BMW Motorsport simulator accelerates development and set-up work for drivers and engineers.

BMW:BMW Motorsport simulator accelerates development and set-up work for drivers and engineers.

Munich. Perfect preparation has a major influence on teams’
chances of success in highly professional race series such as the
ABB FIA Formula E Championship or the DTM. For BMW Motorsport, the
modern simulator in Munich (GER) plays a key role.


It not only helps the drivers get to know a new track or to fine tune
the racing line. The sim also enables precise optimisations to the car
set-up and supports the development of new race cars. The BMW
Motorsport engineers work closely together with their colleagues from
BMW production pre-development in this area.

The BMW works drivers and engineers lay the foundation for success in
races way before heading to the racetrack – namely in a simple hall at
BMW Motorsport on Anton-Ditt-Bogen in Munich. This is the home of the
BMW Motorsport simulator, one of the most important tools for the
best-possible race preparation. ’Experiencing’ new tracks or drivers
making their first acquaintance with the BMW M4 DTM or BMW iFE.20 are
as much a part of day-to-day business as devising the perfect chassis
tuning and energy management.

“The BMW Motorsport simulator is a very important and useful tool for
us in training the drivers, preparing our race appearances in terms of
car set-up and energy management, and last but not least, also in car
development,” said Rudolf Dittrich, General Manager BMW Motorsport
Vehicle Development. “The unique configuration of the hardware,
continuous detailing of the software and modelling, the very close
correlation with real data and the high computer performance make even
the smallest changes in vehicle set-up or the development of new cars
noticeable and comparable. The compatibility with other BMW Group
simulators brings about many synergies and a continuous transfer of
technology and knowledge between motorsport and production development.”

Globally unique simulator configuration.

At the core of the BMW Motorsport simulator is a detailed car model.
Its basis is identical for all BMW simulators in development. The
feedback relevant to the driver is determined from the model for a
globally unique configuration with linear actuators and a turntable,
and transmitted with high precision and minimum delay. For this, the
system relies on processing power of 100 teraflops. This means that
100 billion calculations are possible every second. Three projectors
display the racetrack for drivers in the simulator. Great value is
placed on a high quality of immersion into the virtual world. If the
immersion is not good enough, driving in the simulator can trigger
headaches and nausea similar to motion sickness. This has not been the
case for racing drivers to date. The necessary foundations in this
area are undergoing scientific research in several research projects
in parallel. The findings are also available to other areas within the
BMW Group, which, for example, are involved in the development of
autonomous driving.

Currently, the BMW Motorsport simulator can visualise the BMW M4 DTM
and the BMW iFE.20. It is possible to switch between these two cars
within the space of an hour. The following track configurations are
available: Nürburgring (GER) including the Nordschleife,
Hockenheimring (GER), Norisring (GER), Lausitzring (GER), Assen (NED),
Jerez de la Frontera (ESP), Brands Hatch (GBR) and the future DTM
venues Anderstorp (SWE) and Monza (ITA). Also available are all the
tracks from the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons of the ABB FIA Formula E
Championship, and the BMW test site in Miramas (FRA) modelled in
collaboration with production colleagues. Changes to existing tracks
or the implementation of new venues can be realised in less than a
week, as required. A total of 19 racing drivers have already taken the
wheel of the simulator; in addition to BMW works drivers from the DTM
and the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in 2019 and 2020, this also
includes new drivers ahead of their rookie tests.

Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG,
Development, has also taken to the virtual test track in the BMW
Motorsport simulator.

Maximum precision, maximum efficiency.

The high-level precision makes it possible to make even the smallest
changes to the chassis tuning noticeable in the cockpit. This means
that various chassis options can be tested before setting off for the
racetrack. In addition, in Formula E it is possible to enter data in
the vehicle control unit for optimum energy management at an early
stage. In vehicle development, the great attention to detail allows
comparative analyses on different circuits without great financial
expense, the results of which would be very difficult to realise at
the real racetrack.

Last but not least, the simulator allows engineers as well as the
driver to prepare for a race appearance. Up to 15 engineers are
connected directly via an intercom and data server during a simulator
session. This enables reactions and processes in extraordinary
situations to be practised, for example.

BMW Motorsport is developing the simulator continuously in parallel
to ongoing use, in addition to the hardware, primarily in the areas of
software and modelling. Experience from other BMW Group simulators is
also incorporated.

Note to editors: New TV footage of the BMW Motorsport
simulator, including statements from BMW works driver Maximilian
Günther and Rudolf Dittrich, Head of BMW Motorsport Vehicle
Development, is attached to this article.

Sim racing live streams this weekend:

DNLS powered by VCO (Sat., 13:00hrs CEST):




ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge, Round 2 (Sat., 16:30hrs CEST):



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BMW Welt to reopen vehicle collection, sales rooms and showrooms from May 4.

BMW:BMW Welt to reopen vehicle collection, sales rooms and showrooms from May 4.

Munich. The Bavarian State Government has now eased
its regulations and measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. As
a result, BMW Welt will be reopening its vehicle collection service,
sales rooms and showrooms from May 4. Customers can therefore once
again collect their new BMW in person at BMW Welt. In addition, a
limited number of visitors can get personal advice on new vehicles in
the BMW Welt showrooms, or pop into the BMW Welt Lifestyle &
Accessory Shop to purchase from a wide range of high-quality, BMW and
MINI branded products. 

