2019 – a year full of title wins and awards for BMW.

BMW:2019 – a year full of title wins and awards for BMW.

Munich. The appeal of the current model range and the
progressive character of the latest technological innovations by BMW
were also confirmed in the course of 2019 by a large number of coveted
awards. The Munich premium brand’s track record includes national and
international awards, which are based both on public surveys and on
the judgement of experts. The new BMW 3 Series, which was able to
collect numerous titles immediately after its market launch, is one of
the most frequently chosen prizewinners.

The wide range of award-winning models and technologies is also
striking. The list of winners includes the outstandingly sporty BMW M
automobiles as well as models with electrified drive. In addition to
the new edition of the compact BMW 1 Series, the BMW 5 Series, the BMW
X models and the luxury sports cars of the BMW 8 Series were among the
winners in various competitions. Further renowned awards were
presented to BMW for innovations in the areas of driver assistance
systems, operation and networking. At the J.D Power Awards, prizes for
“Highest Quality” went to the BMW 2 Series and the BMW X4.

Award-winning variety: BMW models successful with conventional and
electrified drive.

BMW M automobiles won seven categories of the “sport auto
Award”. The Swiss “Auto Illustrierte” also awarded BMW
M GmbH the title of “Best of the Brands” in its competitive
environment. The BMW M2 Competition (fuel consumption combined: 10.0
l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 227 g/km) ranked among the “10 Best
Cars” of the year for the experts of the US “Car and Driver” magazine.
BMW’s leading position as a supplier of vehicles with electrified
drive systems was also confirmed by its excellent performance in
several competitions. The drive system of the BMW i8 Coupé won the
internationally renowned “Engine of the Year Award” (fuel
consumption combined: 1.8 l/100 km; combined power consumption:
14.0 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 42 g/km*) and the BMW
i8 Roadster (combined fuel consumption: 2.0 l/100 km; combined power
consumption: 14.5 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 46 g/km) won the
award in the  “Hybrid Drive” category. This is the fifth time in a row
that their drive has won an award at this competition. The two hybrid
sports cars also took second place in the “Plug-in Hybrid
Sedans/Sports Cars” category of the “e-mobility Award”
presented by the car journal “Auto Zeitung”.

In Great Britain, BMW won the “DrivingElectric Awards”
twice: the BMW 330e Sedan (fuel consumption combined: 1.9 – 1.6 l/100
km; power consumption combined: 15.4 – 14.8 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions
combined 43 – 37 g/km) won the ”Best Medium Plug-in Hybrid Car”
category. The BMW X5 xDrive45e (fuel consumption combined: 2.0 – 1.7
l/100 km; power consumption combined: 23.5 – 20.3 kWh/100 km; CO2
emissions combined: 47 – 39 g/km) won in the “Best Premium
Plug-in Hybrid Car” category. The plug-in hybrid luxury sedans of
the BMW 7 Series were named “Green Executive Car of the
Year” in the readers’ poll of the British “Professional
Driver Magazine”.

Award-winner straight from the start: the new BMW 3 Series.

The new BMW 3 Series got off to an outstanding start not only thanks
to its successful market launch, but also with top positions in
numerous national and international competitions. In Germany, the new
sports saloon immediately won the “Auto Trophy” in the
“Middle Class” category awarded by the “Auto
Zeitung” and the “Design Trophy” on top of that. The
new BMW 3 Series was also honoured with the “autonis” trophy
issued by the car magazine “auto, motor und sport” as the
“best design innovation of the year”.

Its inner values were equally awarded: the new BMW 3 Series won the
“best networked car of the year” award in the top category
of the “Car Connectivity Award”, also presented by
“auto, motor und sport”. The driving dynamics of the new BMW
3 Series led to two class victories in the readers’ choice of the
magazine “sport auto”. In their respective competition
categories, the new BMW 330i Sedan (fuel consumption combined:
6.1 – 5.8 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 139 –132 g/km*) and the
new BMW 330i Touring (combined fuel consumption: 6.4 – 6.0 l/100 km;
combined CO2 emissions: 146 – 136 g/km*) and the new BMW M340i xDrive
Sedan (combined fuel consumption: 7.4 – 7.0 l/100 km; combined CO2
emissions: 168 – 160 g/km*) and the new BMW M340i xDrive Touring
(combined fuel consumption: 7.6 – 7.2 l/100 km; combined CO2
emissions: 172 – 163 g/km) received the “sportiest cars of the year” award.

In Great Britain, the specialist magazines “What Car?” and
“Auto Express” unanimously named the new BMW 3 Series
“Executive Car of the Year” and “Compact Executive Car of
the Year”. The “Carbuyer” magazine awarded it the title of “Best
Compact Executive Car” and “Business Car” named it the “Best Premium
Car”. In addition, the British comparison portal “carwow”
declared the latest generation of the mid-range model “Car of the
Year”. In Asia the new BMW 3 Series was honoured as well. It was
named “Premium Car of the year” at the ”Indian Car of the Year” and
the “Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of
Japan” awarded it the title “Import Car of the Year”.

Further titles for the BMW 5 Series and a double “Golden
Steering Wheel” victory.

