BMW Group’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 Press Conference goes digital.

BMW:BMW Group’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 Press Conference goes digital.

Munich. For many years, the BMW Group has been
presenting innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las
Vegas. Due to the pandemic situation, the BMW Group will move all
planned media activities at CES to a fully digital program
livestreamed from Germany.

On January 5th, 2022 at 8.00 PM (CET) journalists
are invited to a digital broadcast of the press conference, hosted
by Pieter Nota, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG,
responsible for Customer, Brands and Sales. The broadcast of the
press conference can be followed under:   

The ultimate driving machine meets the ultimate digital experience.

BMW Group showcases digital innovations from today to the far future,
which focus on human-centered digital interactions. Highlights include
the world premiere of the BMW iX M60 (Combined electricity
consumption: 24.7 – 21.7 kWh/100 km* according to WLTP; combined
CO2 emissions: 0 g/km), collaborations with world-renowned
artists, the first-ever demonstration of a technology that changes a
vehicle’s exterior colour and the in-car entertainment experience of
the future.

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“Making charging even easier and more convenient”

BMW:“Making charging even easier and more convenient”

Munich. As an e-mobility pioneer, the BMW Group has
been closely involved with charging of electric vehicles and the
necessary infrastructure for more than a decade. The company takes a
holistic approach throughout the value chain that links together its
three main areas of focus. The aim is for charging to become even more
convenient than filling up the tank: available everywhere, easy to use
and with a high level of cost transparency.

The path to e-mobility success leads through the charging station –
which is why charging infrastructure is a management priority for the
BMW Group.

We talked to three Board of Management members, Ilka Horstmeier
(responsible for Human Resources and Labour Relations), Pieter Nota
(responsible for Customer, Brands and Sales) and Dr Nicolas Peter
(responsible for Finance), about how the BMW Group is approaching the
issue of charging, where the advantages and potential lie, and what
role charging should play in the continuing ramp-up of electromobility.

Q:                        The BMW Group recently handed over
its one-millionth electrified vehicle to its new owner. One aspect
that is inextricably linked with the ramp-up of electromobility is
charging infrastructure. What is your opinion of this?

Peter:                Right now, charging infrastructure is failing
to keep pace with sales of electrified vehicles. That is why we
urgently need rapid infrastructure expansion – especially in urban,
densely populated areas and over longer distances. This is also up to
policymakers: Economical operation must be ensured – and, if possible,
promoted – especially while infrastructure is still in the expansion
phase. Who’s going to build a second charging post if the first one
can’t cover its costs? But, in the long run, the market has to be able
to regulate itself in the interests of the customer. What we need for
this are clear objectives and incentive systems. The same applies to
fleet operators, to support their transition to electromobility.

Q:                        Can this be achieved by building
infrastructure quickly? Or are there other obstacles?

Horstmeier:    Focusing on rapid construction won’t be enough in some
areas. We will clearly need a lot of public charging points in the
near future to meet growing demand. But, above all else, customers
need easy access to as many charging points as possible – with
attractive terms and conditions across the board.

Nota:                 Charging should be an enabler for
electromobility – and this is precisely where our BMW Charging and
MINI Charging services come in. Our customers can use a card or an app
to access more than 250,000 public charging points across Europe.

Q:                        250,000 sounds like a lot of
charging points. But what about “range anxiety”? What percentage of
publicly accessible charging posts does your service even include?

Nota:                 With BMW Charging and MINI Charging, we have a
network coverage of 90 percent* in Europe. In other words, you can use
nine out of ten publicly accessible charging points with our card. In
the top five electromobility markets, we are even up to 95 percent*.
This makes charging easy and convenient for our customers wherever
they go. There’s no “range anxiety” with us.

Q:                        But there’s still the question of
price. Critics claim prices at the charging post vary greatly,
depending on the operator, and are not clearly posted for the

Nota:                 We ensure full cost transparency: With our
award-winning Active Tariff, customers pay a basic monthly fee to
charge their vehicle at an attractive market-specific fixed rate. In
Germany, the basic monthly fee is five euros; AC charging then costs
33 cent/kWh and rapid DC charging 39 cents/kWh. Our prices are geared
towards the price for mains electricity. Customers can also buy the
IONITY Plus package as an add-on: For a basic monthly fee of 13 euros,
they are able to charge their vehicle for 35 cents/kWh directly along
the motorway. For customers who buy a new fully-electric BMW, we waive
the basic fee for Active Tariff and IONITY Plus for one year.

Q:                        One aspect of charging that is often
criticised is that it takes longer than filling up the tank. What do
you say to that?

Peter:                Charging is already a lot more convenient –
when our customers can charge at home. I can confirm this from my own
experience. I’ve driven a BMW i3 that I hook up to my wallbox at home
for several years now. Every morning, I get into a fully charged
vehicle. That’s why we offer our customers a variety of home-charging
solutions, as well as installation service and a green electricity
tariff. With us, you get everything from a single source.