Of course, the health of our customers and employees continues to be
our main priority, so vehicle handovers, consultations and sales will
be carried out in compliance with all official safety regulations and
measures. For example, customers collecting their vehicles at BMW Welt
will be shown to a private area of our unique BMW Product Info Center
where they will be given a virtual demonstration of all the functions
of their new BMW. Customers who have planned to pick up their vehicles
at BMW Welt on or after May 4 should contact their BMW partner for
further information.

For the time being, the sales rooms and showrooms at BMW Welt will be
open again for customers and browsers from Monday to Saturday from 8
am to 8 pm. Cooper’s bistro will be serving take-away food and drink.

The BMW Museum, BMW Group Classic and other restaurants in all our
premises will remain closed to the public until further notice. There
will also be no guided tours, public events or workshops (for example
at the BMW Welt Junior Campus). We apologize to all our customers and
visitors for the inconvenience and look forward to welcoming them back soon.

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Double interview with BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers Maximilian Günther and Alexander Sims.

BMW:Double interview with BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers Maximilian Günther and Alexander Sims.

Munich. While Season 6 of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship
has been parked up since the Marrakesh E-Prix (MAR) at the end of
February, the virtual season of the “ABB Formula E Race at Home
Challenge” has only just begun, with victory for Maximilian Günther
(GER). Like their fellow Formula E Drivers, he and Alexander Sims
(GBR) are passing the race-free time with weekly eSports events.
Despite this, everyone remains hopeful that they will be able to
resume and complete the real season at some time in the foreseeable
future. Season 6 had started well, with two pole positions and a win
for Sims, while Günther had secured one victory and a second place.
This has put them in third and fourth place respectively in the
Drivers’ Championship, with BMW i Andretti Motorsport currently
second in the Team standings. In a double interview, Günther and
Sims discuss the start of the virtual Formula E season, their record
in the real races held so far, the strengths of the team and car,
and the prospects of a return to the racetrack.


Maximilian, Alexander, you are both back out on the track –
albeit only virtually for the moment. One race in, what is your
impression of the “ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge”?


Maximilian Günther: “Firstly, it is unusual for our
races to be virtual ones. However, we are all competitive people and
currently have no other way of competing against each other on the
racetrack. As such, the Race at Home Challenge is a great opportunity
for us – and, in my opinion, some of the graphics are astonishingly realistic.”

Alexander Sims: “Sim racing is completely new
territory for me. As such, I have gone into the races with relatively
low expectations. However, it is great fun to dip into the virtual
world and get a little of that competitive feeling, which is otherwise
missing at the moment. Besides that, I get the feeling that Maximilian
is damned quick.” (laughs)

You said that after the test round. What made it so clear from
the onset?

Sims: “I get to see him very often in the BMW
Motorsport simulator as part of our preparations for every single real
Formula E race, and I can tell that he is far faster in the simulator
than I am. Fortunately, we are at the same level on the real
racetrack, but Maximilian clearly has far more experience than me in
the simulator – partly because he has done simulator work in other
teams in the past. He also started sim racing earlier than I did. All
this is plain to see from his fantastic results at the moment.”


Maximilian, what do you feel makes you so good at sim racing?

Günther: “I have always been good at adapting quickly
to new circumstances. That obviously helps hugely when, as I did, you
only started sim racing a few weeks ago. You could see in the test
round and the opening race that all the Formula E drivers initially
took some time to suss out the limit of the simulation. I think we
will all improve from race to race in that regard. As such, I believe
the races will also be closer.”

What expectations do you have ahead of the next race on the
Formula E Test Track this Saturday, with which the public is not yet familiar?

Günther: “Actually, I have never driven there before
either, but I do know the layout. It looks fast. I will stick with my
approach: to get the maximum out of every race I compete in. If that
is a win, as it was most recently, that is excellent. However, that
does not automatically mean I now expect to win every race.”

Sims: “I am not sure whether I might by chance have
driven on the track with my son – but I may well be mistaken. (Laughs)
As I don’t yet know anything about the circuit, I do not have any
definite expectations. It went very well for me in Hong Kong – I would
like to back that up now.”

Links to the live streams of round two of the
“ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge” (Saturday, as of 16:30 CEST):



Alexander, you only started using your race simulator shortly
before the start of the Race at Home Challenge. Why so late?

Sims: “Because I am also leading the normal family
life of a father. (Laughs) That is obviously fantastic for me
personally, but does not leave me so much time for training in the
simulator as one or two of my fellow drivers may have.”

How realistic is virtual Formula E compared to the BMW
Motorsport simulator?

Sims: “You can hardly compare them. With the game, I
think the priority is to have fun driving in the simulator – which you
really do. For me as a driver, the graphics also give you some of that
real Formula E feeling. In the BMW Motorsport simulator, however, it
is all about recreating the reality of the driving experience and
driver environment, right down to the smallest detail, in order to
acquire real knowledge for actual race outings. That is a completely
different spec of simulator. It is an advanced one-off, developed by
BMW Motorsport themselves, while the other is produced for the general public.”