The BMW 5 Series was also able to add further successes to its
collection of titles in the course of 2019. In the “auto, motor
und sport” vote for the “Best Cars”, it secured class
victory in the “Upper Middle Class” category. In the race
for the “Auto Trophy”, the BMW 5 Series was also victorious
in its vehicle class. In addition, the editors of the car magazine
“Auto Test” also placed the BMW 530d Sedan (fuel consumption
combined: 5.1 – 5.0 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 135 – 131 g/km)
in the top position in their ranking of all models tested in the
course of the year. The British magazines “Auto Express” and
“Carbuyer” voted the BMW 5 Series “Car of the
Year” in its vehicle segment and “Best Large Executive
Car” respectively. The title “Executive Estate Car of the
Year” awarded by “Professional Driver Magazine” went to
the BMW 5 Series Touring. 

BMW won a double victory at the “Golden Steering Wheel
2019” ceremony. The new BMW 1 Series prevailed in the
“Compact Class”. The new BMW 8 Series was awarded the title
“Most Beautiful New Model of the Year” in the “Auto
Bild” and “Bild am Sonntag” competitions. The BMW 8
Series Coupé, the BMW 8 Series Convertible and the BMW 8 Series Gran
Coupé in the luxury sports car segment also made a big impact in
Spain. This was reflected in a double success in the “Motor
Awards 2019” competition of the online portal
“coches.net”. The new BMW 8 Series was named both “Best
Car” and “Best Sports Car” here.

BMW remains a leader in driver assistance systems, operation and networking.

In 2019 BMW once again added to the brand typical driving pleasure
with the market launch of further innovations in the areas of driver
assistance systems, operation and networking. Numerous awards
underline the brand’s leading position, which has been strengthened by
recent progress. The most important innovation in the field of vehicle
operation is the BMW Operating System 7.0, which also includes the
Intelligent Personal Assistant. The innovative language assistant was
awarded the “Tech Award” by the British comparison portal
“carwow” as the most important technology innovation of the
year in automobiles.

Four titles went to BMW in the competition for the “Car
Connectivity Award”. The reader survey of the car journals
“auto, motor und sport” and “Moove” showed that,
in addition to the overall victory for the BMW 3 Series as the
“best networked car”, the BMW Live Cockpit Professional was
a clear success in the “Navigation Systems” category. Readers
chose the Driving Assistant Professional as their favourite in the
“Safety Assistance Systems” category. The Bowers &
Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System was also voted the best
innovation in the “Sound Systems” category.

Here is a summary of the main awards won by BMW in 2019:

Awarded by “Engine Technology International”.
Engine of the Year“:
        BMW i8 Coupé, BMW i8 Roadster
(Hybrid Drive category).

Distinctions conferred by “J.D. Power“.
“J.D. Power
        BMW 2 Series (Highest Quality small vehicles
        BMW 2 Series (Highest Quality compact vehicles category)

Awarded by “Automotive Circle”.
        BMW X7 (Premium Segment category)

Awarded by “Auto Bild“ and “Bild am Sonntag“.
“The Golden
Steering Wheel”:
        BMW 1 Series (Compact Class
        BMW 8 Series (Most Beautiful New Model category)

Awarded by “Auto Bild“ and “Computer Bild“.
“Connected Car
        BMW X5 (Upper Class category)

Distinctions conferred by “auto motor und
“Best Cars”:
        BMW 5 Series
(Upper Mid-Range category)

        BMW 3 Series (best new design)

Distinctions conferred by “auto motor und sport” and
“Car Connectivity Award”:
        BMW 3
Series (best networked car)
        BMW Live Cockpit Professional
(Navigation Systems category)
        Driving Assistant
Professional (Safety Assistance Systems

        Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround
Sound System (Sound

        Systems category)

Distinctions conferred by “Auto Zeitung”:
        BMW 3 Series (Middle Class
        BMW 5 Series (Upper Class
        BMW X2 (SUV 25 000 to 50 000 euro
        BMW X5 (Luxury SUV category)
brand (Best Design category)
“Design Trophy:
BMW 3 Series (Sedans, Estates, Vans category)

Distinctions conferred by “sport auto”:
“sport auto
        BMW M140i xDrive (compact car over 35 000 euros
        BMW 330i (sedans/estate cars up to 50 000
        BMW M340i xDrive (category sedans up to 100 000


BMW M5 Competition (sedan/estate car category over
000 euro)
        BMW Z4 sDrive20i (convertible/roadster category
up to 50 000
        BMW Z4 M40i
(convertible/roadster category up to 100 000

        BMW 230i Coupé (Coupé category up to 50
000 euros)
        BMW M2 Competition (Coupé category up to 75
000 euros)
        BMW M4 Competition (Coupé category up to 100
000 euros)

Distinctions conferred by “Auto Illustrierte”
“Best of the Brands”:
        BMW M GmbH (Factory
Tuning category)

Distinctions conferred by “What Car?” (GB).
“Car of the
        BMW 3 Series (Executive Car category)
BMW 5 Series (Luxury Car category)

Distinctions conferred by “Auto Express” (GB):
“New Car
        BMW Series (Compact Executive Car
        BMW 5 Series (Executive Car
        BMW X3 (Midsize SUV category)

Distinctions conferred by “carwow” (GB).
“Car of the
        BMW 3 Series (Overall Winner)
Intelligent Personal Assistant (Tech Award)

Distinctions conferred by “Carbuyer“ (GB).
“Best Car
        BMW 1 Series (Small Luxury Car
        BMW 3 Series (Compact Executive Car
        BMW 5 Series (Large Executive Car category)

Distinctions conferred by “DrivingElectric“
“DrivingElectric Award“:
        BMW 330e (Medium
Plug-in Hybrid Car award)
        BMW X5 xDrive45e (Premium
Plug-in Hybrid Car award)

