was occupied by Hakan Sari, Recep Sari and Arthur
Peters (all BEL) in a BMW M4 GT4 run by the Veidec Racing by JJ
Motorsport team.

GT4 France: L’Espace Bienvenue on the podium at Nogaro.

GT4 France kicked off the 2022 season at the iconic ‘Coupes de
Pâques’ in Nogaro, in the south of France. The year began with a
podium for BMW M Motorsport team L’Espace Bienvenue. Benjamin
Lessennes (FRA) and Ricardo van der Ende (NED), at the wheel of the
#17 BMW M4 GT4, finished second overall and in the Silver class in
race two. They had previously failed to finish the opening race.

GT/GT4/TC America: Successful Sonoma weekend for the BMW M
Motorsport teams.

It was a busy Easter weekend at Sonoma Raceway (USA). As well as the
GT World Challenge America, the circuit in California also hosted GT4
America, GT America and TC America, with plenty of success for the BMW
M Motorsport teams.

The BMW squads were particularly dominant once again in TC America,
with the BMW M2 CS Racing occupying the top seven positions in both
races. Reigning champion Jacob Ruud (USA) was once again unbeaten,
winning both races for Fast Track Racing in the #1 BMW M2 CS Racing.
He was followed over the finish line in race one by Stephen Cugliari
(USA) in the #57 Accelerating Performance car. Lucas Catania (USA /
Rigid Speed) was third in the #26 BMW M2 CS Racing. They swapped
positions in race two, with Catania runner-up behind Ruud and Cugliari third.

In GT4 America, Austen Smith and Zac Anderson (both USA) finished
third in the Silver class in both races at the wheel of the #51 BMW M4
GT4 of Auto Technic Racing. Charlie Postins and James Clay (both USA),
in the #36 BimmerWorld BMW M4 GT4, took victory in the Am class in the
opening race. They then finished runner-up in the class in race two,
followed in third place by Paul Sparta and Al Carter (both USA) in the
#98 BMW M4 GT4 of Random Vandals Racing. The best-placed BMW driver in
both GT America races was Marko Radisic (SRB). He finished tenth and
eighth for SRQ Motorsport in the #22 BMW M4 GT4.

Original Press Release

Process automation for highest demands: BMW Group acquires stake in Munich-based technology provider Kinexon GmbH

BMW:Process automation for highest demands: BMW Group acquires stake in Munich-based technology provider Kinexon GmbH

Press information

26 April 2022

Process automation for highest demands:
BMW Group
acquires stake

in Munich-based technology
provider Kinexon GmbH

  • Innovative, jointly developed software platform enables process
    automation in automotive manufacturing
  • Minority stake acquired through BMW i Ventures
  • Board Member for Production Nedeljković: “New standards in digital
    production steering”

Munich/Mountain View, California. The BMW Group has
acquired a stake in its partner Kinexon. The two companies have been
working together for several years in order to advance the
comprehensive digitalisation of the BMW Group production network. The
premium carmaker announced on Tuesday that it has now acquired a
minority stake in the innovative, Munich-based software company
through its own venture capital company, BMW i Ventures.

In order to improve steering of highly complex processes in
automotive manufacturing, the integrated IPS-i software platform was
developed in collaboration with Kinexon. This platform can record a
wide variety of position data (RFID, UWB, RTLS, GPS) and transfer it
into its digital twin.  On this virtual basis, the software
recognizes, observes and automates a broad variety of manufacturing
and logistics processes with utmost precision.

Thus, the innovative platform makes light work of keeping a digital
overview of highly complex processes. In car manufacturing, some ten
thousands of components have to be available at exactly the right
place on the production line, right beside the tools that will be used
– and all of them just in time. The new, state-of-the-art operating
system orchestrates the second-by-second application accordingly.

Kinexon’s high-precision real-time locating systems are also designed
for use in competitive sports and applied by numerous sport clubs of
FiFA and NBA which record the movement data of athletes and their
equipment through wearables. This allows the position data, tactics,
movement patterns and performance of top sportspeople and entire teams
to be analysed and targeted measures introduced to improve them.