Günther: “They are indeed two very different animals.
As realistic as the simulation in the Race at Home Challenge may be
from the cockpit perspective, the BMW Motorsport simulator in Munich
is far more sophisticated in many areas.”

Generally speaking, how good does it feel to be back in the
Formula E environment and driving the BMW iFE.20 again – albeit only virtually?

Günther: “It feels good. None of us know when and how
we will be able to resume real racing. In a situation like this, it is
fun to at least return to a little Formula E normality on the simulator.”

Sims: “It is just nice to be involved, to do battle
with familiar faces on the track, to feel a little of that adrenalin,
and to exchange a few words every so often on webcam and the
microphone. Otherwise, you definitely miss that interaction during the
break from racing.”

When the real Formula E season was suspended after the
Marrakesh E-Prix, you were third and fourth in the Drivers’
Championship. What is behind your strong start to the season?

Sims: “To be honest, it could have been even better.
The opening weekend in Diriyah was fantastic for me, with two pole
positions and the win on the Saturday. That was partly because the BMW
iFE.20 was fantastic, and partly because I was more experienced coming
into my second season, and was able to use that experience to my
advantage. After that, the car was always strong, but we definitely
missed out on some possible points in Santiago and Marrakesh.”

Günther: “Although I was new to the team, things were
already going well by the tests, at which I set the fastest time. The
team and I were immediately on the same wavelength. In particular, the
communication with my engineers has been superb from the word go –
something that you cannot take for granted when you are new to a team.
Generally speaking, I have the impression that there is an excellent
atmosphere at BMW i Andretti Motorsport, which, together with hard
work, has contributed to the success.”

The BMW iFE.20 has made a good impression at all the circuits
so far. What makes the car so special?

Günther: “So far, we have always had a good car in
qualifying, which has allowed us to start from well up the grid. This
is key to getting good results in Formula E. In the races, we have a
car with very good energy efficiency, which we are able to take full
advantage of through clever strategic decisions. That was apparent in
my victory in Santiago, as well as in Marrakesh and Diriyah, where I
thought I had claimed my maiden podium before I lost it as a result of
a penalty.”

Sims: “I agree with Maximilian. The BMW iFE.20 gives
us a good overall package, consisting of strong qualifying performance
and good efficiency in the race. Maybe we do not have the best car in
terms of raw speed, compared to our rivals at Techeetah and Jaguar,
but our overall package means we are on a par with them. The BMW
iFE.20 gives us a nice feeling of being able to compete for the top
positions in every race.”

In your opinion, where has BMW i Andretti Motorsport improved
compared to Season 5?

Sims: “I think one advantage is that there is a lot
of continuity in the personnel, which has allowed the team as a whole
to learn a lot from the experience it gained in Season 5. A lot of our
success is based on teamwork. Thanks to our engineers, I believe we
have now reached a top level – particularly in terms of the software –
which really helps us to make the right decisions in the races. Our
experience also allows us to understand the car better, which means we
have a far better success rate when it comes to finding the right
set-up for the respective circuits. That is absolutely vital in
Formula E, as you have so little time on the race day itself that you
are basically no longer able to correct any mistakes you may have made
during the preparations.”

Races without spectators or on permanent racetracks: Formula E
is considering many scenarios, in order to complete Season 6. What
do you make of it all?

Günther: “Firstly: I think it is fantastic to drive
in front of as many fans as possible at the racetrack. That is what it
is ultimately all about – to travel to the fans in the various cities
and to put on a great show for them. Unfortunately, Formula E races as
we know and love them are unrealistic at the moment. As such, I
support the idea of both races behind closed doors and on permanent
racetracks. That is not ideal for any of us, but seems to be the only
chance of going racing again in the foreseeable future.”


Sims: “As the alternative to racing without
spectators or on permanent racetracks seems to be not to race at all
anymore, I am sure that any racing driver will be in favour of giving
that a go. In the current situation, it is vital to be able to
guarantee a safe way of doing things. Permanent racetracks can also
help in that regard. Let’s just hope that this is only a temporary
solution and that we can gradually return to the normal Formula E
races we all love – in big cities and in front of thousands of spectators.”

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Close to the finish line – and to home: new BMW 4 Series Coupe enters final phase of dynamic testing.

BMW:Close to the finish line – and to home: new BMW 4 Series Coupe enters final phase of dynamic testing.

Munich. The concept of sporty driving pleasure in the
premium midsize segment is being redefined and will soon be available
to experience in the new BMW 4 Series Coupe. Following a series of
exhaustive test drives held as part of the development process to
prepare it for series production, the latest incarnation of the
two-door model is now embarking on the final phase of dynamic testing.
After having their driving qualities honed at the winter testing
centre in Arjeplog, Sweden, at the BMW Group’s test centre in Miramas
in France, on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit and at various
other race tracks, the prototypes are now returning to their roots:
engineers will put the final touches to the chassis technology of the
new BMW 4 Series Coupe on the motorways and country roads around the
BMW Group’s Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ) in Munich.