Q:                        Are there other possibilities, apart
from public charging and home charging?

Horstmeier:    Workplace charging: Your car’s parked there, anyway,
during the day. This is also a lot more convenient than filling up the
tank: After all, what employer has its own filling station for staff?
The BMW Group has one of the largest company charging networks in
Germany. We have come a long way in 2021: We now have more than 5,000
charging points in service and over 1,000 charging points that are
eRoaming-capable: This means they can also be used by other
electric-vehicle drivers – so the general public also benefits from
our company charging network.

Q:                        And what does it look like on the
international front?

Horstmeier:    We have already begun with the rollout. In Europe
alone, over 1,100 more charging points will be added by the end of
2022. Our BMW branches and partners at our retail outlets are also
expanding their on-site charging facilities in stages.

Q:                        Let’s come back to the time aspect
of charging. Short and medium distances don’t seem to be a problem,
but what about longer trips, where, in comparison, charging is
clearly a disadvantage?

Peter:                Our IONITY high-power charging network – which
we founded in 2017, along with other manufacturers – ensures
convenient electromobility over longer distances. We recently stepped
up our commitment to IONITY and have invested 700 million euros,
together with the existing shareholders and new investor BlackRock.
This will speed up expansion of the high-power charging network
significantly. By 2025, the IONITY network will have around 7,000
charging points.

Nota:                 Our BMW Charging services also make it easy and
convenient to use IONITY high-power charging points. With the BMW i4,
you can charge a range of more than 160 kilometres in ten minutes. You
just plug in your car and go for a cup of coffee while it charges. We
see tremendous potential for the future in this area.

Q:                        If I’m a customer wanting to charge
my car, how do I go about finding a suitable charging point?

Nota:                 Charging is fully integrated into the digital
ecosystem. I can locate and select available charging points in the
car’s navigation system. I can also use the “my BMW” and “my MINI” app
to plan my route and find suitable charging points. While driving from
A to B, I then select the “charging-optimised route”. My vehicle
calculates the available range, based on various factors, such as
weather, speed and traffic conditions, and recommends suitable
charging points.

Q:                        And which processes run in the background?

Peter:                Two companies we have been involved with for
years are key to easy, wide-scale access to public charging points:
Hubject and Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS). Both of these will
play a key role in the continuing ramp-up of electromobility.

Q:                        In what way?

Peter:                They both link up
individual charging points to create a comprehensive network for our
customers. Hubject runs an international roaming platform that
aggregates different operators’ charging points. This platform forms a
basis that allows customers to find and use different operators’
charging posts in different countries – even those of small local
providers in fragmented markets –with a single card.

Q:                        And what is the role of Digital
Charging Solutions?

Peter:                DCS operates at the interface to the customer.
It aggregates the charging points of different charging post operators
and provides B2C customers and others with access to them as a
white-label solution. This is the basis for our BMW Charging and MINI
Charging services. Other automotive manufacturers can also make this
solution available to their customers under their own brand name. DCS
was set up at the BMW Group at around the same time the BMW i3 was
released onto the market. We soon recognised that we were doing
pioneering work and decided to offer the service to other companies,
as well. Today, DCS serves as an absolute enabler: Several well-known
manufacturers are taking advantage of DCS’s award-winning offering.
The business model is also very attractive: In 2021, bp joined the BMW
Group and Daimler as the third partner, bringing in another 9,000 or
so rapid charging points across Europe that will boost convenience and
coverage and enhance customer benefits even further.

Q:                        How would you describe your approach
to charging in a nutshell? And how important is this topic to your
company as a whole?

Horstmeier:    Charging is an interdisciplinary topic that gets a lot
of attention and has become central to the company. You can tell from
the fact that the Board of Management is actively involved as a team.
The BMW Group takes a holistic approach to electromobility – with
attractive vehicles, and products and services that make charging easy
and convenient. That is why our commitment to charging extends
throughout the entire value chain: from compelling products and
services through strategic investments, all the way to building our
own company charging infrastructure. I drive a BMW i3 and a BMW iX
myself and make use of all charging options: at home and at work, as
well as public charging. There are already so many benefits and
possibilities. Further digitalisation and automation offer enormous
potential for the future.

Q:                        Will you build your own exclusive
public charging network for your customers in the future? Other
manufacturers have already announced plans for this.

Peter:                We are committed to open networks. That is the
most effective way to support the ramp-up and availability of
infrastructure for our customers. This also helps realise the high
capacity utilisation needed to make networks profitable. Through our
investment in IONITY, we are strongly involved in building a public
charging network.

Horstmeier:    The eRoaming-capable charging points
in our company charging network are open to drivers of vehicles made
by any manufacturer. In recent years, we have also set up more than
15,000 additional charging points around the world with various
partners. If you look at our overall commitment to building charging
infrastructure, we are at well over 20,000 charging points. This shows
that we are leading by example!