 “Automotive production at the BMW Group is a lot like top-flight
sport in that it’s about high-performance processes. The real-time
locating platform IPS-i forms the backbone for fully digitalising our
production. It’s an innovative operating system that makes our highly
complex manufacturing processes transparent and raises efficiency in
production even further. We are now intensifying our well-established,
long-standing partnership with Kinexon by acquiring a stake in them,”
said Milan Nedeljković, Board Member for Production at BMW AG.
“Together, we want to set new standards in digital production steering.”

The IPS-i platform has been in use at the BMW Group since 2017 and
operates in ten plants around the world. It forms the basis of
numerous digitalisation projects, allowing the BMW Group – a pioneer
in digital process optimisation and automation – to develop innovative
production where efficiency and quality come first.

The IPS-i platform also allows logistics processes to be controlled
and will be rolled out in further plants in the future. In 2021 its
holistic location-based service architecture was nominated for the
German Innovation Award.

The BMW Group and Kinexon GmbH have agreed not to disclose any
acquisition details.

Kinexon GmbH

KINEXON is a global technology leader that develops groundbreaking
software and connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).
KINEXON Industries implements specialized real-time IoT solutions for
Industry 4.0, in order to capture, analyze and automate manufacturing
and logistics processes for industry leaders such as BMW and
Continental. More than 400 teams and leagues worldwide rely on KINEXON
Sports & Media in the areas of performance tracking, analytics,
and fan engagement. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, KINEXON has
grown to more than 300 employees across offices in Munich and Chicago.
For more information, visit

The BMW Group

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the BMW
Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides premium financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group production network comprises 31 production and assembly
facilities in 15 countries; the company has a global sales network in
more than 140 countries.

In 2021, the BMW Group sold over 2.5 million passenger vehicles and
more than 194,000 motorcycles worldwide. The profit before tax in the
financial year 2021 was € 16.1 billion on revenues amounting to
€ 111.2 billion. As of 31 December 2021, the BMW Group had a workforce
of 118,909 employees.

The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term
thinking and responsible action. The company set the course for the
future at an early stage and consistently makes sustainability and
efficient resource management central to its strategic direction, from
the supply chain through production to the end of the use phase of all products.

BMW i Ventures

BMW i Ventures is the BMW Group’s venture capital firm, investing
money and resources in startups in the fields of transportation,
manufacturing, supply chain and sustainability. The firm has made many
successful investments over the years in companies such as
Chargepoint, Graphcore, Proterra, Solid Power, Tekion, Turntide,
Xometry and many more. BMW i Ventures invests in all stages from seed
to growth with a focus on Series A/B.

Contact BMW i Ventures:

Ann-Kathrin Marggraf  | Senior Communications Consultant PIABO 

Mobil:   +49 172 575 6287

In the event of enquiries please contact BMW Group Corporate Communications:

Julian Friedrich, Head of Communications Production
Telephone: +49-89-382-25885


Britta Ullrich, Corporate Communications Finance

Telephone: +49 89 382-18364


Eckhard Wannieck, Head of Corporate, Finance and Sales Communications

Telephone: +49 89 382-24544









Original Press Release

Successor to the BMW M4 GT4 successfully completes its first test race on the Nordschleife.

BMW:Successor to the BMW M4 GT4 successfully completes its first test race on the Nordschleife.

Nürburgring. As part of its intensive programme of testing
this season, the successor to the BMW M4 GT4 successfully completed
its first tough test under race conditions at the weekend. BMW M
Motorsport fielded two cars on the Nordschleife in the 4-hour race
which formed part of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS).
Alternating at the wheel were BMW M Motorsport drivers Philipp Eng
(AUT), Erik Johansson (SWE) and Stef Dusseldorp (NED). They were
joined by Jörg Weidinger (GER), test and development engineer at BMW
M GmbH and himself a successful participant in the BMW M Sports
Trophy for many years. 


The two race versions of the new BMW M4 production car (combined fuel
consumption: 10.1 – 9.9 l/100 km acc. WLTP; combined CO2 emissions:
230 – 226 g/km acc. WLTP) completed 50 laps on Saturday, having spent
all Friday testing on the most demanding racetrack in the world, which
is also where all BMW M production vehicles are put to the test. In
the race, the #54 car finished 24th overall and first in
the SP8T class.