Like its overall vehicle concept and design, the 4 Series Coupe’s
chassis technology is a more individual composition than ever before.
The proportions, aerodynamic properties and weight distribution of the
two-door car provide the ideal basis for a chassis set-up focussed
unerringly on exhilarating dynamic performance. A direct comparison
with the new BMW 3 Series Sedan highlights the new model’s unique
profile particularly clearly. The sedan’s impressive drag coefficient,
for example, is undercut by 0.015. Plus, the new BMW 4 Series Coupe is
57 millimetres lower than its four-door counterpart and its centre of
gravity is 21 millimetres closer to the road as a result.

This all combines with the increased negative camber at the front
wheels and the 23-millimetre wider rear track to sharpen the car’s
handling characteristics by a significant degree. The sports sedan
already boasts extraordinary dynamism, but the new BMW 4 Series Coupe
raises agility and lateral acceleration by a sizable margin again.

The development team for the new BMW 4 Series Coupe also took a
model-specific approach to incorporating the chassis technology and
connecting the suspension to the body. The fruits of their labours
will launch the new two-door model straight to the top of its segment
in terms of sporting prowess and the driving experience. At the same
time, the double-joint spring strut front axle / five-link rear axle
configuration means the dialling up of dynamic performance doesn’t
come at the expense of excellent comfort on everyday drives and long
journeys. Lift-related dampers – which made their debut in the new BMW
3 Series Sedan and offer continuously variable, progressive damping
control as a function of spring travel – have been tuned for an even
sportier drive. Custom-made tower-to-front end struts and an
additional shear panel on the bulkhead optimise steering precision and
response, while bracing elements have been added around the rear axle
to increase stiffness for improved straightline stability and lateral acceleration.

The model line-up provides another indication of the new BMW 4 Series
Coupe’s unwavering commitment to class-leading driving dynamics. The
range will now be spearheaded by a BMW M model in the shape of the new
BMW M440i xDrive Coupe. Powered by a potent straight-six engine
delivering maximum output of 275 kW/374 hp, it will also feature 48V
mild-hybrid technology, with a 48V starter-generator and a second
battery employed to both ease the load on the engine and act in unison
with it. Besides improved efficiency, the principal benefit here is
punchier power development when the driver hits the accelerator hard.
The additional 8 kW/11 hp generated by the electric boost effect
underpins lightning-fast off-the-line getaways and in-gear sprints.
The engine’s stunning power delivery, the standalone vehicle concept
and the optimised chassis technology’s model-specific configuration
combine to endow the BMW M440i xDrive Coupe with outstanding
performance credentials. Harnessing the race track expertise of BMW M
GmbH, the various elements have been woven together into an overall
package of supreme handling agility, precision and poise.

The power generated by the engine in the new BMW M440i xDrive Coupe
is channelled to the road via an eight-speed Steptronic Sport
transmission and the car’s intelligent all-wheel-drive system. The
M Sport differential is also on hand to make sure that drive power is
deployed to optimum effect in demanding driving situations. The
locking effect generated by an electric motor limits speed
equalisation between the inside and outside rear wheel when cornering,
thereby enhancing traction and handling stability while enabling the
driver to power out of bends with considerable dynamic verve. The
custom-tuned chassis elastokinematics, exceptionally powerful M Sport
brakes and 18-inch M light-alloy wheels with mixed-size tyres are
likewise contributory factors in the precisely controllable dynamics
of the new BMW M440i xDrive Coupe.

The final round of testing on the car’s home ground will allow the
engineers to fast-track their latest findings into the fine-tuning
process at the Research and Innovation Centre. The focus here is on
ensuring that the dynamic performance attributes of the new BMW
4 Series Coupe crafted on race circuits can also be experienced in
normal driving conditions on public roads. Whether darting along
winding country routes around Munich or constantly switching between
motorway and urban traffic, the new BMW M440i xDrive Coupe epitomises
how the unequivocally sporty design of the body and chassis, the
bespoke set-up of the steering, brakes and all-wheel-drive system, the
pinpoint feedback from the dampers and the precise interventions of
the chassis control systems together serve up driving pleasure that
thrills and delights – day in, day out.

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BMW M Customer Racing teams take to the virtual track in BMW race cars.

BMW:BMW M Customer Racing teams take to the virtual track in BMW race cars.

Munich. Sim racing highlights are coming thick and fast at the
moment. Last weekend, the calendar featured the iRacing 24h
Nürburgring powered by VCO. On Thursday it is round three of the
IMSA iRacing Pro Series, while the Digital Nürburgring Endurance
Series powered by VCO continues returns with race four on Saturday.
Several BMW M Customer Racing teams are always at the heart of the
action and have recognised the signs of the time and expanded their
activities to include the virtual world. We introduce two teams who
regularly take to the track in virtual BMW race cars: Walkenhorst
Motorsport and Turner Motorsport.


The Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER) has been the racing home of
Walkenhorst Motorsport for many years. While the team from Melle (GER)
has enjoyed great success for BMW M Motorsport at the 24 Hours of
Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) and in the Intercontinental GT Challenge, the
‘Green Hell’ has a very special appeal for the team. When it became
apparent that real motor racing was not going to be possible for the
foreseeable future, the decision to enter the world of was a logical
one for team manager Niclas Königbauer. “At that moment, when it
became clear, we immediately took a good look around and considered
what we could do instead. After all, we are all positively mad about
motorsport,” said Königbauer. “We very quickly hit upon sim racing on
the Nordschleife. Esports has been on our list for a long time.
However, for time reasons, it has never made it to the top of the list.”