Distinctions conferred by “Professional Driver Magazine“
“Car of the Year“:
        BMW 5 Series Touring
(Executive Estate Car category)
745e/745Le/745Le xDrive (Green Executive Car category)
BMW X7 (Luxury SUV category)

Distinctions conferred by “Business Car“ (GB).
„Business Car
        BMW 3 Series (Premium Car category)

Distinctions conferred by “coches.net” (ES).
        BMW 8 Series (Best Car category)
8 Series (Best Sports Car category)

Distinctions conferred by “Car and Driver” (US).
“10 Best
        BMW X1 (Best Subcompact Luxury SUV
        BMW M2 Competition (Best Cars category)

Distinctions conferred by “Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’
Conference (JP).
“Car of the Year”:
        BMW 3 Series
(Import Car of the Year category)

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The BMW iFE.20 as a tech lab: first race car with parts made out of renewable textile fibres.

BMW:The BMW iFE.20 as a tech lab: first race car with parts made out of renewable textile fibres.

Munich. BMW i Andretti Motorsport and the BMW iFE.20 got off
to a successful start in Season 6 of the ABB FIA Formula E
Championship with their victory in Diriyah (KSA) in November.
Alexander Sims (GBR) heads into the new year and the next race in
Santiago (CHI) at the top of the driver’s standings, but the BMW
iFE.20 is already an asset for BMW i Motorsport away from the track
as well. Its flax cooling shaft emphasises its great importance as a
tech lab for the BMW Group, being the first BMW race car fielded by
a works team with parts made out of renewable textile fibres –
making it a pioneer for series production.

“The flax cooling shaft that we use in the BMW iFE.20 is further
proof of the hugely important role of BMW i Motorsport as a tech lab
for the BMW Group,” said BMW Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt.
“We are consistently using Formula E as an innovative platform for
series development – in this instance for testing flax in extreme
weather conditions. What’s particularly remarkable is the fact that in
some areas this renewable material even has advantages over materials
established in racing, such as carbon. Our ambition is to always use
the best suited material for each part.”

Compared with carbon, flax has greater absorption and greater impact
resistance, which can be advantageous on the street circuits with
their bumps and crash barriers, on which Formula E takes place. The
same is true of contact with other cars during races.

The BMW iFE.20 is the first works BMW racing car in which the
material is used. However, the expansion of this concept to include
other BMW Motorsport race cars is currently already in the development phase.

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Electromobility market shares (12/2019 Info-graphics)

BMW:Electromobility market shares (12/2019 Info-graphics)

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BMW Group market position within competition. Electromobility in Germany, Europe, Globally. Source: IHS Markit New Registrations 1-11/2019. (12/2019 report)

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BMW Group Streaming.


Los Angeles, 20. November.
Here you can see the webcast of the BMW Group Press Conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

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CO2 emission information.

The following applies to consumption figures for vehicles with new type approval, September 2017 onward: The figures for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption are obtained in accordance with the specified measuring procedure (EC Regulation No. 715/2007), as issued and amended. The figures are for a basic-version vehicle in Germany. The bandwidths allow for differences in the choice of wheel and tire sizes and items of optional equipment and can be changed by the configuration.

Obtained on the basis of the new “Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure” (WLTP), the figures are converted back to the “New European Driving Cycle” (NEDC) for the sake of comparability. Values other than those stated here may be used for the purposes of taxation and for other vehicle-related duties relating to CO2 emissions.

More information about official fuel consumption figures and the official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be obtained from the “guideline on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and current consumption of new passenger cars”, available here: https://www.dat.de/co2/.

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The BMW Group at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas.

BMW:The BMW Group at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 – taking place in Las
Vegas on 7 – 10 January 2020 – the BMW Group will be presenting its
visionary approaches to creating the mobility experience of the future.

The premium carmaker’s presence at CES 2020 can be summed up by the
hashtag #ChangeYourPerspective. At its heart is the company’s firm
belief in its ability to not only understand the requirements of
future mobility but also find answers to them.

The BMW Group stand showcases this change in perspective, while
experiences and practical demonstrations anchor it in reality for the
visitors from all over the world.

A highlight of this year’s CES: the BMW i3 Urban Suite.

For seven years, the BMW i3 has played the role of iconic ambassador
for electric driving pleasure, sustainability and intelligent
connectivity in urban areas. These qualities have helped to make it
the world’s best-selling electric car in the premium compact segment.

And now the BMW Group has brought the BMW i3 Urban Suite to this
year’s CES in Las Vegas to reveal a mobility experience tailored
entirely to the passenger’s individual needs.

To achieve this, a standard BMW i3 underwent a complete
transformation (with only the driver’s seat and dashboard left
untouched) so that its interior now has the relaxed feel of a boutique
hotel. The aim was to create an inviting space with a high feel-good
factor in which to spend time – the perfect place for relaxing,
enjoying in-car entertainment or focusing on work in a laid-back setting.

This has been achieved by including, among other things, a large,
comfortable seat with footrest, a screen that flips down from the
headliner and a personal Sound Zone.

The BMW i3 Urban Suite also represents a logical step forward in the
BMW Group’s commitment to sustainable mobility. The vehicle is
underpinned by a holistic approach to making responsible use of
resources, encompassing the powertrain with zero local emissions, the
careful selection of materials and the production processes involved.
Fabrics containing recycled materials therefore come together with
certified wood and olive-tanned leather, while the floor mats are made
from recyclable materials that can be fed back into the materials
cycle, as per circular economy principles.