“The successor to our BMW M4 GT4 hinted at its great potential in
this race,” said Andreas Roos, Head of BMW M Motorsport. “The test
went without any major problems and our engineers gathered data that
will be valuable looking ahead to further optimisations over the
course of the year. The feedback from the drivers was very positive.
That shows we are on the right track to achieve our goal of providing
our private BMW M Motorsport teams with a car in the 2023 season which
is able to back up the great success achieved by its predecessor by
retaining its strengths and improving in certain areas.”

Philipp Eng: “The race in the successor to the BMW M4 GT4 was really
great fun. We came through without any problems and even won our class
– it could not really have gone any better. The car is very easy to
drive, and you can feel that it has the DNA of the BMW M4 GT3. The
seat position is the same and the car, despite weighing more according
to the regulations, is very agile in any kind of corner. The balance
is right in fast, medium-fast and slow corners. I am happy with this
test and confident that private BMW M Motorsport teams and drivers
will also have a lot of fun with the successor to the BMW M4 GT4.”

During the development phase of the car, the focus was on issues such
as ease of maintenance and operational costs. The complete drivetrain,
including engine, 7-gear transmission and electronics, delivers more
than 500 hp and has been adopted from the production model. This
outstanding basis, which includes a multi-level traction control, has
been optimised in detail for use in motorsport. The shock absorbers
are made by KW. The use of sustainable materials like natural fibres,
which replace carbon and plastic components, plays an important role.
BMW M Motorsport is collaborating with the company Bcomp in this area.

Further details of the car that has been developed under SRO GT4
regulations will be released over the coming months.

Original Press Release

Smart Home Meets Smart Mobility.

BMW:Smart Home Meets Smart Mobility.

Munich. BMW drivers are able to control their Bosch
Smart Home easily, safely and conveniently via the integration of
Apple CarPlay and the Siri voice assistant while driving. With the new
BMW operating system 8 in the i4, drivers can simply say “Hey
Siri” to activate the digital voice assistant. For the first time
it is no longer necessary to press the microphone button on the
steering wheel. A joint campaign by Bosch and BMW shows the clever
connection between Smart Home and the Digital Car, which links
intelligent home and digital mobility. Access to Bosch Smart Home
devices is also possible using the voice assistant called Google
Assistant in Android Auto and the Amazon Alexa Car Integration.

With Apple’s HomeKit and Apple CarPlay, lights or temperatures can be
adjusted seamlessly and intelligently, and the status of doors and
windows can be checked. “We are pleased to be able to show solutions
in our joint campaign with Bosch that make life easier. In addition to
the driving experience, the focus of our customers is increasingly on
the BMW digital ecosystem. Our aim is to provide convenient and
reliable access to your Smart Home devices and functions while in the
vehicle”, says Stephan Durach, SVP Connected Company Development,
Technical Operations.

The campaign focuses on comfort and safety for BMW drivers
with Smart Home control.

The benefits of the integration of Apple CarPlay in the BMW vehicle
and the corresponding access to Bosch Smart Home products are made
clear in the “Living the smart life” campaign. In four
different short films, three friends get into their BMW i4 and drive
off. After a short while, the flatmates ask themselves in different
scenarios whether their blinds at home are closed, the lights are
switched off or the alarm system is active. Instead of going back to
look, they ask Siri via Apple CarPlay.           

Siri does not only respond to commands, but also to questions. For
example, flatmate Audrey asks the following question in the clips:
“Hey Siri, are all the windows at home closed?” The films
illustrate how easily and conveniently Bosch Smart Home devices can be
controlled via the integration of Apple CarPlay in the BMW vehicle and
how everyday routines can be performed easily while driving – almost
as if you were at home.

“The smart solutions from Bosch Smart Home are designed to make
everyday life easier for our customers at all levels,” says
Christian Thess, Managing Director of Bosch Smart Home. “We are
pleased to have the option of Apple CarPlay control via Siri. BMW
drivers can thus conveniently access their homes using familiar voice
commands and easily ensure a higher level of security and
sustainability in their own homes while on the move.”

The control fits seamlessly into their mobility and brings further
benefits. Users with Smart Homes thus act more sustainably, as they
can disconnect unused devices from the power supply while they are
absent. They also have access to security-relevant features at all
times and can thus protect their home ideally.