Q:                        What can we expect from the BMW
Group in the field of charging in 2022?

Nota:                 We have set ourselves ambitious goals for
electromobility next year: We aim to more than double sales of our
pure electric vehicles compared to this year. In 2022, we will be
focusing on two more approaches that will make charging even more
attractive. First, we will be integrating charging even more deeply
into our myBMW and myMINI app. This means our customers will be able
to find everything related to their vehicle in a single app –
including access to public charging points. Second, we will continue
to promote charging networks – which will make the charging process simpler.

Horstmeier:    We will be making charging even easier and more
convenient in 2022. Even with a growing number of public charging
points, we plan to expand the already high coverage of more than 90
percent across Europe. We are also exploring how to make
sustainability even more of a focus for public charging – for example,
through voluntary carbon offsets or further integration of green
electricity options. We are also paying close attention to
bidirectional charging, which we believe has great potential –
especially when it comes to how electric vehicles can contribute to
supply reliability and the energy transition.

Peter:                We want to make e-mobility
even easier to use on a day-to-day basis next year – because we need
that for acceptance of electric cars to continue to grow. High-quality
electric vehicles speak for themselves – with their impressive
performance, driving dynamics and range. Adequate charging
infrastructure is the bottleneck. Once this is available, the
transition to e-mobility will become even more dynamic. I am very
confident this shift will take place in the near future. We see how
quickly e-mobility can gain momentum in markets like China and some of
our European neighbours, for instance. The important thing is: The
complete package for our customers has to be right. We are committed
to this.


* public charging points, connected and available through charging

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As another year ends, BMW sends holiday greetings.

BMW:As another year ends, BMW sends holiday greetings.

Munich. BMW is surprising its customers in their BMW
this holiday season with two festive animations for Christmas and the
new year. Festive music will play with atmospheric ambient lighting
accompanying the festive message inside the car. An app icon with a
Christmas hat on the BMW Control Display will appear from 22 December
once the vehicle has been started, signalling the approaching festive
season. Clicking the icon will start the BMW Happy Holiday Festive
Animation, available until 26 December. Christmassy images will
illuminate the Control Displays, a festive melody will play and an
ambient light show will create an atmospheric feel in the interior.

On New Year’s Eve, a second animation will mark the turn of
the year

From 31 December onwards, another app symbol in the
Control Display with a stylised firework will celebrate the new year.
There is also a New Year’s message from BMW, also with festive music
and an ambient light show in the vehicle. The driver can play both
animations as often as they like during the festive season by clicking
on the app icon.More and more customers around the world will see the
personalised festive greetings in their BMW with each passing year.
This year, 48 BMW markets are already transmitting the New Year’s
message to over 2.6 million BMW vehicles. To display the festive
animations, the vehicles need to have the appropriate optional
equipment and a BMW iDrive with Operating System 7 or Operating System
8, and have a production date after 07/2020.

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‘MBEDDED’ #3: New episode of video documentary gives exclusive insights behind the scenes of BMW Team RLL and the LMDh project.

BMW:‘MBEDDED’ #3: New episode of video documentary gives exclusive insights behind the scenes of BMW Team RLL and the LMDh project.

Munich. When the LMDh project got underway, BMW M Motorsport
launched a new real-time video documentary that gives exclusive
insights behind the scenes, follows those in charge closely and
gives viewers totally new perspectives of major decision-making
processes: ‘MBEDDED’. The third episode covers Petit Le Mans at Road
Atlanta (USA). It shows BMW Team RLL and the drivers looking at
images of the BMW M LMDh for the first time and captures their
reactions. The video also gives a profile of team principal Bobby
Rahal. It is available on the BMW M Motorsport YouTube channel via
the following link:


“Sexy, aggressive, gorgeous, a powerful statement” are the words that
came to the minds of members of BMW Team RLL and the BMW M works
drivers on seeing the first images of the new BMW M LMDh, which they
were allowed to take a look at behind closed doors at Petit Le Mans.
They were joined by a camera crew, who documented all the action
surrounding the announcement of BMW Team RLL as the LMDh team up close
and personal for the third episode of ‘MBEDDED’. The video follows the
key players in the LMDh project at BMW M Motorsport, Mike Krack and
Maurizio Leschiutta, at their top-secret meetings over the course of
the weekend.

‘MBEDDED’ also gives profiles of team principal Bobby Rahal and his
crew, who are set to do battle for overall wins in the IMSA series for
BMW M Motorsport as of 2023. “I can’t find the words to describe just
how excited and proud I am that we are being given this opportunity to
race this car for BMW M Motorsport,” said Rahal during an interview in
his motorhome. “It’s a huge compliment for us. And the main reason it
is so exciting is that we will be able to do battle for overall wins.”