In preparation for the CES, a fleet of standard BMW i3 cars were
converted into Urban Suites in Munich then brought to Las Vegas, where
they can also be seen gracing the city’s streets. Indeed, anyone
wishing to be chauffeur-driven to their desired destination can use a
special app to order one of the BMW i3 Urban Suites.

The car will offer its passenger a first-hand experience of the BMW
Group’s innovative and sustainable mobility concept, while clearly
demonstrating that luxury travel in the future will have nothing to do
with vehicle size.

The BMW i3 Urban Suite is just one of the highlights of the BMW Group
stand at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Comprehensive information on all
elements of the vehicle will be available when the show opens on 7 January.

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Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2020: Selecting Committee defines an additional class. Prelude Tour to go ahead again.

BMW:Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2020: Selecting Committee defines an additional class. Prelude Tour to go ahead again.

Munich/Cernobbio. Just five months before the launch of the Concorso
d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2020, the field of the classic cars being
presented on the shores of Lake Como is beginning to take shape. The
Selecting Committee of the world’s most exclusive and traditional
heritage beauty contest for Historic Cars and Motorcycles has accepted
its first vehicle registrations and at the same time defined another
category. Endurance racing cars from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s will
also be lining up at the start of the contest for historically
significant automobiles from 22 to 24 May 2020. The class “From
Swinging Sixties to Awesome Eighties: Two Decades of Endurance Racing”
brings the heyday of 12 and 24 hour races to life again. This was an
era when spectacular prototypes and custom sports cars specially
designed for marathon competitions battled against and around the
clock in a fierce contest. Today, these racing cars continue to exert
fascination with their shapes designed entirely for the functionality
of endurance racing and the crescendo of sound roaring from their
muscular engines.

The appearance of the motor-sport legends will further extend the
diversity of the field of participants at the beauty contest staged
jointly by BMW Group Classic and the Grand Hotel Villa d’Este. A total
of some 50 rare gems from across all eras of automobile history will
be appraised by the expert Jury and the public at Cernobbio in
northern Italy as they compete for one of the highly coveted trophies.

Three award classes had been previously defined by the Selecting
Committee. Open-top sports cars from the early days of the automobile
will compete in the category of “Pre-war Roadsters”. The class “Cops
and Robbers – Fast Cars from Both Sides of the Law” focuses on
vehicles with a history of spectacular car chases on screen or in
reality. Then exceptional automobiles from the last decade of the
previous century are presented for the first time in the category
“Hypercars of the 1990s”. Other classes in the contest will be
announced shortly. The Selecting Committee is continuing to accept
nominations – for the vehicle classes already defined and for
different vehicles. Owners of outstanding classic cars can register
their vehicles online at the event website www.concorsodeleganzavilladeste.com.

After the major success at its premiere last year, the organisers are
inviting all the entrants in the contest to launch the Concorso
d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2020 by going on an outing together. The Villa
d’Este Prelude Tour will take the nominated automobiles and their
owners on a tour through the scenic heartland around Cernobbio and
further into the countryside bordering Lake Como on Thursday 21 May
2020. The carefully selected itinerary and a stop with culinary
highlights will contribute to an atmospheric start to the weekend of
classic cars.

Alongside vehicle owners and fans of classic cars from all over the
world, the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2020 will also be hosting
media representatives from many different countries. Once again, a
media centre will be available to support them in their work at the
event venue. Press accreditations to the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa
d’Este 2020 are now being accepted online at the event website. The
corresponding registration phase for journalists begins at the end of
January 2020.

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Delivered as promised: Half a million electrified BMW Group vehicles already on the roads

BMW:Delivered as promised: Half a million electrified BMW Group vehicles already on the roads

Munich. As an e-mobility pioneer, the BMW Group has
reached another electromobility milestone and already delivered half a
million electrified cars to customers worldwide. Sebastian Mackensen,
BMW Group Senior Vice President Market Germany, handed over the keys
to a very special BMW 330e* to its future owner at BMW Welt today.

“Half a million vehicles is the best proof: Our broad range of
electrified vehicles is meeting exact customer needs. Now, we are
stepping up the pace significantly: We aim to have one million
electrified vehicles on the roads within two years. This is our
contribution towards effective climate protection,” said
Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG.

Comprehensive e-vehicle product offensive

Next year, the BMW X3 will become the first BMW Group vehicle
available with four different drive train variants: efficient diesel,
petrol, plug-in hybrid and pure electric. The biggest market for the
pure electric BMW iX3* is China, where it will also be produced for
the global market.The BMW iX3* will be the first to benefit from the
ground-breaking fifth generation of our highly efficient BMW electric
drive trains, which provide a new balance between range and battery
size. The key lies in making the drive train substantially more
efficient. Our technology flagship, the BMW iNEXT – which will also be
available from 2021 – will combine electromobility with highly
automated driving. The fully electric BMW iNEXT will be produced on
the same assembly line in Dingolfing as vehicles with combustion
engines and plug-in hybrids.This will be followed in 2021 by the BMW
i4, a pure electric Gran Coupé in the premium mid-size segment with
strong emotional appeal. The BMW i4 will be produced at the main plant
in Munich.