Without any major preparation or professional help from a sim racing
team, Walkenhorst Motorsport assembled two teams within a short time
frame. So far, they have fielded two BMW Z4 GT3s in all the races in
the DNLS powered by VCO. Many of Walkenhorst Motorsport’s regular
drivers take their place at the wheel of their racing simulators at
home: David Pittard (GBR), Mikkel Jensen (DEN) and Christian Krognes
(NOR). They are supported by sim racers Scott and Sam Michaels (both
GBR), but are also investing a huge amount of time in getting up to
the standard of the top sim racers who compete on the virtual
Nordschleife every week. “It is incredible how much time the guys
spend on their simulators and how much detailed work they invest in
the set-up,” said Königbauer. Pittard added, “I did used to sim race
as a hobby, but had to face the fact that I was miles behind the real
sim racers when I started to get involved with Walkenhorst Motorsport.
I have trained incredibly hard for the last four weeks and spent at
least four to five hours a day on the simulator.”

Podium already for Walkenhorst Motorsport.

All that effort has paid dividends already. In the latest DNLS race,
both Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW Z4 GT3s were in contention at the
front of the field. In the end, Pittard, Scott and Sam Michaels made
it onto the podium in second place. Jensen and Krognes were also among
the front-runners for much of the race, despite not being supported by
a sim racer. “In reality, we have some of the best drivers on the
Nordschleife in our team,” said Königbauer. “As the simulations are
now incredibly close to reality, I was confident that our guys would
get up to speed relatively quickly, despite their lack of experience.
For us to achieve a podium so soon was not necessarily expected.”

One Walkenhorst Motorsport engineer, whose primary role ahead of the
race is to discuss the right set-up and strategies with Königbauer and
the drivers, has also contributed to the success. That will once again
be the case this weekend, and throughout the whole season in the DNLS
powered by VCO. It is not yet certain whether this may result in more
outings in other racing series and BMW cars. “Our focus, when real
motor racing hopefully resumes at some point, is to continue to run
what we are starting now on the sim racing scene,” said Königbauer.
“We are examining other options with great interest, however we must
always weigh up whether they are possible without having to hand over
the whole project.”

Turner Motorsport puts its faith in the virtual BMW M8 GTE.

While Walkenhorst Motorsport is focussing on races on the virtual
Nordschleife, Turner Motorsport is taking on the digital racetracks of
North America with the BMW M8 GTE. In the real world, Will Turner’s
team fields the BMW M6 GT3 in the GTD class of the IMSA WeatherTech
SportsCar Championship and the BMW M4 GT4 in various racing series. On
the sim racing scene, it currently runs a BMW M8 GTE in the team’s
classic blue and yellow livery in the IMSA iRacing Pro Series, in
which the circuit in Mid-Ohio (USA) hosts round three of the season
this Thursday.

“At Turner Motorsport, we have always looked for new ways of
presenting our passion for racing, our brand and our partners,” said
Turner. “As such, Esports was already on our radar before the current
situation developed, as it offers great marketing opportunities at
minimal costs. We have been monitoring the market for years and
believe that it has not yet peaked.”

Turner Motorsport’s driver line-up features youngster Robby Foley
(USA) who drives a BMW M8 GTE in the IMSA iRacing Pro Series and
caught the eye with pole position at the opening round of the season
in Sebring (USA). “Having him on board makes our entry into sim racing
both easier and more exciting,” said Turner. “He has been actively
involved in Esports for years and is an excellent ambassador for
Turner Motorsport, our partners and the BMW Motorsport Esports activities.”

Youngster Foley working together with BMW works drivers.

Foley’s next outing in the BMW M8 GTE is on Thursday. “It is
fantastic to compete on equal terms against some well-known drivers
and – as is the case with BMW works drivers Bruno Spengler, Philipp
Eng, Jesse Krohn, Nick Catsburg, John Edwards and Connor De Phillippi
– to work with them on the set-up,” said Foley.

Although he is only 23 years old, he is an old-timer on the sim
racing scene compared to the majority of other professional racing
drivers. “I started with iRacing back in 2011, just for fun,” said
Foley. “I have been taking sim racing really seriously for about a
year. Since then, I have also had professional equipment at home. I
approach it exactly the same way as real racing, particularly in the
current situation.”

In real motorsport, Foley has been working with Turner Motorsport
since the 2018 season. Last year, he won the IMSA races in Mosport
(CAN) and Road Atlanta (USA) alongside Bill Auberlen (USA), and
finished runner-up in the GTD drivers’ championship. “The
collaboration with Will Turner and his team is fantastic,” said Foley.
“Turner Motorsport is always innovative and finding new ways to
present itself. You can see that now in sim racing, where the team
already has plans for the future. I am looking forward to everything
that is still to come, whether it be in virtual or real motor racing.”