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The countdown is on: BMW M Motorsport teams are all set for their first races with the BMW M4 GT3 in 2022.

BMW:The countdown is on: BMW M Motorsport teams are all set for their first races with the BMW M4 GT3 in 2022.

Munich. The test phase for the BMW M4 GT3 drew to a close in
December with the final tests in Daytona (USA). The new GT flagship
is now ready for its first races in the hands of BMW M Motorsport
teams. First up are the endurance highlights in Dubai (UAE) and
Daytona in January 2022. BMW Team RLL, Turner Motorsport, Schubert
Motorsport and ST Racing have already received their cars ahead of
their starts in the two 24-hour races. Meanwhile, delivery of the
BMW M4 GT3 continues.


“After all the testing, we can hardly wait for our BMW M Motorsport
teams and drivers to finally go head to head with quality opposition
on the racetrack,” said Mike Krack, Head of BMW M Motorsport. “So far,
everyone who has driven the BMW M4 GT3 has been extremely positive
about it. As such, we are confident that we will be competitive from
the word go and in a position to challenge for top results. The
extremely high demand for the BMW M4 GT3 has exceeded our
expectations. We are very pleased and honoured by this trust. We are
now looking forward to seeing how our new car fares in the hands of
many different drivers and teams at racetracks and in racing series
all over the world.”

First up, on 14th/15th January, is the 24h
Dubai, for which Schubert Motorsport has already registered BMW M
works driver Nick Yelloly (GBR), Jordan Witt (GBR), Marcel Lenerz and
Jens Liebhauser (both GER) for the #30 BMW M4 GT3. ST Racing lines up
with two cars. Jon Miller, Chandler Hull (both USA), Nick Wittmer and
Louis-Philippe Montour (both CAN) will be at the wheel of the #28 BMW
M4 GT3, which, like Schubert Motorsport, is registered for the top GT3
class. In the Pro-Am class, Samantha Tan (CAN), Bryson Morris, Anthony
Lazzaro, Harry Gottsacker and Tyler Maxson (all USA) will share the
driving duties in the number 1 car.

Two weeks later, BMW Team RLL and Turner Motorsport will start with a
total of three BMW M4 GT3s at the “Rolex 24” in Daytona. At the wheel
for Turner Motorsport in the GTD class will be BMW M works driver Jens
Klingmann (GER), together with the US trio of Bill Auberlen, Robby
Foley and Michael Dinan. The drivers for the two BMW M4 GT3s in the
GTD-PRO class will be announced in January.

The season kicks off in February for Walkenhorst Motorsport. The team
from Melle (GER) plans to run two BMW M4 GT3s in the Asian Le Mans
Series. The #34 car will be driven by Nick Catsburg (NED), Jon Miller
and Chandler Hull, the #35 by team principal Henry Walkenhorst, Jörg
Breuer, Friedrich and Mario von Bohlen (all GER). The very compact
season consists of two 4-hour races in Dubai on
11th/12th February, and two 4-hour races in Abu
Dhabi (UAE) on 19th/20th February. All the other
teams will receive their cars in good time ahead of the start of the
season in their respective racing series. It is already confirmed that
the BMW M4 GT3 will race in the most prestigious GT series in Europe,
North America and Asia, as well as highlights like the 24-hour races
at the Nürburgring (GER) and Spa-Francorchamps (BEL).

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Merry iX-mas – Additional Media about the first ever BMW iX.

BMW:Merry iX-mas – Additional Media about the first ever BMW iX.

Do you need help? Please contact our support team from 9 to 17 CET via

PressClub Global · Article.

Mon Dec 20 14:00:00 CET 2021 Press Release

Please find attached on location media of the first ever BMW iX.

Please find attached on location media of the first ever BMW iX.


BMW iX xDrive40

Combined power consumption: 21.0 – 19.3 kWh/100km WLTP; CO2
emissions combined: 0 g/km.

BMW iX xDrive50

Combined power consumption: 21.4 – 19.8 kWh/100km WLTP; CO2
emissions combined: 0 g/km.

Article Media Material.

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CO2 emission information.

The following applies to consumption figures for vehicles with new type approval, September 2017 onward: The figures for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption are obtained in accordance with the specified measuring procedure (EC Regulation No. 715/2007), as issued and amended. The figures are for a basic-version vehicle in Germany. The bandwidths allow for differences in the choice of wheel and tire sizes and items of optional equipment and can be changed by the configuration.

Obtained on the basis of the new “Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure” (WLTP), the figures are converted back to the “New European Driving Cycle” (NEDC) for the sake of comparability. Values other than those stated here may be used for the purposes of taxation and for other vehicle-related duties relating to CO2 emissions.