Thanks to its role as a visionary technology flagship and continuing
sales success since its launch in 2013, the BMW i3 has acquired the
status of an icon. The BMW Group will continue to further develop this
vehicle and currently plans to extend production until 2024. Since
late this year, the BMW Group’s electrified model line-up has also
been joined by a further pure electric vehicle, the MINI Electric*.
The more than 90,000 registered prospects indicate the high level of
customer interest in the first pure electric MINI.

Ambitious goals for electrified vehicle sales

With 12 electrified vehicles currently, the BMW Group is one of the
world’s leading providers of electric mobility. The company has been
the market leader for electrified vehicles in Germany since 2016 and
also occupies a leading position in Europe and worldwide. The company
has formulated clear goals for sales of electrified vehicles for the
years ahead: A quarter of all vehicles sold in Europe should be
electrified by 2021. This should reach a third by 2025 and half in 2030.

“We already offer an electrified drive train variant for most of our
model line-up – from MINI to the BMW 7 Series. Our customers get to
choose: Not just their preferred model, but also the drive train that
suits them best,” explained Pieter Nota, member of the Board
of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands and
“This is the diversity our customers want and that can
best meet their individual mobility needs.”

The Power of Choice

The BMW Group model line-up offers highly efficient combustion
engines as well as modern plug-in hybrids and pure electric drive
trains. This “Power of Choice” enables the company to meet customers’
varied needs and wants in different regions of the world. Depending on
the drive train chosen, all current and future models deliver
brand-specific driving pleasure. No matter which type of drive train
the customer decides on: They can always expect a high level of
efficiency and lower CO2 emissions from the BMW Group.

Exclusive handover at BMW Welt

A customer from Munich was in for a surprise when he came to collect
his new vehicle. As part of a special and exclusive handover, the
customer received the keys to his new BMW 330e* from Sebastian
Mackensen, Senior Vice President Market Germany
: The car in
question was the BMW Group’s 500,000th electrified vehicle. “For me,
the BMW 330e – the plug-in hybrid 3 Series – combines the best of both
worlds: For the most part, I can drive emission-free – especially in
the city – but, on longer trips, I still have the flexible range of a
combustion engine,” explained the car’s new owner, Florian Merk.

Sebastian Mackensen added: “I am very happy to
celebrate the delivery of our 500,000th electrified vehicle here at
BMW Welt. No one sells more electrified vehicles in Germany than we
do. There are already about 60,000 electrified BMW and MINI models on
German roads today. And in 2020 we will continue to launch additional models.”

BMW Group possesses extensive electromobility know-how

Thanks to its years of e-mobility experience, the BMW Group has
acquired extensive and sound knowledge in this area. This provides the
basis for the company to develop eDrive technology in-house, including
the engine, power electronics and also the battery as well as the
battery cells. This ensures BMW and MINI electrified vehicles still
deliver brand-typical driving characteristics.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Corporate Communications

Christina Hepe, Communications BMW Group Sales Global

christina.hepe@bmw.de, Telephone: +49 89 382 38770

Micaela Sandstede, Market Communications Germany

Micalela.Sandstede@bmw.de, Telephone: +49 89 382 62611

Wieland Brúch, Communications BMW i and Electromobility

Wieland.Bruch@bmw.de, Telephone: +49 89 382 72652

Christophe König, Communications BMW Brand and Marketing

christophe.koenig@bmw.de, Telephone: +49 89 382 56097

Media website: www.press.bmwgroup.com

Email: presse@bmwgroup.com

The BMW Group

With its four brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, the BMW
Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides premium financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group production network comprises 31 production and assembly
facilities in 15 countries; the company has a global sales network in
more than 140 countries.

In 2018, the BMW Group sold over 2,490,000 passenger vehicles and
more than 165,000 motorcycles worldwide. The profit before tax in the
financial year 2018 was € 9.815 billion on revenues amounting to
€ 97.480 billion. As of 31 December 2018, the BMW Group had a
workforce of 134,682 employees.

The success of the BMW Group has always been based on long-term
thinking and responsible action. The company has therefore established
ecological and social sustainability throughout the value chain,
comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to
conserving resources as an integral part of its strategy.


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BMW 330e Sedan: fuel consumption combined: 1.9-1.6 l/100 km; power
consumption combined: 15.4-14.8 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 43-37 g/km

MINI Cooper SE: fuel consumption combined: 0.0 l/100 km, power
consumption combined 16.8-14.8 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km

BMW iX3 (preliminary data): fuel consumption combined: 0.0 l/100 km;
power consumption combined: less than 20 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions
combined 0 g/km

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Lucas Auer returns to the DTM with BMW in 2020 – Established quartet of drivers remain at the wheel of the BMW M4 DTM.

BMW:Lucas Auer returns to the DTM with BMW in 2020 – Established quartet of drivers remain at the wheel of the BMW M4 DTM.

Munich. The squad of drivers at BMW M Motorsport for the
coming DTM season is taking shape with Lucas Auer (AUT) returning to
the touring car series after a one-year break. He will start in the
BMW M4 DTM in 2020. The 25-year-old can call on the wealth of
experience gained in 73 races in the touring car series, of which he
won four. Alongside Auer, four familiar faces will continue to drive
for BMW in the DTM: two-time champion Marco Wittmann (GER), Philipp
Eng (AUT), Timo Glock (GER) and Sheldon van der Linde (RSA). Joel
Eriksson (SWE) will no longer be in action in the BMW M4 DTM.