Note to editors:

We are aware of the current difficult situation. Despite this,
however, we have decided to provide you with regular media information
in the coming weeks and months. We will report on our BMW works
drivers on the sim racing scene and we will also provide you with
interviews and background stories, particularly dealing with
technology topics within BMW Group Motorsport.

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Electromobility market shares in comparison of brands (4/2020 Info-graphics).

BMW:Electromobility market shares in comparison of brands (4/2020 Info-graphics).

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BMW Group market position within competition. Electromobility in Germany, Europe, Globally. Source: IHS Markit New Registrations 4/2019-3/2020. (4/2020 report).

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CO2 emission information.

The following applies to consumption figures for vehicles with new type approval, September 2017 onward: The figures for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption are obtained in accordance with the specified measuring procedure (EC Regulation No. 715/2007), as issued and amended. The figures are for a basic-version vehicle in Germany. The bandwidths allow for differences in the choice of wheel and tire sizes and items of optional equipment and can be changed by the configuration.

Obtained on the basis of the new “Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure” (WLTP), the figures are converted back to the “New European Driving Cycle” (NEDC) for the sake of comparability. Values other than those stated here may be used for the purposes of taxation and for other vehicle-related duties relating to CO2 emissions.

More information about official fuel consumption figures and the official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be obtained from the “guideline on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and current consumption of new passenger cars”, available here:

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Successful sim racing weekend for BMW works drivers: Philipp Eng wins the 24 Hours Nürburgring, double success for Maximilian Günther.

BMW:Successful sim racing weekend for BMW works drivers: Philipp Eng wins the 24 Hours Nürburgring, double success for Maximilian Günther.

Munich. The BMW works drivers look back on another successful
weekend of sim racing. In the 24-hour race ‘iRacing 24h Nürburgring
powered by VCO’, Philipp Eng (AUT) and his team took the win while
Bruno Spengler (CAN) and his team-mates also made it onto the podium
for finishing third. Maximilian Günther (GER) celebrated double
success on Saturday. First, he won the first championship race in
the ‘

ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge’, then he took the
overall win in the pro classification of ‘THE RACE All-Star Cup’.
BMW Motorsport SIM Racing also has a special livery for the virtual
BMW M8 GTE on iRacing.

Victory and third place in the virtual 24-hour race at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

The 24-hour race at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife (GER) is one of the
highlights on the race calendar for drivers, teams and fans – and the
same is true for sim racing. The ‘iRacing 24h Nürburgring powered by
VCO’ is one of nine special events organised by iRacing in 2020. For
24 hours, from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, more than 1,400
teams and around 5,000 drivers, including many well-known names from
real-life racing, went on a thrilling ride through the Green Hell. Due
to the large number of starters, the starting field was divided into
various ‘splits’, so, there were more than 20 ‘races within the race’.

After an exciting 24 hours of racing, the win and third place on the
podium both went to BMW works drivers in the digital BMW Z4 GT3. Eng
and his team-mates Laurin Heinrich and Alexander Voss (both GER)
crossed the finish line as winners after 175 laps in the
BS+COMPETITION #089 BMW Z4 GT3. The trio took the lead just under four
hours before the end of the race, and refused to surrender it. They
had a lead of just under 30 seconds over the second-placed MAHLE
RACING TEAM. The BS+COMPETITION team’s success was rounded off by
Spengler and his colleagues Nils Koch and Kay Kaschube (both GER) in
the BMW Z4 GT3 with the #7 car which, with third place, also secured a
spot on the podium.

“I’m totally exhausted, but I’m also extremely happy,” said Eng after
the win. “This success is one for the books, and is perhaps one of my
biggest wins in addition to my real 24-hour races. I’m fortunate to
have such fantastic team-mates in Alex and Laurin. Not only are they
super-fast, but they also don’t make even the smallest of mistakes.
That’s more than impressive. It was the first ever 24-hour race for
our team BS+COMPETITION, and we got the win at the first time of
asking – I couldn’t be happier. It’s also really cool that, even in
these circumstances, we still can write headlines for BMW.”

“It was a superb race,” added Spengler. “I’m really thankful to my
team-mates because I have learnt a great deal from them. They are so
good, they drive very consistently and are just amazing on this track.
Nils and Kay did a fantastic job, and the same is true of the whole
team. Getting first and third place is a terrific team result. The
team is still relatively young, so to bring two cars onto the podium
is really special, particularly when you think how high the level is
in iRacing. In the end it was all about bringing the car home and not
making any stupid mistakes when you’re getting tired. It worked – it’s
a fantastic result and I am very happy.”

Some of the BMW works drivers will be back in action on the virtual
Nürburgring-Nordschleife next weekend, in the fourth round of the
Digital Nürburgring Endurance Series powered by VCO on Saturday,
2nd May.

Günther wins Pro overall standings of ‘THE RACE All-Star Cup’.

Maximilian Günther celebrated two major successes, one after the
other, on Saturday, starting with his win in the first championship
race of the ‘ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge. After he won the
test round a week ago, the BMW i Andretti Motorsport driver secured
first place again on the virtual track in Hong Kong (CHN). This time
he was rewarded with 25 points. He leads the overall standings after
one of eight races.