More information about official fuel consumption figures and the official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be obtained from the “guideline on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and current consumption of new passenger cars”, available here:

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BMW Group inspires talents for sustainable mobility

BMW:BMW Group inspires talents for sustainable mobility

Munich. The BMW Group is shaping the mobility of
tomorrow – making it electric, digital and circular. With this
consistent focus, the company can offer exciting, future-oriented
jobs. The BMW Group was once again rewarded for this with the top spot
in relevant 2021 employer rankings and is therefore on a par with
international technology leaders. Young talents especially appreciate
that, at the BMW Group, they can contribute to society and grow as a
person. “We are especially pleased that we are able to position
ourselves as an attractive and reliable employer, at both national and
international level, in times of transformation. This also pays off in
the competition for young talents,” says Ilka Horstmeier, member of
the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Human Resources and
Labour Relations.

In this year’s “World’s Most Attractive Employer” survey of around
221,000 students from the ten most important economic nations
conducted by Universum, the BMW Group was ranked as the best
automotive employer worldwide among all target groups. The company is
holding its own in a highly competitive international market for the
best talents. In the engineering category, the BMW Group took one of
the top spots – earning a sensational third place, right behind Google
and Microsoft. In the survey of IT students, the BMW Group was the
only industrial company among the tech giants and the only automotive
company to make the top ten, with a solid ninth place. The BMW Group
also finished well ahead of all other automotive manufacturers in the
business students’ ranking, coming in 13th. The BMW Group consistently
makes the top ten in the IT category in other relevant surveys of
students and professionals in Germany, like the Trendence Graduate
Barometer and the Universum Students and Professionals Study. In the
engineering and business categories, the company comfortably ranks
among the top five employers.

It is particularly gratifying that the BMW Group was also named most
attractive employer by young professionals in Germany in the Trendence
Professionals Barometer for the tenth consecutive year. Trendence
Institut GmbH is an independent consulting and market research firm
that surveys more than 25,000 experienced college graduates every
year. The BMW Group is also a very popular employer among skilled
workers: In the Trendence Skilled Workers Barometer 2021, which
surveyed almost 50,000 employees in Germany, the company was ranked
second and therefore improved on its position from the previous year.
In the survey of students on their assessment of the attractivity of
employers, the BMW Group has again ranked 4th and is thus an
established entity in the Trendence Student Barometer. This shows that
talents in the marketplace also recognise what BMW Group staff confirm
in the company’s own Employee Surveys: This year, 91 percent of them
said they were proud to work for the BMW Group.

Young talents seeking security and stability

COVID-19, but also the economic and social upheavals of 2020 and
2021, have led young talents to re-evaluate their working life. The
studies are seeing a shift in young talents towards more stability and
security – and, therefore, more towards companies like the BMW Group
that have already successfully steered their employees through times
of change in the past.

Talents for a forward-looking digital and sustainable mobility

The BMW Group offers a whole host of attractive perspectives. Above
all, this includes fascinating products that are not just developed
virtually, but implemented and visible on the roads. This is
particularly appealing to IT talents, whose innovations are crucial to
the mobility of tomorrow. “Both young talents and professionals in the
fields of IT, science and engineering can find highly attractive entry
opportunities at the BMW Group. New colleagues quickly gain an insight
into our topics, interfaces, and products, and become part of the BMW
Group’s creative and dynamic global team. We provide the best
conditions for our teams to leverage their individual skills and
passion to shape the best solutions for the sustainable mobility of
the future,” says Nicole Kurek, head of Talent and Transformation
Management. To achieve this, the BMW Group is also looking for experts
in future areas of activity like battery research, automated driving,
artificial intelligence, software development and IT security, but
also IT specialists for databases and cloud systems, as well as app
developers for infotainment and entertainment.

Interested talents can discover for themselves what working at the
BMW Group is all about on the BMW Group Careers social media channels.
They can also find information on openings for direct entry and
internships, and apply directly, on the BMW Group career pages.

Further information:

If you have any questions, please contact:

BMW Group Corporate Communications

Angela Konert, spokesperson Human Resources

Telephone: +49-89-382-50591


Bernd Eckstein, head of Communications Human Resources, Working
Environment, Real Estate, Corporate Citizenship

Telephone: +49-89-382-59490


Media website:


The BMW Group

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the BMW
Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides premium financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group production network comprises 31 production and assembly
facilities in 15 countries; the company has a global sales network in
more than 140 countries.

In 2020, the BMW Group sold over 2.3 million passenger vehicles and
more than 169,000 motorcycles worldwide. The profit before tax in the
financial year 2020 was € 5.222 billion on revenues amounting to €
98.990 billion. As of 31 December 2020, the BMW Group had a workforce
of 120,726 employees.

The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term
thinking and responsible action. The company set its course for the
future early on and is making sustainability and resource efficiency
the focus of the company’s strategic direction – from the supply
chain, through production, to the end of the use phase, for all its products.






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Back home: BMW Group Ambassador Alessandro Zanardi continues his recovery process at home.