Original Press Release

Top-three lock-out for the BMW M4 GT3 – victory for ROWE Racing ahead of BMW Junior Team and Walkenhorst Motorsport.

BMW:Top-three lock-out for the BMW M4 GT3 – victory for ROWE Racing ahead of BMW Junior Team and Walkenhorst Motorsport.

Nürburgring. The BMW M4 GT3 has celebrated a top-three
lock-out at the second race of the season in the Nürburgring
Endurance Series (NLS). The four-hour race on the Nordschleife (GER)
concluded with a spectacular finale between Augusto Farfus (BRA) and
Max Hesse (GER). The result of a tight and enthralling battle was
only confirmed in the closing metres. Farfus crossed the finish line
in the ROWE Racing #99 BMW M4 GT3 ahead of the BMW Junior Team. The
Brazilian shared the car with Connor De Phillippi (USA), who had
secured pole position. Third place in the race went to the #34 BMW
M4 GT3 from Walkenhorst Motorsport.


Events in qualifying had already hinted that it would be a good day
for the BMW M Motorsport teams. De Phillippi and BMW Junior Dan Harper
(GBR) put two BMW M4 GT3s on the front row of the grid. After the
first stints from De Phillippi and Neil Verhagen (USA), a real battle
then developed between the two cars in the race. The BMW Junior Team
was in the lead, despite a drive-through penalty, but Farfus was able
to overtake Hesse during a strong final stint. On the final lap, there
was one more slipstream duel on the Döttinger Höhe as the two drivers
went wheel-to-wheel in a tough but fair contest. Farfus was able to
stay just in front, recording the first win for ROWE Racing with the
new car. An equally strong performance saw the Walkenhorst Motorsport
#34 BMW M4 GT3 with drivers Christian Krognes, Sami-Matti Trogen (both
NOR) and Andy Soucek (ESP) cross the line in third place. Fifth place
went to the second ROWE Racing car with John Edwards (USA), Sheldon
van der Linde (RSA) and Marco Wittmann (GER) at the wheel.

Reactions after the race:


Andreas Roos (Head of BMW M Motorsport): “Of course,
we are delighted with three cars on the podium. The BMW M4 GT3
displayed its great potential on the Nordschleife. The battle at the
end was brilliant. I think that we showed what we can do, putting on a
great performance for the fans. That was fantastic racing and was
great fun for all concerned. We think that’s what it’s all about. In
addition to the result, we also gathered some valuable experience in
preparation for the 24-hour race.”

Augusto Farfus (#99 BMW M4 GT3, ROWE Racing): “We
lost a bit as we were unlucky with the yellows and traffic. We were
supposed to end the last stint ahead of the other BMW (sister car) but
unfortunately we did not, so as I drove out of the pits I did feel to
be like 15 or 20 seconds behind. Then I was just closing, closing,
closing and at the first opportunity I had I just passed and pulled
away. Max had just a fraction of a second to make a decision to go or
not. I saw his hesitation and I went through, but unfortunately due to
traffic I had a bad run to the last straight and had to defend because
he came out flat, but that’s racing.“

Connor De Phillippi (#99 BMW M4 GT3, ROWE Racing):
“What a great day for this car. It was the first time we drove with
this new car on this track and the team did a fantastic job with the
preparation, execution and strategy. My last stint was incredibly
unlucky with traffic, but sometimes you get stints like that and it’s
all about recovering. Augusto then drove like an absolute demon and
made the move for the win. It’s great to have such incredible team-mates.“

Max Hesse (#44 BMW M4 GT3, BMW Junior Team): “The
final laps were so, so tense. I had a bit of bad luck after the
airfield and Augusto was able to overtake me there. I was able to stay
with him and then he had a bit of bad luck going up to Döttinger Höhe.
We were even briefly on the grass. However, I think we can be happy
with that, especially as we also had a drive-through penalty. We have
definitely made good progress since NLS 1 .”

Andy Soucek (#34 BMW M4 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport):
“It was nice. It was our first proper race together as a team so
Walkenhorst Motorsport had been preparing very hard and we have a
really good bunch of people working behind us so I am extremely happy
to be on the podium in our first race. The car was nice to drive, my
team-mates did a mega job and I am still not so experienced here on
the Nordschleife but I had a lot of fun.“

Original Press Release