Just a few hours later, he took the win in the Pro-Driver overall
standings of ‘THE RACE All-Star Cup’. Going into the grand final,
Günther had the same number of points as Mike Epps (GBR) in first
place, but in a thrilling race at the virtual Nürburgring (GER), he
finished sixth, right in front of his rival, to prevail and claim the
cash prize of 30,000 dollars, which he is donating to support
disadvantaged and traumatised children.

“What a day,” said Günther. “I came straight from the Formula E race
and hardly had any time to practice for ‘THE RACE All-Star Cup’ final.
I started the grand final in eighth place, but was able to take
advantage of those in front of me making mistakes. I’m delighted to
have finished the season as the top Pro-Driver and third in the
overall standings. I’m particularly happy to have won the 30,000
dollars on behalf of the Verena Januschke foundation for disadvantaged
and traumatised children.”

BMW Motorsport SIM Racing thanks COVID-19 heroes with special livery.

Sim racing is currently experiencing a major boom, partly due to the
COVID-19 pandemic making real-life motorsport impossible. With this in
mind, BMW Motorsport is using the sim racing platform to thank the
heroes of the current crisis by means of a special ‘Race Like A Hero’
livery. All iRacing users are now able to download this special livery
for the BMW M8 GTE on the ‘Trading Paints’ platform and use it on the
virtual racetrack.

The livery can be downloaded at:

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Maximilian Günther wins first championship race in ‘ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge’.

BMW:Maximilian Günther wins first championship race in ‘ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge’.

Munich. BMW i Andretti Motorsport driver Maximilian Günther
(GER) picked up from where he left off after the test round in the
‘ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge’ in today’s first championship
race. Günther won on the virtual track in Hong Kong (CHN) in his BMW
iFE.20, and in doing so secured the first 25 points of the season.
Alexander Sims (GBR) finished in tenth place after a strong
come-back in his second ever sim race. In the Challenge Race, in
which two sim racers competed for BMW i Andretti Motorsport, Team
Redline driver Kevin Siggy (SLO) made it onto the podium in third place.


Günther qualified in third place for the Formula E drivers’ 15-lap
race, and moved up to second early on in the race. He took the lead
after Stoffel Vandoorne (BEL) made a driving error and held position
to the finish. With 25 points Günther leads the driver standings after
one of eight races of the season. Sims only qualified in
22nd place in the second BMW iFE.20, but moved up into
tenth place and picked up a point.

In the Challenge Race, in which top sim racers are battling for a
starting spot in BMW SIM LIVE 2020 among other things, Team Redline
driver Siggy, in BMW i Andretti Motorsport colours, finished third to
pick up 15 points in the overall standings. In the second BMW iFE.20,
Charlie Martin (GBR) finished in 18th place.

Reactions to Round 1:

Maximilian Günther (#28 BMW iFE.20, 1st place, 25
“It was another fantastic race and I’m delighted
with the first 25 points of the season. Stoffel Vandoorne ahead of me
obviously made a mistake so I was able to take the lead and bring it
home safely. As racers, we always want to win when we are competing.
It’s no different in sim racing to real racing. I think as drivers we
are having a lot of fun in these events during this time when we’re
unable to be at the racetrack. I hope it’s the same for the fans.”

Alexander Sims (#27 BMW iFE.20, 10th place, 1
“It’s a lot of fun to get an adrenaline rush again
from the pressure of being embroiled in head-to-head duels with other
racing drivers. I was really excited. Unfortunately I’m still lacking
a fair bit of speed compared with the top drivers to get a fast lap in
qualifying, but in the race I tried to stay out of everything, so I
was able to move up the field quickly on the first lap. Obviously, I
was a bit lucky that I didn’t get caught up in any of the accidents.
It was still a good feeling finishing in tenth place. Congratulations
to Maximilian on another win. He really is as strong as an ox in the simulator.”

Original Press Release

Virtual Formula E: BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers start their pursuit of points this weekend.

BMW:Virtual Formula E: BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers start their pursuit of points this weekend.

Munich. This Saturday, BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers
Maximilian Günther (GER) and Alexander Sims (GBR) will compete in
the opening round of the ‘ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge’.
Last weekend’s dress rehearsal for the virtual season of the ABB FIA
Formula E Championship was very successful for Günther, who emerged
victorious. A starting place at BMW SIM LIVE 2020 is at stake for
the sim racers, who go head to head in their own specific race
within the event.


Season 6 of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship was just five races
old when it was suspended after the Marrakesh E-Prix (MAR) at the
start of March. At that point, BMW i Andretti Motorsport drivers Sims
and Günther were second and fourth in the Drivers’ Championship. Both
will now go in pursuit of points in the virtual BMW iFE.20, starting
this Saturday. The street circuit in Hong Kong (CHN) hosts the opening
round of the ‘ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge’ – both for the
regular Formula E drivers and for some of the best sim racers in the
world, who will take part in their own races over the course of the
virtual Formula E season. Two of them race in BMW i Andretti
Motorsport colours.