“Welcome back to the DTM, Lucas Auer,” says BMW Group Motorsport
Director Jens Marquardt. “I am obviously particularly happy, not only
to be able to welcome him back to the DTM, but also to welcome him
into the BMW family. In his 73 DTM races so far, Lucas has
emphatically shown what he is capable of and, with four wins and ten
podiums, has proven that he can mix it at the very front of the field.
We believe that he will fit in very well with us, not only because of
his huge potential as a driver, but also his friendly nature.”

“I am really excited about returning to the DTM with BMW,” says Auer.
“During my career, I have been in contact with BMW Motorsport on
several occasions, but it all came together this time. I am counting
down the days until I get into the car for the first time. I took a
big step forward personally last year in Japan. The key now will be to
adapt quickly to the DTM again. However, I am not worried about that.”

Auer made his DTM debut with Mercedes in 2015. His first victory
followed in 2016 at the Lausitzring (GER). 2017 was his most
successful DTM season so far, with another three race wins at
Hockenheim (GER), the Lausitzring again and at the Nürburgring (GER).
Auer’s last race to date came at Hockenheim in mid-October 2018. Last
season, he competed in the Japanese Super Formula series – formerly
Formula Nippon – among other things.

Wittmann, Glock, Eng and van der Linde remain on board.

Alongside Auer, four drivers who have already experienced action at
the wheel of the BMW M4 DTM since 2018 will compete for BMW again in
next season’s DTM: Wittmann and Glock are both entering their eighth
season, while Eng returns for another crack at the DTM title in his
third year. Van der Linde is looking to take the next step in 2020,
after a debut season that produced a number of highlights.

“We have gone for continuity with four of our drivers for next
season,” says Marquardt. “With his speed and incredible consistency,
Marco Wittmann is a top performer in our DTM squad every season. He
nearly always makes the very most of any opportunities he gets. Timo
Glock was very unfortunate last season. However, there is no doubting
his pace at the wheel of the BMW M4 DTM. Philipp Eng performed
fantastically in 2019, particularly in the first half of the season.
Hopefully he can build on that next year. Sheldon van der Linde
impressed us in his rookie season. We see great potential in him,
which he will hopefully fulfil more often in 2020.”

Eriksson bids farewell to the DTM.

Joel Eriksson will no longer drive for BMW in the DTM in 2020. He
contested 37 races in the BMW M4 DTM and took victory at Misano (ITA)
in 2018. In total, he made three appearances on the podium. He is
currently racing for FIST-Team AAI in the BMW M6 GT3 in the Asian Le
Mans Series. We will announce at a later date who will take his place
in the DTM.

“I would like to thank Joel Eriksson for the great cooperation over
the past two years in the DTM. I wish him all the best for the
future,” says Marquardt. “We enjoyed some highlights with him and are
currently discussing further joint commitments as part of our GT engagement.”

Original Press Release

The efficient drivetrain for the purely electric BMW iX3.

BMW:The efficient drivetrain for the purely electric BMW iX3.

Munich. The BMW iX3, the production of which will
commence in 2020, facilitates locally emission-free driving in a novel
and efficient form, whilst also being suitable for everyday use. A
range of more than 440 km* within the legislative WLTP test cycle will
be achieved with a net-battery size of 74 kWh*. The first purely
electric Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) is the trailblazer for BMW
eDrive technology of the fifth generation, which, starting 2021, will
also be deployed in the BMW i4 and the BMW iNEXT. For this purpose,
both the drive system and the high-voltage battery unit featuring
pioneering battery cell technology have been completely redeveloped.
In the BMW iX3, the related advancement ensures brand-typical driving
experience combined with outstanding efficiency and a novel balance of
weight and range.

The BMW iX3 is yet a further milestone in the consistent
realisation of the BMW Group’s electrification strategy. In 2020 the
BMW X3 will become the brand’s first model available both with
conventional petrol and diesel engines as well as plug-in hybrid and
purely electric drive. With this “power of choice” offer, the globally
operating company is taking into account the various different
requirements and needs of their worldwide customers worldwide as well
as maximum effectiveness in the reduction of CO2 emissions. The BMW
iX3 is produced for the world market by the joint venture BMW
Brilliance Automotive in Shenyang, China.  

* = preliminary data


The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology is the key to
future-oriented sustainability for vehicles with electrified drive
systems. It is the result of consistent development work within the
framework of BMW EfficientDynamics and the experience gained by the
BMW Group in the field of electric mobility spanning more than 10
years. All powertrain components used for BMW eDrive technology were
developed solely by the BMW Group. Moreover, the electric motor and
the high-voltage batteries are produced in corporately owned
manufacturing facilities. In this way, the BMW Group ensures it has a
decisive influence on the product properties and the quality of each
component. Furthermore, the drive unit and the high-voltage battery
unit are flexibly scalable in terms of power and energy content and
can thus be used in various different vehicle concepts and segments.

EfficientDynamics at its best: New drive component with high
efficiency and brand-typical power characteristics.  

In the BMW iX3, EfficientDynamics reaches a new level. The
vehicle’s fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology comprises a drive
unit in which electric motor, system electronics and transmission are
brought together into a central housing. As a result, the required
installation space of the drive technology and its weight are
considerably reduced. The ratio between motor output and weight of the
drive system improves around 30 percent compared to the previous
The electric motor featured in the BMW iX3 delivers a
maximum power output of 210 kW/286 hp*. The torque of 400 Nm* allows
for high initial acceleration and keeps a high level even at the upper
motor speeds because of exclusive BMW design measures.