BMW:Back home: BMW Group Ambassador Alessandro Zanardi continues his recovery process at home.

Munich. A little more than one and a half years have passed
since Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) was seriously injured in a handbike
accident in June 2020 in Italy. In his long recovery process, the
BMW Group Ambassador shows his well-known fighting spirit. The
55-year old has meanwhile left hospital and continues his
rehabilitation partly at home. In an interview, his wife Daniela
Zanardi speaks about the current situation. Five months after her

first interview in July 2021, Daniela Zanardi again would like
to use this opportunity to address the public and answer questions
about the status of Alex’ recovery.


Daniela, the sympathy you receive from all over the world is
certainly still very high?


Daniela Zanardi: “Yes, we still get a lot of messages and especially
on Alex’s 55th birthday in October it was overwhelming how
many people have sent him their best wishes, also via social media. We
are very grateful to see how many people all over the world have Alex
in their thoughts. This great sympathy shows how much Alex’s recovery
touches the people. For this reason, we have decided to offer the
public an insight into his current recovery process for the second
time with this interview. At the same time, we appreciate everybody’s
understanding that, apart from this, we cannot respond to the many
requests about this health and we also ask everybody to respect our
privacy. Because our highest priority is to accompany Alex on his way
with our full energy.”


What can you say about the recovery process? How is Alex these days?

Zanardi: “The recovery continues to be a long process. The
rehabilitation programme led by doctors, physiotherapists,
neuropsychologists and speech therapists has enabled steady progress.
Of course, setbacks are there and can still occur. Sometimes you also
have to make two steps back in order to make one step forward. But
Alex proves again and again that he is a real fighter.”

… who has reached an important milestone!

Zanardi: “Yes, indeed. An important step was that Alex was able to
leave hospital a few weeks ago and is back at home with us now. We had
to wait very long for this and are very happy that it was possible
now, even if there are still temporary stays in special clinics
planned for the future to carry out special rehabilitation measures on site.”

How did Alex settle at home?


Zanardi: “Very well. After the long time in hospital it is important
for him to be back with his family and in his familiar environment.
You also have to consider that, due to the Corona situation, Alex had
only people with face masks and in protective equipment around him for
one and a half years. In addition, due to the comprehensive and
important protective measures in the clinic, the visiting
possibilities are, of course, very restricted.”

What does that mean exactly?

Zanardi: “Alex hasn’t met friends and part of the family for one and
a half years. Only me, our son and Alex’s mother could visit him, but
always only one person per day and this only for one and a half hours.
All this did not help to make the situation easier for Alex. Therefore
it helps that he is now at home with us, even if also at home he
currently can only be with the closest family as Corona numbers are
increasing again. But we are with Alex all day, he is in his familiar
environment and thus could return a little bit to normality. This
gives him additional power. We are very grateful to the medical staff
in the clinics he has been treated in. The doctors, care personnel,
therapists and everybody being involved have done so much for Alex and
continue to accompany us in his recovery process. In the clinics, Alex
is in very good hands, but his own home still is his own home.”


What can you tell us about his daily programme and routine?


Zanardi: “It varies. Different programmes Alex did in hospital, are
continued at home now. During the week, a therapist works with him and
they do physical, neurological and logopedical exercises. In regards
of his physical condition, there is a lot of progress. Alex has more
and more strength in the arms, that has increased a lot. And, other
than in hospital where he was in bed a lot, Alex now spends most of
the day in the wheel chair with us. He just rests a bit in the
afternoon after lunch.”


What are the further expectations for his recovery process?


Zanardi: “You still can’t predict how his recovery will further
develop. It is still a long and challenging way that Alex tackles with
a lot of fighting spirit. It is a big help for him and us that we
receive so much support on this way, not only from the doctors and
therapists that intensively work with him. Our friends are always
there for us. This includes the BMW Group family which we can always
count on and that is firmly at our side also in this difficult time.
We are very grateful to everyone for that and for so much more because
these strong ties give us additional energy. This also goes for the
continued sympathy we receive from racing drivers, fans and
acquaintances from all over the world. We would like to express a big
Grazie to all who send their good thoughts and power to Alex. We wish
everybody a merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.”

Original Press Release

The BMW Christmas film featuring star cast: Christoph Waltz on the run from Christmas encounters Oliver Zipse and the BMW iX.

BMW:The BMW Christmas film featuring star cast: Christoph Waltz on the run from Christmas encounters Oliver Zipse and the BMW iX.

Munich. They did it again. After Academy Award winner
Christoph Waltz played a central role in the world design premiere of
the BMW iX at #NEXTGen 2020, he now stars in the new BMW Christmas
film. In the film he encounters two old acquaintances: Oliver Zipse,
Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, and the BMW iX. They
are supported by Alex Hirschi, known as Supercar Blondie, star
designer Alexa Chung and Kai Langer, Head of Design BMW i who also
appear in the clip.