“I am delighted that Formula E is returning to the racetrack,
virtually, with the Race at Home Challenge,” said Stefan Ponikva, Head
of Brand Experience BMW. “Our works drivers, Alexander and Maximilian,
finally get another chance to demonstrate their excellence in the BMW
iFE.20. Esports and sim racing are currently enjoying a huge global
boom. We are giving Formula E our full support as it enters this
discipline, and are pleased to be able to offer the winner of the sim
racer competition a very special prize, one of the coveted starting
places at our BMW SIM LIVE final in Munich at the end of the year. I
am fascinated to see which Formula E sim racer we will see there!”

Pole position and victory for Günther in the test round.

Virtual Formula E took to the track for the first time last Saturday
with a test round. A first, which was to prove extremely promising for
Günther. He followed up pole position with victory in the race. Team
Redline’s Kevin Siggy (SLO) finished runner-up in a BMW iFE.20 in the
sim racers’ race.

“The first race, in Monaco, went very well with pole position and the
race win,” said Günther. “I am looking forward to the coming weekend
in the virtual Formula E championship. It is unusual not to be racing
in our real cars, but it is still a great opportunity to put on a
great show for the fans.”

Double duty for Günther this Saturday.

This Saturday, following his Formula E appearance, Günther will do
battle for the professional racing driver title in the season finale
of the sim racing event ‘THE RACE All-Star Cup’. At stake is 30,000
dollars in prize money, which will be donated to charity. In Formula
E’s virtual season too, the focus is on the charity, with the series
working closely with UNICEF.

“Up until about five weeks ago, I had never taken part in a sim race.
Since then, I have had a lot of time to practice and have been
improving all the time,” said Günther. “That is the secret. You have
to gain an incredible amount of experience to be able to get every
last tenth of a second out of the car.”

Sims is still a sim racing newcomer.

Sims, who has only had a race simulator at home for a few days, is
not quite at that level yet. “I obviously practiced for the test
round, and now for the first race where points are up for grabs, but
so have my colleagues,” said Sims, “so I don’t expect to be able to
challenge at the front so soon. I just want to keep improving and
enjoy racing.”

Round one of the “ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge” begins this
Saturday at 16:30 CEST and will be streamed live on the following platforms:



Original Press Release

“Reclaim the Future” – the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt to cooperate with 1E9.

BMW:“Reclaim the Future” – the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt to cooperate with 1E9.

Munich. Since October 2019, the FUTURE FORUM by BMW
Welt has been a new meeting place and a modern dialog platform for
movers and shakers with an innovative spirit. From a series of keynote
speeches and panel discussions, visitors will get an insight into
ideas, concepts and technologies that could soon shape the cities of
the future. The FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt has now found a visionary
cooperation partner – 1E9. The think tank with its own community,
digital magazine and events is a home for people optimistic about the
future. On the one hand, it provides information about new
technologies and their social implications, and on the other hand it
offers anyone thirsting for knowledge a space which can be a hotbed
for constructive discussions and joint ideas.

Shaping the future together. 

This year, the two partners will jointly run a series comprising
eight events between April and December. Revolving around the slogan
of “Reclaim the Future”, topics on the latest technologies such as
artificial intelligence, virtual reality and biotech will be presented
and discussed. The set of events is targeted specifically at experts
from various specializations, developers, visionaries and anyone else
who has an interest in these issues. On April 28, 2020, the series
will be launched at the FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt with the hot topic of
“Urban resilience: why we need resilient cities”. There will be
another joint event at the 1E9 conference in Munich.

April 28, 2020 from 7 pm: Urban resilience: why we need resilient cities.

Even beyond the current pandemic, cities are facing a number of
challenges. For example, they depend on energy and food from the
region and around the world, often have an overburdened mobility
concept, and social problems are particularly pronounced in urban areas. 

So how can cities respond to the current corona crisis and the many
other challenges, especially climate change? Effective action only
works when pulling together – through social cohesion, rapid and
innovative adaptability of society and the widespread use of new
technologies. This is how cities can truly become resilient. 

Several speakers will shed light on this topic in a variety of
formats on April 28 as part of the digital launch event “Urban
resilience: why we need resilient cities.”. First up will be Felix
Beer from the IZT – Institute for Future Studies and Technology
Assessment with a keynote presentation entitled “Resilience?!? Why
it’s time for resilient cities.” This will be followed by a panel
discussion which will look at the contribution that technology can
make to the resilience of cities. Guests include Karim Tarraf from
Hawa Dawa, David Balensiefen from gridX, Sebastian Hofer from the
“freifahrt” podcast and Maximilian Lössl from Agrilution. The event
will be concluded by a live interview with Sophie Jonke from the ReDi
School on the subject of how Munich is pulling together digitally
during this crisis. You can watch the whole event live and online.

The complete calendar of events, further information on all the
events, and live streams can be found at

The dates at a glance:


Reclaim the Future

When:              April to December 

Where:             FUTURE FORUM by BMW Welt

Entry:               Free

Urban resilience: why we need resilient cities.

When:              April 28, 2020 from 7 pm 

Where:             Digitally in German (all

Entry:               Free

1E9 conference 

When:              July 15 and 16, 2020 (alternative
date: November 11 and 12, 2020)

Where:             Deutsches Museum Munich

Entry:               Tickets for the conference are
available here.

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