A further special feature of the electric motor being deployed
in the BMW iX3 for the first time is a construction method that
eliminates the need for rare earth materials.

The electric motor used in the BMW iX3 transfers power to the
rear wheels. This effectuates a further increase in drive system
efficiency. Moreover, the range of the BMW iX3 benefits from the drive
design conveying the traditional BMW rear-wheel drive experience.

High-voltage batteries with significant higher energy density
and responsible use of raw materials.

The high-voltage battery unit of the BMW iX3 is integral part of
BMW’s fifth eDrive generation and is based on the latest evolution in
NMC-811 technology in BMW typical prismatic design. The BMW Group has
outstanding development capabilities in this field. This know-how
flows into precise specifications with regard to the use of materials
and battery design, according to which the battery cells are produced.
Consistent research and development work not only raises energy
density but also constantly improves all battery cell characteristics,
in particular also durability and safety. In total, the BMW
high-voltage battery shows the optimum of what is possible
At the same time the BMW engineers were able to reduce
the share of cobalt contained in the battery by another two thirds.
Compared to former technology used by BMW Group, the gravimetric
energy density on cell level in the BMW iX3 is around 20 percent higher.

With the BMW iX3 the raw materials Cobalt and Lithium for the
first time are purchased by BMW directly and then handed over to the
producer of the battery cells.

In addition, scalability and the compact design of the high-voltage
battery unit have been further optimised. The battery cells are
grouped into modules at specialised BMW production locations and
finally assembled as high-voltage battery packs aligned to each model.
The high-voltage battery unit in the BMW iX3 is installed in an
extremely flat position in the vehicle floor. Thanks to this
arrangement, there is no loss of space for passengers and the luggage
compartment compared to the conventionally powered versions of the BMW X3.

Greater range thanks to high efficiency rather than a bigger battery

With a net energy content of 74 kWh*, the high-voltage battery unit
installed in the BMW iX3 achieves a range of more than 440 km* in the
legislative WLTP test cycle. Within its segment, the BMW iX3 boasts
not only a unique low power consumption of less than 20 kWh/100km*
accordingly to the WLTP test cycle, but also stands for a novel ratio
between battery size and range.
Thanks to the favourable
efficiency rating of the drive components and the high energy density
of the high-voltage battery unit, the BMW iX3 achieves a range that is
only possible for common electric vehicles with larger and thus
heavier batteries.

Positive environmental impact secured.

The “real” ecological footprint of electric vehicles is
sometimes questioned, particularly in markets still having a low
percentage of green electricity in the public power grid. At the BMW
Group every electrified model has to proof that for the entire cycle,
comprising raw material procurement, supply chain, production and
usage phase as well as recycling, its CO2 balance is substantially
better than the one of a conventionally powered sibling.  For the BMW
iX3 the related advantage is more than 30 percent compared to a BMW X3
sDrive 20d when average European power supply is used during the car’s
usage phase. If the vehicle is charged with green electricity the
advantage is around 60 percent.

Furthermore, in analogy with the BMW i3 Plug&Play technology, the
high-voltage battery featured in the BMW iX3 is planned for a second
life as a stationary battery pack for the period following the first
long life in the car. This way the already positive CO2 balance of the
BMW iX3 can be further improved.

* =  preliminary data

Original Press Release

Driver line-up confirmed for the IMSA season: De Phillippi, Edwards, Krohn and Spengler start in the BMW M8 GTE for 2020.

BMW:Driver line-up confirmed for the IMSA season: De Phillippi, Edwards, Krohn and Spengler start in the BMW M8 GTE for 2020.

Munich. The driver line-up for this season’s IMSA WeatherTech
SportsCar Championship, which begins in January, has been finalised.
As they did last season, John Edwards (USA) and Jesse Krohn (FIN)
will share the cockpit of the #24 BMW M8 GTE run by BMW Team RLL. In
the team’s second car, the #25 BMW M8 GTE, Bruno Spengler (CAN) will
contest the full season in the IMSA series. The Canadian will form a
North American duo with Connor De Phillippi (USA).

De Phillippi and Spengler will receive back-up for the highlight of
the season, the 24 Hours of Daytona (USA), from Colton Herta (USA) and
Philipp Eng (AUT). Edwards and Krohn will share the cockpit at Daytona
with Augusto Farfus (BRA) and Chaz Mostert (AUS). Farfus, De
Phillippi, Herta and Eng are the same four drivers who took victory in
the GTLM class after a dramatic, rain-dominated Daytona race in 2019.

As it did last season, the IMSA calendar comprises a total of twelve
rounds. At eleven of them, BMW Team RLL will contest the GTLM class
with two BMW M8 GTEs. As well as the opening round at Daytona, further
highlights include the 12 Hours of Sebring (USA) and the
season-closing ‘Petit Le Mans’ at Road Atlanta (USA).

Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“I am looking forward to the 2020 IMSA season and am confident that,
with our four regular drivers, we have everything in place to make it
a successful year. We are entering our twelfth year together with BMW
Team RLL. We are also largely going with continuity when it comes to
the drivers. John Edwards and Connor De Phillippi have a lot of
experience of the IMSA series, and Jesse Krohn also did a good job in
his second IMSA season in 2019. All three know the BMW M8 GTE, the
series and the circuits in North America very well. Bruno Spengler has
not only shown his class throughout his long DTM career, but also in
his many GT outings on the endurance scene. I am sure that he will be
a real asset to BMW Team RLL. At this point, I would particularly like
to thank Tom Blomqvist for the great collaboration over the past five
years. Whether in the DTM, WEC, Formula E or the IMSA series, like
last season, Tom has coped well on any terrain. We wish him all the
best for the future. The IMSA season traditionally starts with the
ultimate highlight – the 24 Hours of Daytona. It will be nice to see
last year’s four GTLM winners – Augusto, Connor, Colton and Philipp –
back at the wheel of the BMW M8 GTE there.”