Christoph Waltz’s partnership with the BMW Group was initiated by
Oliver Zipse. The company cooperates with avant-garde pioneers from
ecology, social sciences, fashion, sports, music, film and other
cultural disciplines. The goal is to create a deeper understanding of
the needs, desires and trends of the future. Zipse invited the actor
to enter into critical dialogue with designers, technology developers
and strategy experts from the BMW Group. His openness, pragmatism and
his slight impatience have given the BMW Group important impetus. Now
this cooperation continues.

The result is a clip of cinematic quality, a cat-and-mouse game
embedded in a wonderful Christmas film setting. It’s exciting and
thrilling and there’s a fine sense of irony and comedy. The BMW
Christmas film begins in Munich. It’s late afternoon at BMW
headquarters, a classic BMW 3.0 CS approaches. The driver gets out and
we see who it is: Christoph Waltz.

He is on his way to a meeting with Oliver Zipse and to the BMW iX,
the BMW Group’s new technology flagship that represents the future of
the company: Fully electric, sustainable, featuring pioneering design
and luxurious interior comfort. These things are important to
Christoph Waltz. The actor is intensively involved with the ecological
aspects of sustainable drive technology. He values premium quality,
technological precision and attention to detail. He doesn’t make much
of Christmas.

On the run from Christmas

There is a mix-up at the reception. After Waltz has registered his
meeting with Oliver Zipse, he is told he is invited to the BMW
Christmas party. A staff member in a Christmas hat is to take him
there. Waltz freezes. It is the prelude to an amusing escape in which
Christoph Waltz is only concerned with one thing: To avoid everything
that has to do with Christmas. Which doesn’t turn out to be so easy.

Christoph Waltz hopes for support from two celebrity guests

Waltz is making his way through BMW Welt, when he hears voices. Two
more celebrity guests appear in the Christmas film: Kai Langer, Head
of Design BMW i, and fashion designer Alexa Chung. The joy of seeing
them quickly when he finds out that these two are also on their way to
the BMW Christmas party.

While searching for a way out, the actor meets another familiar face.
Alex Hirschi aka Supercar Blondie stands next to a concealed BMW
model. She is just about to unveil the vehicle when Waltz bursts onto
the set. Supercar Blondie complains loudly, but by then Waltz has
already disappeared from the scene.

Christoph Waltz runs off, he rushes into another room thinking he is
finally safe. He spins around – and finds himself standing in the
middle of the BMW Christmas party. Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board
of Management of BMW AG, approaches him, they clink glasses. The actor relaxes.

Happy ending with an Aventurine Red BMW iX

The BMW Christmas film wouldn’t be a real Christmas film without a
happy ending. How the story ends is revealed at the end of the clip.
All we’ll give away is: It’s also about an Aventurine Red BMW iX that
leaves nothing to be desired. Especially at Christmas.

Watch the entire BMW Christmas film here.

Original Press Release

BMW Motorrad Motorsport attends first winter test in southern Spain in preparation for the 2022 WorldSBK season.

BMW:BMW Motorrad Motorsport attends first winter test in southern Spain in preparation for the 2022 WorldSBK season.

Jerez de la Frontera. In preparation for the 2022 season of
the FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK), BMW Motorrad
Motorsport carried out its first winter test. The two BMW teams –
BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team and Bonovo action BMW Racing Team – took
to the track in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, this week.


In the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team, Michael van der Mark (NED)
continued his work on the BMW M 1000 RR as he looks to take another
step forward next season after one win and a further two podiums in
2021. Scott Redding (GBR) used the test days to familiarise himself
with his future bike and team. The Brit had gained his first
experience on his new bike during a private test in Estoril (POR) last
week. The focus there was on getting to know the bike and recording
the ergometry. The findings from the test were implemented quickly and
the modified parts and new components were already available by the
time he arrived at the Jerez de la Frontera test.

With the two riders, the BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team tested engine
specifications for 2022, as well as chassis modifications. The direct
competitive comparison allows the team to determine the work direction
in preparation for the next test in the new year.

The Bonovo action BMW Racing Team is also at Jerez de la Frontera
with its two new riders. After Eugene Laverty (IRL) and Loris Baz
(FRA) visited the team headquarters in Germany in November, they began
the test work together at the racetrack. Laverty, who was heavily
involved in the development of the BMW M 1000 RR, will be racing with
the Bonovo action BMW Racing Team in his third season as a BMW works
driver. Baz is already familiar with the BMW S 1000 RR, on which he
rode in the WorldSBK in 2018, and uses the test to learn more about
the M RR.

Quotes after the Jerez de la Frontera test.

Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director:
“There have been a lot of new things at this test. In general, it has
been important to test with all four riders, including the two new
additions Baz and Redding, before Christmas. It was good to have all
four riders on the same bike on the same race track. We brought a lot
of new test items that we either confirmed or evaluated with all four
of the in order to get the right direction. With two new riders you of
course first to get used to the way they give their feedback and how
to transfer their comments but we managed that very well. We then also
compared this feedback with that given by van der Mark and Laverty who
already knew the bike very well. We have ticked all boxes in our test
programme but maybe might do some further laps tomorrow. We gathered a
huge amount of information and this is now to be analysed. Overall, we
found very good directions and in general, I am very satisfied. We
take a lot of positives back home. Now we will have a well-deserved
Christmas break but then we will continue to intensively prepare for
the season. We are very optimistic looking forward.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“It has been a successful test for both sides of the pit box.
We have a new rider with Scott. He had a lot of things to work through
but most importantly for him was to find that comfortable setting
feeling with the bike. I am really pleased about his work ethic in the
pit box. He has put a lot of laps in and he acclimatised very well. On
Michael’s side, we worked on similar development parts to what Scott
has and he has been working through that very well as well. Comparing
both riders’ feedback it is very similar and  I am very pleased about
that. I think it is proving that the set-up direction we are going
with the BMW M 1000 RR is aligned between both riders which is very
important. Equally important is that we got new team-members within
the group and I am really pleased to see how all these guys are
working together. There has been a lot of overlapping, a lot of
chassis changes, a lot of engine changes and everybody has been
working as a group, so I applaud all the team and all the guys working
very closely together. Overall I think we can leave the test here at
Jerez with our heads held up high, we have done a good job and we can
go into the Christmas break with a lot of confidence and get ready for
our next test in the new year.”


Michael van der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team: “It
was good to have a test even if it was so late in the year. We had a
lot of new components and items to try on the bike. At this test we
barely played around with the set-up of the bike, we mainly tried new
parts to figure out what brings improvement and what does not. We need
to get some ideas and start producing the new things. It has been a
really good test and I am really happy with a lot of new things. It
was great to gather good information and now I am looking forward to a
short Christmas break.”


Michael Galinski, Team Manager Bonovo action BMW Racing Team:
“It has been the first test for the new season and the first
time for us to be at the race track with the big team. I want to take
this opportunity to say a big thank you to Jürgen Röder, who made it
possible for us to now compete as a two-rider team. He will attend
many races next year and we are looking forward to that. We have a lot
of new people with us, also the riders are partly new for us. Of
course we have known both for many years. Loris has already raced for
our team and I have also known Eugene for quite some time. Both did a
great job at the test. But not only that, it was also important for me
to gel with the new members as a team and to get used to each other.
That worked very well. With new people, for example from England and
France, our team has become more international after being a more or
less German squad in the past. Like at every other team, English is
now our team language. The collaboration in the combination with SMR
and Bonovo action also works very well. There are always a lot of
things to try and when time allows we share this between us. The test
has been very positive in all aspects, we are also happy with the lap
times. But we still have some things to find and work to do.”


Eugene Laverty, Bonovo action BMW Racing Team: “I
already met the Bonovo action BMW Racing Team in November when we went
to Germany and spent a weekend together with the guys. They invited us
all there and it was so nice to meet each other away from the track
because sometimes you only meet the guys in a work environment. So to
go there, have some beers and relax away from the track and made me
feel at home straight away. The first test days with the team have
been very positive. I felt comfortable on the bike immediately after
the first couple of exits on day one. I feel good in braking which is
an area I am always working on. I am happy with the progress we are
making. There is still work to do to improve our turning in the long
corners compared to the other BMW riders but I am happy that we are
right there in the mix. There is a really good atmosphere in the box,
I get on very well with Loris. He is a fast guy and that’s important,
to have a fast team-mate to push you. We work together well and all
the guys are experienced as well. It’s great crew and I think we have
a good year ahead of us.”


Loris Baz, Bonovo action BMW Racing Team: “I am happy
to be back with BMW and about the opportunity to be back in WorldSBK.
I was really looking forward to that test to have a first impression.
A December test is never the most crucial one of the season but it’s
really important for getting to know the team, to meet the people and
for the feeling you are going into the winter with. The test was a lot
of work, we did a lot of laps. Also, I was back on the bike after
nearly three months and it is never easy when you jump on a bike that
is completely different. The test was about understanding how the bike
works and also to try to give the best input based on the differences
of all the bikes I know. I have riden a lot of bikes in WorldSBK so I
was trying to adapt to the bike and at the same time give the right
input on what we can improve on that bike. The M RR has a lot of
strong points, we just need to put them together to get a bike that
works well from a riding side. When you start working with a new bike,
you have to switch from one riding style to another but we did a good
job, completing over 150 laps. Yes, I am happy. We tried some new
parts for next year and mainly a lot of things on the electronics, and
with every run we went faster and I felt a bit more confident on the
bike. I am satisfied with the job so far.”


Original Press Release