Bobby Rahal (Team Principal, BMW Team RLL): “Once
again BMW has given us a really good core of drivers to compete with
in 2020. I’m pleased with the continuity we have with John Edwards,
Connor De Phillippi and Jesse Krohn returning. It is always a good
thing to be able to build on the foundation you have created when
possible. Bruno Spengler is a really good team player and will be a
great addition. I have a lot of respect for him and everything he has
done in the DTM. We are happy that Augusto Farfus, Colton Herta and
Phillipp Eng, who helped us win the 2019 Rolex 24 at Daytona, will be
returning to the line-up for that race and are also looking forward to
welcoming Chaz Mostert back. We thank Tom Blomqvist for his commitment
to the team this season and wish him luck in his endeavours.”

Bruno Spengler (#25 BMW M8 GTE): “It’s great to be
part of BMW Team RLL now. I still know lots of the guys from the races
that I contested for the team in Daytona and Sebring. Everyone has
made me feel really welcome. I’m really looking forward to having a
very experienced, strong GT driver as a team-mate at my side in
Connor. I’m excited for the new challenge and can’t wait for the
season to get started.”

Connor De Phillippi (#25 BMW M8 GTE): “We finished
last season with a podium and naturally we wish to build on that in
the BMW M8 GTE’s third season in the IMSA series. We have made a few
improvements within the team and already made some progress over the
winter. I’m excited to see how much we will have boosted our
performance. Our driver line-up is very strong. I think we are ready
for the season opener at Daytona.”

John Edwards (#24 BMW M8 GTE): “I’m really excited to
be rejoining BMW Team RLL, especially as I keep Jesse as my teammate
and also our engineer. This consistency will hopefully help us to
further improve on the track as well. We had some good races last
year, but all in all it was a bit up and down and didn’t result in a
good championship position. The goal is to be more consistent in 2020.”

Jesse Krohn (#24 BMW M8 GTE): “As I will go into my
third year in this series, the learning should be done. For me it’s
time to execute now. I know the team and we work really well together.
I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t have a good season in 2020. I’m
really looking forward to it.”

Original Press Release

2019 BMW TrackMan Open.

BMW:2019 BMW TrackMan Open.

  • Global and digital golf tournament, in which amateurs can take on
    the best players in the world, attracts 2,465 entrants.
  • Chris Killmer (USA) and Tzu-Chi Lin (TPE) prove unbeatable again
    in season two.
  • Top amateurs Frida Kinhult (SWE) and Frederik Eisenbeis (GER) win
    week tickets to the Ryder Cup 2020 with Worldwide Partner BMW.

Munich. The second season of the BMW TrackMan Open has drawn to
a close. The number of “Combine Tests”, which must be completed and
uploaded in order to enter the tournament, rose by three percent to
3,974. In this global tournament format, which boasts a total prize
purse of 100,000 US dollars, the accuracy of golf shots is recorded
digitally and the score is submitted in real time. The Open Category
was won for the second year in a row by American Chris Killmer, who
improved his winning score from 2018 by half a point to 94.5. Tzu-Chi
Lin from Taiwan (Ladies) also successfully defended her title and
improved from 91.3 to 93.1 points.

“BMW has been a global partner of golf for more than three decades,
during which time it has consistently expanded its commitment and
broken new ground,” said Jörn Plinke, Head of BMW Golfsport Marketing.
“With its extraordinary, flexible and individual tournament format,
the BMW TrackMan Open is a good example of this and has once again
demonstrated the technological leadership of BMW and TrackMan in their segment.”

The TrackMan is a tablet-sized device for analysing and evaluating
golf shots. It uses vision and radar technology to precisely record
distance, club head speed and attack angle, among other things. In
order to enter the BMW TrackMan Open, competitors must complete the
“Combine Test”: 60 shots at a total of ten virtual targets, with a
maximum score of 100 points.

Chris Killmer was rewarded for achieving the best result of all of
this season’s entrants (94.5 points) with a winner’s cheque for 50,000
US dollars. The Ladies Category competition featured 20,000 US dollars
in prize money for this year’s winner Tzu-Chi Lin (93.1 points).
Almost every tenth person who entered the 2019 BMW TrackMan Open was
female – a rise of 22 percent compared to last year.

One feature of the BMW TrackMan Open is the fact that this tournament
format allows amateurs to go head to head with professionals. Frida
Kinhult (Ladies, 89.8 points) from Sweden and Germany’s Frederik
Eisenbeis (Open category, 90.9 points) were this season’s top
amateurs. They won week tickets to next year’s golfing highlight, the
Ryder Cup with Worldwide Partner BMW.

“2,500 participants from 77 nationalities are a testament to the
truly global nature of the BMW TrackMan Open, which aims to give
golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to practice with a
purpose,” said Klaus Eldrup-Jørgensen, CEO and co-founder of TrackMan.
“TrackMan and BMW share a passion for innovation and technology so we
couldn’t have chosen a better partner for this project.”

Original Press Release